Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Friday, October 21, 2011


It is my custom to lock the goats in their pen around 6:00 every evening.  They are easy to bring in by simply shaking the pan of sweet feed that entices them through the gate.  My primary concern at that time is to be able to stand clear while spreading out the feed in various containers as they begin the battle of the bites.  There is enough of this treat for each of the goats but just like with their hay, they only are interested in what another goat has instead of what is still in the feeder for them.

My task at that time to is to simply exit the pen unscathed.   It is my single goal to get out and shut the gate before they trample me in the melee.  Meanwhile, once the goats are all in, Slim believes her work is done and she has already made her escape. I am left to fend for myself.

Last night as I scrambled to get out the gate my boots became tangled in a wire from the hay bale.  As I went down my life flashed before my eyes and the urge to yell "timber" came upon me.  Once on the ground I held perfectly still as it was time to assess the damage.  That is the rule for us old folks when a fall occurs.  Don't move until you are sure you are okay.

First you imagine the worse.  I will die here while Ron is sleeping peacefully in the house.  He won't even miss me until after dark when he gets up for his supper.  If I don't die, I will at least be crippled for life and we will both have to move to a nursing home until we are well enough to take care of ourselves.  Then what about all these animals?  Who will take care of them and our property while we are gone?  My toes are wiggling and that is a good sign.  Thank goodness I had on boots and not my sandals.  My knees seem fine also.  Thank goodness it was cold enough for me to be wearing long pants and not shorts.  My hands are a little scratched from absorbing the fall but nothing appears to be broken.  Slowly I get up off the ground and brush away the hay bits and chocolate-candy-looking goat droppings stuck to the side of my face:)

I am happy to be alive.  All is well with the world.  Back inside the house Ron is awake and in his recliner.  I rush to convey the events that have just occurred and anticipate the rejoicing we will do together regarding my close call.  He smiles and say, "Could you get me some more peach juice when you go back upstairs?"


  1. Mercy! That was some reaction. I'd be a little deflated from that.

    I rejoice that you are OK, Granny Annie. That fall could have been so much worse.


  2. well sheesh. that was scary

    no. 1 ~ I am so glad your OK.

    no. 2 ~ MEN~!!!!

  3. Just like a man! lol

    Glad you're ok my friend.

  4. Glad your okay but have to admit this had me laughing because I can relate to the your damage assessment theory.
    Did Ron ever get his peach juice?

  5. I felt so sad for you till you made me laugh! Love your humor even when decorated in poop.

  6. Lynn -- At least it didn't turn out as badly as my bicycle accident. I am sore today and that is all.

    sonny -- Yes, scary. I could see it coming and could not break the fall. Oh yes and "MEN!" is right.

    Dani -- Thanks for your concern:) Yep, "just like a man"

    Ralph -- Glad to make you laugh. And yes, he got his peach juice and I didn't throw it on him or anything. Just service with a smile. He didn't ask why there were chocolate bits in it. LOL

    Marla and Steve -- Hey I've been wanting you to notice my decorating skills and now you have. Glad I could make you laugh.

  7. Nothing produces a more helpless feeling than falling...glad you are okay.

  8. So glad you are okay.. I've seen that scene many times, only its my husband filling the pans and side stepping goats. I've never seen him fall, but he has tales. I don't go into the goat pen unless it is absolutely necessary.

    You asked what I liked about facebook. I can quickly scan and see what my friends and family are doing.. and the days there are new pics.. I slow down and really look.. and the days there are videos.. I replay them again and again. Some of my younger family members, I have not met in person, yet, but I feel like I'm a part of their lives and they are definitely a part of mine. That's why!!

  9. Whew, glad you're OK. i know what you mean by assessing the situation before moving... Thank God for the hay , and yes maybe enen the droppings helped to cushion the fall. Whew... what a feeling when everything goes into slow motion for a split second. We raised goats and they are so much fun! a bit on the "not so smart" side, but that makes for some goovy fun.
    Again Glad you're Ok and will send up a little extra healing prayer for you. Blesings to you and yorus. Love and Light, Nina P

  10. Yup, it sure is scary how fragile we are. One fall can be comic relief or it can create chaos. I'm very relieved to hear that there was no damage done beyond a little goat poop.

  11. He should be getting you the juice! Glad you are OK.

  12. Ha! After you read my latest post (where I mention you) you won't feel bad about leaving Ron for a month! ;)

    Recently I had a bad fall as well and I remember thinking (in that split second before going down), how do I land without killing myself?? I smashed my knee pretty hard and was in pain for days and I still can't walk up stairs without feeling discomfort, but I hear you, Annie, and I feel for you (what you felt at that moment when you hit the ground). Take care...and remember, you can always stay at my ALF when you get up there in age. :)

  13. Hope the bruising isin't too bad-
    Falling really smarts too!
    Glad at least you didn't get trampled.
    At work there's alot of slippery stuff n my shoes wear out fast, so I fall on the cement periodically. I tend to get back up ASAP no matter how it hurts cause my machine will drop food on the floor...

  14. You had a sense of humor even in your distress (Timber!). Glad you weren't seriously injured and that Ron got his peach juice.

  15. Granny, you crack me up! lol was just not enough for this post.

    I'm glad you survived the goat attack. Your goats behave much like my Doberman... do you think there's a connection?

  16. Dear Annie ~ I am so glad you weren't hurt and can sure relate to assessing the situation before moving
    and it is such a horrible feeling when we do have a fall.Thank you for your kind words about my blog and I hope your son enjoyed the jokes too,
    I am so glad he helps you and Ron.
    Take better care dear friend, Love, Merle.

  17. Delayed response to your nice comments…Oops.

    Changes in the wind – Yes, I did feel totally helpless. There simply was no stopping the inevitable.

    Ancient one – I do like facebook to keep up with the grandchildren. They post a lot of pictures that I would never see if it weren’t for facebook. But I still prefer blogging.

    Nina P. – My goats are fun most of the time unless I have feed. Then they are a stampeding, rude mob.

    Sparkling Red – Goat poop is not as messy as other animal poop and that is a good thing.

    Riot Kitty – I hope the day doesn’t’ come that he has to get me the juice. Right now I am his only hope for fending off dehydration:)

    Scarlet – Loved the dream adventure! I was honored to be included. Okay, reserve me a spot at you ALF. You won’t believe what a demanding resident I could be. LOL

    Snaggle Tooth – No brusing, only soreness. What did “my machine will drop food on the floor” mean?

    Susan Adcox – Yes I was being humorous and hope others realized that as well. Ron got his peach juice:)

    Cube – Thanks for having a good laugh. Do Doberman’s trample you when you are carrying food? Then there could be a connection.

    Merle – It does seem that we hurt our egos more than our bodies with some falls. I’m just glad no one was around to see this. Yes, we would definitely be in a real mess if my son didn’t come most weekends. We are so grateful for him...for ALL our kids and grandkids.

  18. Funny I realized reading this post you truly can make friends via a blog....

    I realized this because even though I know I'm going backwards reading older posts I STILL got choked up reading this post as if it happened yesterday. I still got scared, worried and anxious and frightened for you even though we've never met.

    and honestly I am so glad you ended it with Ron and his peach juice at the end...because it was only then that I was able to exhale and laugh.