Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Saturday, February 02, 2013


Majesty and horror wrapped up in one big bundle of protected species.  Three have been spotted flying over our property the past several weeks and they are feasting on our chickens and guinea fowl.  At first I wondered what could carry off a big fat guinea fowl, then I saw a huge bald eagle feasting on it's catch near the road yesterday and I would swear the bird was as big as our dog Slim.  He just looked at me as if saying, "Yea girl, what cha gonna do?"  Needless to say I didn't get a picture of this mighty bird.  I wonder how many American Bald Eagles are actually nesting around here.  Part of me is so happy to have them here and then part of me wishes they would eat coyotes instead of chickens. 


  1. What a shame you didn't get a photo. I hear you, sometimes it's great see these more unusual animals around us, but not when they eat things you'd rather they didn't or just cause damage.

  2. No one thinks about what they eat and eat they do.


  3. Bald Eagle, good-- eating your chickens- BAD.
    I wonder what made them show up in your area all of a sudden.

    Would your county extension agent be of any help?
    Can you put wire around your chicken area or do they just run free.
    this surely brings home the
    "two sides to every coin" thing, doesnt it.
    I sure wish it would go eat something else and leave your chicks alone.


  4. Our neighbor watched a ten minute battle on some of our timber ground. It was between an eagle and a turkey with a young brood under her. The eagle would circle and dive and the mother turkey would jump/fly up and they would collide ten feet in the air. The Eagle gave up but the skirmish lasted quite a while.
    We have a lot of them too but they've moved on, I guess we know where they went.

  5. Birds scare me so I like to keep that at a long distance. Do you think they are afraid, at all, of people?

  6. Oh God save your chicken.
    My mom had chicken and she was always worried about cats getting them.

  7. We don't have problems with bald eagles around here, but we have enough coyotes to make me walk with a big stick at night. I hope they move on soon so that your chickens are safe.

  8. With the increase in population of this protected species I am waiting for more cases like this. They are fighting with the osprey for fish and both species are protected so it is only a matter of time before they turn away from fish and eat other stuff. I do not think you can even use noise legally to get them to move on. Like you I find this exciting but would not want my livestock killed!

  9. I think that's an apt description...I have only seen one or two very far away.

    Nature is an odd balance.

  10. We have some eagles n hawks here too- Bald Eagles are huge! I don't let Mischief out unless I am too because I'm paranoid about that- Usually tho I see them dive in the cove after fish.

    Sorry they are preying on your birds! I wonder if scarecrows around would help?

  11. LL Cool Joe -- We have seen a hawk lift a small chicken and fly off with it but those Bald Eagles could easily grab larger domestic birds as well as cats, small dogs, etc Their power is amazing

    Changes in the wind -- Oh my yes, "eat they do".

    Sonny -- Our chickens are free range which makes their eggs healthier but certainly shortens their lives with those eagles around.

    Cliff -- I expect to see one of those battles any day now. Since I posted this, we have spotted two more, so I believe we do have your five missing bald eagles. I have been standing outside pointing toward Nebraska and trying to spark their memories of good times there.

    Always Nesting -- I do not know of a reason they would be afraid of people because we cannot prey on these birds of prey.

    Munir -- Our chickens live in harmony with our cats. Probably because we keep the cats well fed. If we stopped feeding the cats, who knows what would happen to our birds.

    Jeanie -- Oh yes, we have the coyotes too. Plus we have a fox den right across the road from us and thankfully Slim has been successful in keeping them at bay.

    Tabor -- What a succinct and well studied comment. Obviously you know your birds and you are absolutely right.

    Riot Kitty -- I don't believe I have ever seen a bald eagle this close. It was an oddly exciting experience.

    Snaggle Tooth -- Because we live on the lake, it is obvious the Eagles are attracted to the cliffs. Just wish they would stick to fishing and give up on my chickens. Yes, I believe they have the cat population under control around here because we don't see near as many strays stopping for a handout these days. It might be time for us to get Vincent out again. (Our scare crow the grandchildren built.)

  12. Last fall, my husband spotted a cute little chipmunk running across our driveway, and before his eyes a hawk swooped down and carried the chipmunk away. The food chain never takes a day off.

  13. Oh I hope you get a photo soon! That would be something...but then again, you don't want them eating those chickens and the further away from you the better (after the pic).

  14. Oh no - I don't like to think of them getting your chickens!

  15. We have bald eagles here now too. I saw my first one about 20 years ago and was so happy. Now they are quite common. Yes, it must be hard to see them eat your chickens etc. I'm sorry that is happening.