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Slim and Franke
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Monday, September 05, 2011


What is your favorite "comfort food" and why?

My Grandma Myrtle used to put out a spread of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, green beans, fluffy rolls and chocolate cake with seven minute frosting for dessert -- all made from scratch. Was it the food that was so great or the joy of watching her in the kitchen as she sang gospel songs and prepared these meals? Or was it the family fellowship around her table? Are we so fitness conscious and/or addicted to "fast foods" these days that we fail to indulge in those delicious memories occasionally and guilt free? Of course I cannot even come close to preparing a meal like my grandma did.

(Are you enjoying comfort food this labor day weekend?)


  1. We don't celebrate labor day here in the UK.

    My comfort food is sweets, well what you call candy. If I could eat that and nothing else for the rest of my life I'd be happy. Did I mention I'm sugar addicted?

  2. My favorite comfort food is deviled eggs.

    It's one of the few things that I enjoy making for Christmas parties, because its so fun to expirement with the basic receipe.

  3. Mashed potatoes.

    You make me think of my gramps cooking a big spread for Sunday dinner. He did almost all the cooking - my grandmother made breakfast and the occasional cake. :)

    My nod to a treat on this rainy Labor Day is a California avocado. Yum - it'll be on a salad later.

  4. Dear Annie ~~ Great post to make the readers hungry. My favorite foods are Sweet and sour chicken and Lemon
    chicken and also chocolate !!!
    I am so glad you liked the story of "The Man on the Bus" and the jokes. Thank you so much for your very kind words my friend. Take care, Love, Merle.

  5. LL Cool Joe -- We love the sweets around here too. I made a batch of fudge this weekend and some banana pudding. Come on over:)

    G -- Well, you know with my chickens we can have a lot of deviled eggs around here. The only problem is that I can't fix them worth a darn. Once in a while a batch will turn out good but usually I add too much of one thing and not enough of another.

    Lynn -- I too could eat a mountain of mashed potatoes. Recently I've developed a real love for mashed red potatoes with some of the skin left on to make them colorful. My grandchildren are going to always remember Grandpa Ron's cooking. I do most of the cooking around here but when he does it is always memorable. We can't find a decent avocado. Even a high priced one doesn't assure flavor. Hope the ones you have are delicious.

    Merle -- Your food choices are the most healthy. Good for you. Well, the chocolate too as long as it's dark chocolate.

  6. Anything chocolate...but mostly chocolate chip cookies. I don't make them too often because I have no will power when they are in the kitchen.

  7. Annie,

    I would give anything I owned to eat one of my Mom's "U.S.Steel" dinners once again.

    It was stewed chicken,yellow gravy,mashed potatoes,biscuits, and two or three vegetables.YUM!

    We called it the U.S.Steel dinner because Mom used EVERY pot and pan in the house to make it, and the kitchen looked like the Steel Mill when all the pots and pans were stacked up in the sink waiting for my sister and me to do the dishes.

    We hated doing those pots and pans and yet,when Mom would ask what we wanted for a special dinner everybody would shout at once,

  8. Annie,

    I meant to tell you, I am still gathering the ingredients for the banana bread..Stay tuned......

  9. Tabor -- I too am a choco-holic and Toll House chocolate chip cookies could easily be the death of me if I made them very often.

    Nancy -- "U.S. steel meal". I love it. It was terrible to have to do the dishes after a special dinner like that. It sure sounds like yours was worthy of the clean-up. Now about that bread -- just how ripe are you letting those bananas get? Now, take a quick look at my facebook page to see Owen on his 3rd birthday.

  10. I have several, but mashed potatoes and scrambled eggs are two of them (not eaten together,

  11. kenju -- I love scrambled eggs and I really like never being out of eggs if I want to make some. Raising chickens definitely has it's up side:)

  12. Cheese enchiladas. Not sure why, except that they're yummy :)

  13. Annie,

    Don't rush me on that banana bread.

    I still have to pick all those seeds out of the watermelon first.

    Did you forget that?

  14. I just love food - pure and simple but would hate to live without potatoes - mashed, roast, baked, boiled, creamed any which way.

  15. Anonymous1:14 PM

    I know fried chicken fried in an iron skillet on a cook stove using real lard is much better eating then anything prepared anywhere these days. My wife can't match it because she doesn't use lard. Lard was the single most important thing my mom used and the store sold it in big 5 gallon buckets. As white as snow and good to the last dollop.

  16. weeeeeell. i gotta go with baked macaroni and cheese on that one. or some sort of pasta. ugh. pasta.

    yea pasta. i have it almost every night.

    that must mean i'm not very comfortable. haha


  17. My easy comfort food is natural Chocolate ice cream with whipped cream, n I did have some the other day.
    My dinner food is now very limited by throw-away from the storm this week. I like stewed chicken with onions n other veggies myself. Don't have any this week.

    We have a family comfort food- My Nanny n Mother used to always make scratch dinner rolls for big dinners. I can, but it takes 7 cups of flour, takes all day, n needs folks to eat it! The same dough with cream instead of water makes our family's Xmas breakfast roll with raisins, cinnamon, n drizzle. I keep the dough recipe on a web site for the rest of the family to use at will.

    I'm so hungry now! Today I made homemade pizza but had to bbsit so it's waiting back at home...

    I have one overipe banana, n am soon going to try a small loaf of bread if I can figure it out... I did replace the eggs finally.

  18. Riot Kitty – Oh yes, cheese enchiladas. WooHoo!

    Nancy – What, you’re not going to leave the seeds in?

    Pat – You left out “instant”. LOL Potatoes are so expensive right now. I remember a time when potatoes were so cheap they were served as a main dish.

    Abraham Lincoln – Yes, my grandma fried her chicken in a large iron skillet and used Crisco (i.e. Lard). You are so right about no one being able to equal that these days. A taste sensation our children and grandchildren will never know.

    Blunt Delivery – Guess you have been to Denny’s for their new sandwich that includes macaroni and cheese on it.

    Snaggle Tooth – We actually ate dinner in a restaurant this past week that had real “scratch” rolls and the bread was all I wanted to eat. Served hot and warm out of the oven. Sounds like you have been feasting as you have attempted to keep from throwing out your frozen food. Now, about the banana bread – ONE (1) ripe banana? It will have to be a really small loaf of bread. Good luck with that.

  19. My favorite comfort food would probably be anything from home...British chocolate, real fish and chips, digestive chocolate name it!!

  20. Brown English Muffin -- What would British chocolate be like? Is it milk chocolate, dark chocolate, sweet or bitter chocolate? Chocolate is definitely a comfort food of mine.