Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Why this obsession about food? Why the QUESTION OF THE WEEK about food? Well I did a very bad thing this Labor Day weekend. I took a break from my Alli fitness program and after 36 weeks on the three-a-day tablets and daily journal entries of calories and fat grams, I gave myself a break. (Not from the exercise though.)

Four glorious days of indulging in any food I craved. Last night was the last supper, so to speak. We went out for dinner and my indulgence was an 8 oz. cheeseburger and a side of onion rings. There was not a take-out box for left-overs in sight. (Poor Slim)
"I can't believe I ate the whole thing!"

It took 36 weeks to lose 39 pounds and in one long weekend it was a very simple matter to gain back four. Was it worth it? Oh yea! Today it's back with the program.

P.S. We had some very interesting entertainment while dining last night and tomorrow you'll need to check back to hear the exciting details. Bet you will have an opinion on the events that unfolded.

Added Bonus: Blast from the past. Brought to mind when my sister mentioned a porch swing she wanted to give me. We had to break into song. Remember Swingin'


  1. I think that dinner sounds worth it! And it's good to give yourself a break once in a while.

    Obsession about food: you may have come from the same kind of family I came from. Food is delicious and fun. When I was living at home, my dad used to bring home things like pound bags of M&Ms that we would pass around and eat while watching TV, after we had had a large dinner of mostly fried food.

    I still love M&Ms, but do my best to stay away from fried food.

    Except for french fries.

  2. Yeah, I'm a foodie also, that's why I work out so much. I had mother of the bride dress "issues" and had to really watch what I ate so that I could breathe in the dress. Well, wedding is over and I've eaten non-stop since.

  3. Lynn -- My grandparents indulged my food issues buy my mother was a tyrant about between meal snacks, etc. She prepared good meals and desserts but she was very frugal. My first in-laws on the other hand taught me an entire new world when I married their son at age 19. Father-in-law would shop on Saturday and I was entranced by the things he would pull out of the shopping sacks. Peanuts, M&Ms, Ice cream, marshmallow cookies, etc. Made it a point to always be at their house on Saturday. A dream come true.

    Always Nesting -- Oh boy do I remember my mother-of-the-bride dress and the importance of looking good that day to make my daughter proud. I too ate like a pig afterwards. LOL Loved the wedding pictures by the way. Beautiful bride and her beautiful sisters too. Take after their mom.

  4. you deserved a break and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed every bite.. I have heard that after being on any diet program , if one does take a small break and gains some- when you go back on the body responds by dropping pounds again- so I am seeing a silver lining to this :)
    good luck~!

  5. Do you remember when Oprah was on that first big Liquid diet of hers?

    She had lost all that weight and celebrated by going to Hawaii with Stedman and when he went swimming one day she called room service and ordered a giant cheeseburger and fries.

    She was so funny telling that story. Like you, that one burger put about 3 or 4 pounds back on.

    So, back to your diet,Annie, and good luck. One "Break" in your routine will not hurt you that much.

    Too bad Slim doesn't live at our house. We have so many white boxes of left overs we have to write the dates on top of the box.

    The other night in the Crackerbarrel we were packing up our food in the box and I laughed when I saw what Roy wrote on top of his box.

    It said: 2011

  6. I guess somebody has to be the wet blanket. If you had only eaten half of each of the forbidden foods you would only be two pounds behind.

    Of course the good news is that you are back on your diet. I do believe in time, the foods that are unhealthy begin to lose their fascination and you actually will want the healthier food all the time.

  7. sonny -- Thank you! I am really hoping for that silver lining. My fitness program had reached a stalemate and I was basically holding still. Perhaps this break will give me my momentum back.

    Nancy -- I'm not sure at this point that Oprah is a good example. Just like she has done, I have lost the magic of every diet I ever tried. That is one reason I am adamant about not calling this a diet but a "health and fitness program". Perhaps I can make Labor Day weekend my annual food bash and look forward to it. How long do you thing Ray was planning to keep those leftovers he marked as 2011? That is hysterical.

    Maria -- There is always a wet blanket so that's okay. It might as well be you. I have been halving and quartering my meals out for 36 weeks (only eating as much at the book recommends) and that was the main reason for the break. Simply to throw caution to the wind those few days. Actually it's a miracle that four pounds is all I gained. I did stay on my exercise bike throughout.

  8. It does sound worth it to me. Hope it isn't too hard to get back into the swing of the diet!

  9. I just hope it's not too tough to get the pounds back off. It defintely is to quick to put back on! Those plateaus of keeping a steady weight with no loss usually means you need to change the routine to lose more. Your body is too used to the plan. Do a few extra leg lift, hand weights or something-

    These few days off I've indulged in alot of food too. Back to work again soon, when I have to go 6 or 7 hours nightly with no break or food while moving stuff- so I think I needed it also! Good thing I have no scale here...

  10. Hey they say you only live once right...and who wants to die thin and begging for a hamburger!!! I think you're doing awesomely!!

  11. kenju -- I am back in the swing of my fitness plan but those pounds are not coming off. At this point it wasn't worth it.

    Snaggle Tooth -- I wish I had no scale here. The best thing I could probably do would be not to weigh every day.

    Bronw English Muffin -- Oh I hope things will get going again. It has been a good run and I would like to see it start working again. Did you ever stay with the Alli plan?