Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Marigolds that sprouted from seeds stuck under the tractor.  Because of Ron's illness the tractor has been sitting there long enough to allow these lovely blossoms to grow.

This is David the mama cat.  She was named as a kitten before I knew she was a she.  Isn't she a pretty girl?

Say hello to David's son Vern.  We call him our "forever kitten".  Vern looks like a miniature of his mom and does not seem to grow.  Boomer's kittens born the same time are three times bigger than Vern.

Don't be afraid of Furbie.  This is the oldest barn cat we have.  This is the only picture of him other than pictures with his head down eating with the other cats.  Furbie will not let me touch him.  He shows up to eat then is off about the business of keeping the barn clear of mice.  Can you tell from the expression on his face that you do not want to cross Furbie?

I call this kitten Lil' Bear Junior.  His father, Lil' Bear Senior abandoned the family when LBJ was born and does not send child support.  This kitten is very soft and cuddly. He finally lets me pat him and seems to be very happy here. I will try to get a picture of his sister Patty Cake to show sometime.  

And to be fair to the chickens, here is a picture of Mr.Gibson with four of her five chicks.  I can not get a picture of them face forward because when I get near them, Mr Gibson screams "Run, run, run away!" and they do.

Goats will appear in the future along with an update on Chicklet and Little Joe.  (It is fun hearing Joe learning to crow.)  Also I will try to include the guinea fowl someday soon


  1. I love the names you come up with for your critters. Farm life sounds delightful. Love the marigolds growing under the tractor - sometimes beauty rears its head in the most unlikely places.

  2. Gosh I didn't know you had all those wonderful critters! sandie

  3. What fun to have a farm such as yours. And the all the names. Can't wait for the goats and the guinea fowl, lol.

  4. David(a) is beautiful. I love gray cats.

  5. Enjoying your extended family! You must learn to come up with gender neutral names, though...!

  6. How in the world do you name them all.......

  7. Lynn – Well the names are a bit strange. I always jump the gun before I know for sure the gender. I love the fact that the flowers spruced up the tractor in Ron’s absence. It’s like they are get-well flowers from nature.

    Chatty Crone – Sandie, all kinds of “critters” surround me including grandchildren critters:)

    Bonnie – Eggs are the only produce on this “farm” but all the animals earn their keep in some way or another. Besides the chickens and their eggs, the cats keep the barn free of mice. The goats keep the grass cut behind the barn where it is difficult to mow. The guinea fowl keep the place free of ticks and other bugs. My dog Slim watches after all the farm critters and us. It is an interesting life for this once city girl.

    Judy (kenju) -- All our cat are a gray blend. Our neighbors to the north have yellow cats and our neighbors to the south have black cats. I think it is interesting how these feral cats have grouped at homes by their color and wonder if they are segregated on purpose?

    Tabor – Oh must I? LOL It is more fun to pick a name that favors the cat and hope it turns out to suit the cat’s gender.

    Changes in the wind – The guinea fowl are the easiest to name. They are all called TJ for Tarzan/Jane. That is because there is no way to tell males from females. Some people claim they can tell but I sure haven’t learned how to do it.

  8. Great to meet more of your family - all such characters and what a lovely bonus the marigolds are. Look forward to meeting the rest.

  9. I agree with you about the guineas (just because my husband says the same thing you do.. no one can tell) The only thing you have that we don't have are the cats. Our dog doesn't put up with them. I don't name them, but our neighbor next to us names all the goats. She has chickens (she got from us) and she names all of them.

    I love unexpected flowers showing up. I always have impatients to come back but this year a few petunias and vinca reappeared. Love your marigolds. I haven't had any of those in a long time.

  10. Annie,

    I have always admired David. She is beautiful..

    Don't be concerned about little Vern's size.We can get him a contract to be on the "Little Couple" TV series on TLC.He'll fit right in with them and make a fortune.... Which he will use to send Furbie to Feline Law School.

    Furbie's first case will be to get child support from LBS to send LBJ
    to the University of Oklahoma to be a Sooner mascot.

    That will give Chicklet and Little Joe something to "Crow" about.....

    I hope Jack Bauer hears about all this from his new headquarters across the road.

  11. Your kitties are so cute! One of my friends named a cat Clyde before their family knew it was a girl. The name stuck.

  12. Pat – You are the second person to call my animals “family” and that is a correct statement. I do embrace them as family and certainly could NEVER butcher my chickens for food. (We do, however, eat unknown chicken.)

    Ancient one – Our dog arrived here after the cats and she has accepted them as residents. Slim was in such pitiful shape when she arrived and Soccer Ball, our primary cat at the time, took pity on Slim and became a sort of mother figure. Our girl goats are: Elizabeth, Tina, Dixie, Polly. The wethered boys are Dr. Cole, Lord Voldemort and Tandy Kidd is our billy.

    Nancy – Furbie needs to go to some kind of school. Charm school would probably be best. My grandson will approve of Vern being an OU Mascot. I am hearing that Jack Bauer is keeping very busy these days and not having time yet to miss us. By the way I loved your recent Elder Storytelling contribution about “Oui,Oui” the precious kitty on October 13, 2011.

    Riot Kitty – Oh dear, I love the name Clyde so you can bet the next known male on the property shall be named Clyde. Once I identify Mr Gibson’s five, I might just have a Bonnie and Clyde out of the batch. My first hen and rooster were Claude and Hannah.

  13. Hey....they are so cute and maybe you can all Mama David - Mama Davis :)

    Thanks for sharing Annie :)

  14. My accidently planted marigolds are blooming now too- good thing the catepillars ate all the pansies!
    Perhaps Vern is a dwarf cat- Mischief is short too. Great cat pics! looks like grey is the prevailent color scheme there. For some reason, my sis has had all orange cats btw... I tend toward black n tortoise-shell myself.

    Sorry the chicks run away! Maybe You try pics while feeding some corn scratch- or would that require 4 hands?

    I think you're lucky to have so many fun critters (n busy too).
    Thanks for the update

  15. Yee-Ha!

    Sorry, just felt like I was at a small aminal rodeo. :D

  16. Had to return and thank you for the lovely and funny comment on my post! I needed that.

  17. Shionge -- You're welcome:)

    Snaggle Tooth -- Most of the things I do around here require four hands.

    G -- Love it. Yes my life is a small animal rodeo. LOL

  18. Tabor -- I almost missed this comment while I was posting response to last three. You are welcome for the comment and glad I could do something to make you feel a little better. I still wince at the recollection of your injury. Yikes!

  19. We let our marigolds go to seed in a few pots last. Came back really nice this year, probably the best we have ever had.

  20. David is absolutely beautiful What gorgeous markings she has.

  21. Ralph -- I'm hoping to salvage these marigold seeds some way. They are a beautiful flower.

    Winifred -- I'll tell David what you think of her:) She is a beauty isn't she.