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Slim and Franke
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Friday, April 01, 2011



Yesterday we were returning from doctor's appointments in Tulsa. We noticed a vehicle stranded on the side of the road and over my objections my good Samaritan spouse insisted that we stop and lend a hand. It seems the family had simply run out of gas and wanted a ride to the nearest gas station on the turnpike. We obliged and loaded the family of four into our accommodating van. They were very nice people. All were presentable and clean. We enjoyed a visit on the brief journey to the nearest service location and let them out while we filled our own tank.

The dad came out of the station with the sad news that he could get the gas and a gas can but they did not have a way to return the family to their vehicle so he was going to walk back and then return for his family. Ron could not allow that, so we drove them back. We have a pike pass to entering and exiting was easy for us. (Oklahoma has many toll roads for those who are not familiar with a pike pass that allows us to buy tolls in advance without having to stop and pay at each booth.)
We deposited the family once again at their vehicle and after much thanks we were on our way, no worse the wear.

I was proud that Ron was willing to help and so happy the event was fairly simple with little or no trauma.
It was great when we got home and we had a very restful night after our long day of appointments and helping strangers.

The surprise was this morning when, in the middle of a huge storm, we heard a knock at the door. The family from the day before all stood on our porch in the pouring rain. I opened the door and they crowded in without awaiting an invitation. Ron was still asleep and I didn't know what to do.
They were so appreciative of our help from the day before and they were wondering if we would put them up for a few days since they were getting low on funds to complete their journey and could not spare their cash.

I was astounded over this request and I was even more astounded on how the heck they found our home. We had not disclosed any personal information on our journey with them the previous day, so they must have managed to follow us somehow.
With Ron still sleeping, I said we would let them stay, knowing Ron probably would too. Instead when he woke up and found them here he had a hissy fit and got out his shotgun and chased them back out into the storm. What would you have done?????

I'll bet you would have said APRIL FOOLS:) lol


  1. lol! I was thinking, "Oh my!" until I got to the shotgun part and I thought "That doesn't sound like Ron!"

    You got me, Annie!

    Have a fabulous day!

  2. You have got to be kidding me! That is scary! I'm all for helping out but they FOLLOWED you! I'm glad Ron chased them away. A good deed never goes unpunished. Holy cow!

  3. Actually, you didn't fool me, I just didn't think the story quite made sense! Good one though! :D

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  5. You got me! I was so horrified that they found you, but proud that you helped. :)

  6. Well, you REALLY got me, Annie!I couldn't wait to see what Ron would do when he found them in your house.

    The shotgun bit was slightly "Over the top" which caused me to think, "What is going on here?"

    Then it dawned on me...You little scamp...APRIL FOOL!

  7. Talon -- You are right. Ron wouldn't have grabbed the shotgun, he would have grabbed his pistol. LOL

    Michele -- I hope you are April Fooling me. You did read the fine print didn't you?

    LL Cool JOe -- Come on now, the part about helping the family of four made perfect sense because it has actually happened before. Ron does stop to help strangers. The part about them following us home and the shotgun certainly made it a far fetched story though.

    Lynn -- So happy that I got you. YOu could be proud of Ron because he does stop to help people and it scares me to death. I certainly would not stop if it was just me.

    Nancy -- How happy am I that I got you!!! Yea! Hooray!Yep, the shotgun did drive the story a little to the crazy side. And, hey, I am actually turning into a "little" scamp with my weight loss now at 27 pounds.

  8. I actually believed your story! Even the shotgun.
    Just how much Irish blood do you have in you? You are quite a convincing storyteller!

  9. Annie,

    27 pounds! That is wonderful...I told you that you would soon be trading names with your pup.....

    So now you are Slim and the dog is Annie,right?

  10. LOL! I was about to ask, "Are they perchance the same people who keep calling my organization?"

    Congrats on 27!

  11. almost... you got me almost...LOL

  12. Mountain Mama -- Actually I am half Irish:) I love April Fools Day but one of these days I'm going to get paid back by family and friends and that is a scary thought.

    Nancy -- I am finally hopeful that I might actually reach my target weight. Its pretty exciting but it will take at least a year to get there.

    Riot Kitty -- Yes, you and I both have known these people throughout our lives.

    Holland -- "almost" is better than "not at all". woohoo!

  13. Hahaha...who knows what one would do when woken up from a good sleep...Lol...I got in trouble the other day for doing an April fools joke on my boss...she hung up on me and told all in office not to pick up...she was mad because I scared her..I told her I was pregnant and she thought that I was sick with an illness, she had only heard the part about not feeling well and thought that I had a flare up of an old illness from years ago...we solved it now , but she used to be the queen of practical jokes and now that she has her own two small buys...she says she doesnt have time for that anymore..!I never was very good at them...later that night my daughter pulled one on me that scared me I know how my boss felt...I dont like that holiday..!