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Slim and Franke
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Sunday, April 03, 2011


I saw our eye doctor on Friday. I am doing a lot more driving these days and a slight vision problem was causing concern. It seems I needed a minor prescription change and did not want to spring for new frames at this time. The vision center said I did not have to leave my glasses but they hoped I would leave them since it would be easier to fit the new lenses with the frames there . I knew reading glasses would serve until I got my glasses back, so I left them. My next stop was Walmart and I needed to be able to read some prices, etc. but did not want to purchase reading glasses since we have tons of pairs at home. Digging through the glove box of the van I found this old pair of prescription sunglasses. They are at least 15 years old. They actually worked for my main concerns and off I went to complete my shopping with these antique glasses. I only needed a white cane or a dog to complete my ensemble.

My other eye problem was caused from Tonto. (Remember my bi-pap machine -- I am the masked stranger and the machine is my faithful companion?) Anyway it is drying my eyes out and so the doctor suggested I start using Refresh PM lubricant at night. Now as I prepare for bed I have to gargle with Biotene to prevent dry mouth, and put Ayr in my nose and Refresh PM in my eyes before I don the mask. But does this make me want to give up my sleep machine? No way! It has changed, as well as saved, my life.


  1. It is appalling what we have to do as we age, but it is way better than the alternative! Here's hoping your new lenses will suffice and that the eye meds work well.

  2. I'm glad to know that machine is working for you - use the eye drops. Sounds like you feel a lot better.

  3. Doesn't our life boil down to routine.......

  4. Annie, I smiled at the old frames!

    I'm glad your machine works so well for you and that makes it more than worth all the inconvenience.

  5. Who would have thought when we were younger that getting old would be such an ordeal. Just getting ready for bed takes preparation. I had to laugh reading about your bedtime prep ritual. Sounds all too familiar to me. I almost need a check list to get it all done.

  6. Cool look! I see from your sidebar that you've been super busy. Great stuff.

  7. Great minds must think alike :-)

    I went for an eye exam on Friday too. Wow! glasses sure are expensive! Even the cheap ones!

    Take care and have a nice week :-)


  8. kenju – The Refresh PM lubricant has already worked its magic. The only problem is it blurs my vision and so you wait to use it just before bed. If I try to read the clock during the night, it is just a blur.

    Chatty Crone – The machine has caused me to catch up on years of lost sleep and I have a new found energy which is really needed at this time in my life.

    Changes in the wind – It definitely is routine and I even have to make a check list to insure that I can remember the routine.

    Talon – Yep those old frames are classic aren’t they. They are so big they left marks on my cheeks. Tonto is every bit worth the inconvenience:)

    Rae – My body is getting old but my mind is still the same as when I was a crazy kid. It just doesn’t seem right. LOL

    rosaria – Thanks for looking at the sidebar. I completed over 110 portraits for the Julia Kay Portrait Party but I have had to stop for a while. Hope to get back at it soon. It is so much fun.

    Ron Joe White – Oh yes they are expensive. Just replacing the lenses cost $250! When you went for your eye exam on Friday did you pull an April Fools joke on the staff? I did and I’m not sure I will be allowed back there. LOL

  9. I like your attitude. Getting old be dam#ed. Everything becomes a compromise, but if we like the results, why not?

  10. Glad it's helping - my volunteer at work is getting one and she can't wait. She's been getting an hour or two of sleep every night.

  11. No c-pap machine yet! I usually sleep very well. Not much routine to my night times. Swallow four pills and go to bed. I do know if I cannot sleep well, I will feel awful the next day.

  12. I've had chronic Dry Eyes 7 years now. I have to put in drops often all day, every day or they may get damaged. I have to wash out allergens too.

    Walmart has an inexpensive Lubricant drop for under a dollar you may want to re-hydrate with. Wind, dry heat, machine blowers all take water out- Hate the night goo stuff!
    Good Luck

  13. I have 150 reading glasses - at this point I have a pair for my office at work, my purse, and four pairs at home. The eye doctor said that I could probably go to 175s - no way, I have too many 150s now and have to live with them. :)

  14. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Getting old sucks! My mom said she's tired of she and dad having to plan their life AROUND their doctor appointments. She made me laugh. I'm nearing 50, so I'm beginning to really feel the pain of the downward slide. What's with all this sagging?? Lord have mercy!!!
    Love those snazzy, old sunglasses. At least they did the job and got you through. :-)

  15. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Granny - what kind of changes to the edges of the mask might keep it from blowing air into or past your eyes? Seems an ill-fitting mask is the main cause of dry-eyes for my friends with c-paps.... Jest a thought ...

  16. Tabor – “Amen!”

    Riot Kitty – Your volunteer will be very happy I am almost sure. However I do hear some people cannot tolerate the mask. Hope it works for her.

    ancient one – If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it:)

    Snaggle Tooth – I found the eye drops you mentioned and they were only 97 cents at our Walmart and seem to work great for my daily needs.

    Lynn – You and I should go together and donate all our reading glasses to the needy.

    jdjaws – Getting old does suck but it is still better than the alternative.

    curvesnangles – Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes my mask did leak early on but we fixed that. However my eye doctor said even without the air blowing into my eyes, the machine causes it to dry out my eyes. It was sure nice of you to comment Karen and show an interest in my concerns. Your blog looks great.

  17. Anonymous4:04 PM

    "even without the air blowing into my eyes" - bet that's because of the 'forced air' through the internal plumbing (I'm thinking of the eustachian tubes to the ears, and the corresponding connections from sinuses to eyes - )
    I'm always looking for the "Why?" behind the pills, and how to avoid the pills...

    Happy Spring Sunday!

  18. curvesnangles -- Karen, well, you have answered the question I was going to ask my primary care physician next week and that was going to be, "Why do I have this terrible ear ache?". Now I'll probably get drops for my ears to add before I go to sleep! LOL