Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Sunday, October 13, 2013


I appears I am going to be dangerous with this new surveillance system.  

My son Tandy "quit" smoking. Plus when he "was" smoking I asked him not to throw the cigarettes in the yard because they are dangerous for the chickens.

My grandson Dillon says, " "That thing's still on fire."

My son's response, "Yea, so?"

(Thanks Judy (kenju) for my new name Sherlock Annie!) 


  1. Oh I see trouble here? At least there was nothing burnable out there.

  2. oh oh! They say the camera never lies, Annie! :) Glad there was nothing that caught fire.

  3. Tabor -- My son and grandson are still asleep but I fear my son is not going to be happy about this. I wonder if people can sue me for posting something from the surveillance camera on my blog? Oh my son would never....would you son? When you see this son, know that I love you son:)

    Talon -- It had just rained and I'm sure he was aware there was no fire danger. However it did hold the glow a while didn't it? The problem in our family is that we don't get mad, we get even so I'm sure he will pay-it-forward. lol

  4. LOL! I like "Sherlock Annie!" I would get the cigarette butt and stick it right in the middle of his plate of breakfast eggs and say I wonder how the chickens got that butt....maybe we should look at the surveillance tape.

  5. Aunt Betsy -- Now that would have been funny!!

  6. That's a good clip! lol I may need your services, Annie. How much do you charge??

  7. Good job, Sherlock Annie! Love that nickname and hope your son wouldn't sue you. :)

  8. You could start your own YouTube channel!

  9. Arising out of that I have come to the conclusion that by the time one has reached the age of thirty one should be responsible for one's own health and if you smoke, drink or eat too much you won't get any homilies from me.
    So help me.

  10. Oh boy...didn't they get the memo that they new system was in place! LOL

  11. Bagged! Maybe they'll think twice next time. Sherlock, you know I don't condone littering of anything! I really hate picking up butts! Never mind germs-

  12. Ileana
    Well my surveillance equipment isn't very mobile so I would have to get some smaller cameras, etc. if I were to hire out my services:)

    My son did get a kick out of it. However I have a feeling he has a plan in store for me.

    Riot Kitty
    Just wait until I get my other two cameras then I will have some shows to share.

    I smoked for 42 years! Glad I quit but wish I could eat less. However I think your comment was a homily:)

    You are so right!

    Yes they missed that memo all together but they have certainly alerted the rest of the family.

    Snaggle Tooth
    I was pretty shocked at his nonchalance in throwing that butt.