Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Friday, October 11, 2013


Not only do I name all my animals, I have a tendency to name inanimate objects as well.  My vehicles are Blue and Zippy.  My bi-pap machine is Tonto (because I am the masked stranger and the machine is my trusted companion) and my tape recorder is Zack.  Now my surveillance system is Cagney and I am Lacy and we are crime fighting partners.  (Does anyone remember Cagney and Lacy?)

It is enjoyable to hear and see what is going on outside when I am in the house.  I don't mean to belabor having this video surveillance but it serves more purposes than simply watching for criminals to invade the estate.  I can finally hear things from outside.  This house is so well insulated that Ron and I could never hear a thing and neighbors, UPS, FedEx or frozen products salesmen were at the door before I could get my wig on.  Plus now I might be able to catch the kids busting my mailbox with ball bats.  We have lost three in the eight years we've been here.  Oh and I might be able to tell what stray dogs are messing with my chickens and prove it in a court of law.

Today I thought I would add what the mounted cameras look like outside.  I hired a local fellow to put the cameras up for me and he was diligent in his efforts to hide the cords as best he could.  Basically having some way to tame the cords that have to reach AC outlets is a concern. Of course he went to Ron's shop and found all kinds of things to aid in his endeavors.

The electric cord runs down the back of this pipe and is fastened with those zip lock thingies.
We had to mount both cameras here to access the electric outlet.  I will have him put one of the new cameras on the barn pointing to our house and the other one on the back of the house pointing toward the field.  Please do not judge me by my much needed paint and repairs to eaves:)
All an intruder would have to do is unplug the cameras but first they would be captured on film.  I will probably place a decorated milk can in front of the outlet.   He used some "U" clips to hold the cord across the bottom.


  1. Personally I have yet to name one of my although I did have a nickname for my little VW in Holland (Gremlin)

  2. I have never named my cars, or anything else I can think of, except animals.

    I like your camera idea and if you put something in front of the plugs, it will be hidden enough to fool some people. I hope you catch the mail box bashers!

  3. cagney and lacey were favorites of mine

    i love that you pick such clever names for things

    I'm glad the system makes you feel more secure, that feeling is important

  4. That's fun - my friends Steven and Ronnie always name their cars.

    I like the idea of you being able to see who's coming before they knock or bash! I hope you catch those bashers.

    I never watched that show, but I remember it.

  5. Holland -- Did you know there was an American Motors car called a Gremlin?

    Loving your celebrity kids so much!!!

    Kenju -- My daughter gave me some painted milk cans that are quite attractive or I could place a nice yard chair there.

    Dianne -- Yes they do add a sense of security but I'm not crazy enough to think I am totally secure. I was a hostage in a bank robbery in 1984 which always keeps me aware of the possibilities.

    Lynn -- I would really like to catch those mail box bashers. They will show up right after football season because they are bored and still keyed up on adrenalin. Some neighbors have caught them but nothing is done because they are football stars:)

  6. I was a big Cagney and Lacy fan...good name for your new system. I'm glad it seems to be working for you. I hope you catch those mail box busters.

  7. I loved Cagney and Lacy! One of my favorite shows. Anything that helps us feel more secure is well worth it, isn't it? Have you written about being the bank hostage? I would love to read it if you have. What a terrifying situation! I am glad you survived it.

  8. I'm glad you have that extra layer of protection, Annie. We name inanimate objects, too. Why not? They are part of our lives and most definitely have personalities. :)

  9. I have never given any of my things names. Maybe I should start. Lol.

  10. I used to LOVE Cagney and Lacy it used to bother me that the more attractive one was called Cagney as I always thought the name Lacy suited her much more! LOL

  11. Jeanie -- Yes I liked that show but not very many people did. It will do my heart good if I can catch the mail box beaters.

    Aunt Betsy -- This link will take you to what was about the only thing I think I ever wrote on my blog about the bank robbery.

    Talon -- It can't hurt to have what help you can get. Today at lunch at the senior center everyone decided to tell horror stories of criminal events over the years and talked about this town being filled with every kind of bad guy/gal you can think of.
    That wasn't very consoling. Glad to know you name objects of your affection.

    gigihawaii -- Yes, look around and decide on something to name. How about starting with your hats:)

    Brown English Muffin -- If you ever watch Burn Notice you will see Sharon Gless (Cagney) playing a recurring role as the star's mother.

  12. I have been watching a Brit series that was either the stimulus for Cagney and Lacey or the follow on. It is more gritty, but I still like the characters. You have a good set-up there and it will record while you are away, I assume. Yes, you need to hide the outlet.

  13. Your set-up is pretty cool. Is there a sign at the entrance to the driveway announcing video surveillance? Because that might be effective too. Maybe then those kids would leave the mailbox alone, dammit.

  14. That is so high tech!

    My car is called the Red Menace. Previous car didn't have a before that was the gray tornado (although it was silver) because I got a lot of speeding tickets.

  15. Our GPS is named "Nancy" because the voice sounds like some one named
    Nancy at work.

  16. Interesting to name inanimate objects with catchy names. Have a great week end GA

  17. I hope Ron's shop is more accessible than MTL's sheds which are indescribable.
    However when I told our handyman we needed a new garage door as the present one has warped and only one of three locks worked. He disappeared into the sheds grabbed some tools and hey presto - all it needs now is a coat or three of paint.

  18. I loved Cagney & Lacy! I don't name things I have to say. :D

  19. I remember the show well- the milk can sounds like a good idea.
    Maybe you'll get some animal hi-jinks for u-tube too.
    I tend to name vehicles n bicycles, but haven't named the latest bike yet, need to ride it more. I had a Mergatroid n a Ben before. You remember Little Truck n R2-D2.

  20. Tabor
    What is the Brit series you are watching? I love all the BBC shows. I did hide the outlets.

    I am afraid if I put up a video surveillance sign it will make people think I have something worth stealing.

    Riot Kitty
    That me...MRS. HIGH TECH. lol

    Does the Nancy at work know you think it sounds like her?

    I don't know why I have to name so many things. It is just something I've always done.

    It does seem that almost anything a workman would need is in Ron's shop.

    LL Cool Joe
    You seem too young to have seen Cagney and Lacy.

    Snaggle Tooth
    Let us know when you name the bike. Yes I used the milk cans to block the outlets.