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Slim and Franke
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Monday, October 14, 2013


Question Of The Week 10-14-13


Ron would never open an envelope unless he was seated and had a knife or a letter opener to slit it open.  My father was the same way.  Dad cut from the top and Ron cut the envelope open at the end.  I rip the mail open as soon as I take it out of the mail box.  Those ragged edges drove my dad and Ron both crazy.


  1. I'm a jagged edge gal, too. :) I do possess letter openers, but never use them, never quite seeing the point in that.

  2. Well now Sherlock A - lets give you few clues.
    I'm restless by nature but peaceful at times.
    I'm untidy by nature but tidy most of the time
    I'm impatient by nature but there are times when I'm so calm and collected its scary
    Yes - there are times when I tear them open on the way back down the drive and other times when I open very carefully
    No rhyme or reason for what happens when the postie stops at the top of our drive lol
    Take care

  3. Anonymous6:02 AM

    I use a letter opener. It's neater.

  4. I'm with the men in your life. For crying out loud, get a letter opener and use it.
    btw, the little gizmos they give away to open letters, also work great to help remove mats out of dogs. Just slice thru the mat a couple of times and you can comb them right out.

  5. i am a random opener, sometimes ripping with my hands, sometimes using a letter opener. Is there a reason for my choice at the time? it is totally random, maybe a butterfly flapping its wings in Borneo...

  6. Lynn -- Since you and I both rip them open, we would get the attention of the yellow legal pad Nazi you showed on an earlier post. lol

    Cathy -- Wow you wrote an inspirational response. Tells it all about you.

    gigihawaii -- I am not surprised:)

    Cliff -- I rip everything open as if I were a prize winner. Plus another way to rid your dog of matted hair is get a short haired dog:)

    Brite Mist -- Those Borneo Butterflies control my life also.

  7. Mike was a sit and slice kind of guy and I am the rip open type like you--mostly rip open and drop in the recycle bin because most of the bills are electronic.

  8. I am an opportunist. If I have a letter opener nearby I slit and if I don't I rip. Perhaps Ron's military training made him neater about paperwork?

  9. Olga -- Most of my mail also goes straight in file 13:) However I did manage to throw away a government check recently and thankfully retrieved it before burning the trash so now I open everything.

    Tabor -- If the letter opener is handy I will use it. I honestly think Ron's mother had more of an impact on him that the Navy.

  10. I just rip those things open! However, back in the day when people wrote actual letters I either carefully opened the flap or used a letter opener. I loved getting letters, especially on nice stationary...such a gift to find in my mailbox. I'm sorry those days are gone.

  11. lol - everyone has their quirks. I have jagged edges. My hubby tears the end of the envelope open...very carefully. I guess opposites do attract! :)

  12. Aunt Betsy -- You reminded me of the days of special letters. Yes those were always opened carefully and preserved. Wow, what a day it was to receive handwritten letters.

    Talon -- It does appear that the men are more meticulous in opening the mail than us gals. Wonder why? Oh yea, they have more time:)

  13. More time? Ha, yeah right. ;p

    I rarely open envelopes but if I do I peal them back where they are glued. We don't even own a envelope opener.

    I open bags very carefully so I can reuse them for the stuff I sell on ebay.

  14. Jagged edges.. my dad did that letter opener thing.. (Navy?) Before my mother died, my sister did all her bills. She had to have a letter opener. ??

  15. When I worked I always used a letter opener, but at home I usually just stick my finger under the flap and tear....not a good idea as it tends to lead to paper cuts.

  16. Hmm, depends. At home, I rip it open. At work, a letter opener. (It has never occurred to me to get a letter opener at home.) What really drives me up the wall is the sticky envelopes that you don't know are sticky until they get gunk all over your letter opener, and then you have to rip them open anyway.

  17. Yes, I am a ripper and my Dad was a opener...too funny.

  18. I rip mine open as soon as I get it...I would like to think it's the womans way of multi tasking as she determines right away if it need to be recycled, acted upon or filed away. We don't seem to have time to leisurely sit down and read it!

  19. I usually sit down and open them with a paring knife, unless I know what's in the envelope and its something good, I might rip it open as I walk to the table with my knife.

  20. At work I use a letter opener. At home I rip. I don't actually own a letter opener for my home desk, although I do have plenty of butter knives, so that's not a totally ironclad excuse.

  21. I'm a ripper - Bob is methodical with a knife under the flap. The story of our lives!

  22. Letter opener both at home and at work.

  23. If I want to look at the contents urgently I simply rip open the letter. If there is no hurry then I use a letter opener. Sometimes I use scissors to cut one end.

  24. My husband and I are both rippers. But he spreads the opened mail all over my bar, which makes me nuts!

  25. I do both. It depends on how close I am to the letter opener versus how important the letter is.

  26. I rip up on one end of the glued flap, then use my great uncle's small bronze letter-opener along the top. If i can;t find it, I use a pen for the top edge, which is ragged. I'm a hybrid, ragged n smooth!

  27. LL Cool Joe
    Yes I used to be more careful when I sold on eBay. So many mailing pieces can be reused if handled with care.

    ancient one
    So was your dad Navy?

    Yes those paper cuts can be killers.

    Riot Kitty
    I am totally with you on those sticky envelopes that catch us by surprise.

    Changes in the wind
    You are a “ripper”. Lol

    Multi tasking. Yes that is why I tear rather than slice.

    Pat MacKenzie
    LOL! Yes I too have been known to tear the envelope with a letter opener in my hand.

    Sparkling Red
    No butter knives are not good for opening envelopes because they don't have a sharp point.

    I'm getting a kick out of the “rippers”.

    G.B. Miller
    Yes, I do not doubt that about you.

    Yes I have seen Ron use scissors on one end of the envelope after he taps down the contents then holds it to the light to make sure the contents are not compromised by his cutting. His process made me crazy. I wanted to grab the envelope and rip it open. lol

    Susan Adcox
    Ron was a spreader too. Even though he was meticulous in opening the envelope he had no problem just discarding it anywhere after reading it.

    Perfect answer.

    Snaggle Tooth
    Dear R&S (ragged and smooth) I too have treasured letter openers and will try to use them but could be called a hybrid too.

  28. I bought a letter opener in one of my many "I am going to be tidy and organised" phases of my life. I never used it even once. Not only that I don't even know what became of it.

  29. This is so funny. Sure enough I tear mine open and Art cuts his open carefully at his desk.

  30. Because I try to do everything as Alastair did I try to use one of the many paper knives. But sometimes my natural impatience takes over and I let rip.