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Slim and Franke
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Friday, September 03, 2010


It is the 3rd of September. Our weather has taken a change for the cooler -- WhooHoo! And I am guessing we are in for a fishing trip since chicken livers are thawing on the kitchen counter. So what problem could I have when things are so delightful? No clothes. I do not have any clothes for Autumn and my only pair of comfy sandals are white. Technically those shoes won't be banned until after Monday, Labor Day, but I certainly know it is time for different shoes to face the new weather.

Have I been absent from blogging because I don't have proper shoes? Nope, I have been absent because Scarlet Ily has been kind enough to introduce me to an online Portrait Party and I am churning out my marker art portraits right and left. I had to submit samples of my work and be accepted in the project and wonder of wonders, I was accepted and now my life is ruled by scotch whiskey and the fumes of permanent markers. Could be the reason for the impending fishing trip. Ron probably thinks I need to get out of here.

Randy Johnson submitted by EAGHL for Julia Kay's Portrait Party

Many of your are aware of our sketch book project that is coming to a close and hopefully we'll all be showing the work we have done and the art that is coming back to us in the form of other's artwork. It has been unbelievably fun and uplifting and that is why I am so happy to have this new project to take its place

Meanwhile in the chicken world, Jack Bauer has been overthrown as King Rooster by Chicklet. If you remember, Chicklet is one of two chicks of the late Elenore Hen. Chicklet has just been biding his time by pretending friendship and obedience to Jack Bauer while all the time it appears he and Daryl (the previous ruler before Jack arrived) have been plotting this coup d etat.

Chicklet struts his stuff in the barnyard.

One of our grandnephew's Owen turned two yesterday and I had to attach this photo of his cousin Olive, one of our grandnieces, wishing him a Happy Birthday.

Owen gets a birthday hug from his cousin Olive.

My absence from blogland will probably continue for a while so don't forget about me. I am thinking of all of you and while wishing everyone a splendid weekend, I am especially wishing a safe weekend for my US friends as we celebrate Labor Day on Monday.


  1. I love that you've been in a creative frenzy! Pure fun! Have fun fishing and that picture of Olive and Owen is so sweet I can't stop saying, "Awwww!" :)

    That picture of Chicklet is perfect - what a cocky guy - sorry, couldn't resist:)

    Have a fabulous holiday weekend!

  2. The picture of Chicklet reminds me of Tony Soprano (lol).
    And the one of Owen & Olive hugging is priceless!
    Happy Labor Day to you and yours, Granny:)

  3. Talon -- All your talent with words and you just had to say "what a cocky guy". Shame, shame. LOL

    Loving Annie -- You can tell I thought Chicklet was going to be a hen and the other chick of Elenore Hen's is Mr. Gibson who did turn out to be a hen. Got a little confused then. If I had known I would have named Chicklet, Tony Soprano, because that's the only guy who could beat Jack Bauer. LOL

  4. That picture of the kiddos is SO cute!! I think it's awesome that you're on a creative streak. Once the rainy season starts up again I have a lot of craft projects to do.

  5. I love that chicken name - Jack Bauer. And those babies are adorable! Have a great weekend, GA!

  6. You have some real talent there - just don't forget to come back. sandie

  7. Hi, I had to move my blog again so that I can have a new blog profile as well. I will be closing this blog profile down soon. So sorry for the confusion! Here is the link to the new one, just moved everything over today:

  8. Cool art projects you got going here- Wish I had time to devote to that stuff more-

    Chicklet is lookig good- Poor Jack- did he get beat up?

    Awww what a cute baby hugging baby pic!

  9. Sounds like a good excuse to pause in blogging. I am looking forward to the arty project.

  10. Little Owen is such a sweet boy. He is hugging Olive right back..

    Elenore Hen would be very proud of her son, Chicklet, for taking over the rooster chores from Jack Bauer.

    I can just picture poor dejected Jack sitting in a dark corner, downing a whiskey with a beer chaser and dragging on a Marlboro.
    He must be a shadow of his former self..

    Couldn't Chicklet have left him one or two of the hens,just for old times sake?

  11. That picture of Owen and Olive is absolutely adorable.... Two darling kids... Glad you are having fun with your art... I am not talented in that

  12. No, can never forget you Annie and I love that hug there :D

  13. I'm looking forward to seeing the art work!!

    Those children are darling. What a sweet photo. Don't forget me either - I may be gone from the computer for a few days.

  14. Owen and Olive are adorable. What a great photo!

    I also love the way Chiclet is strutting his stuff. Sexy little fellow, isn't he? ;)

    Btw, I figured you'd like the portrait party since it's right up your alley. Great job with Randy Johnson.

    PS - I'm loving markers now, too! Gloria got me into Soufflé markers and I especially love the Glaze markers I found at Michael's the other day. If you haven't used them yet, they're a bit pricey but worth it.

  15. Riot Kitty – I love getting lost in a “creative streak” . Hopefully I won’t burn myself out.

    Lynn – Check my sidebar for the photo of Jack Bauer in his shades, Kevlar vest and man-purse. My friend Andy at the Jack Sack photo shopped it for me.

    Chatty Crone – I was very busy over the Labor Day weekend and so I’ll probably be back to blogland soon to take a break.

    The Three Little Bears – I’ll come looking for you again.

    Snaggle Tooth – Yes, it does appear Jack Bauer was taken down by Chicklet and the older rooster Daryl. Daryl had been in charge until Jack arrived and Jack quickly took over the flock. Recently Jack was injured by a coyote and the other two roosters used his weakened condition to strike while he was weak.

    Tabor – Perhaps it is an excuse to stop blogging. I think I was running out of things to blog about. I should return refreshed and full of new ideasl.

    Nancy – My friend, you absolutely the funniest. Actually Chicklet’s sister Gibson (originally Mr. Gibson) has taken up with Jack Bauer. It is just like a soap-opera with the bully brother being deserted by is sister who sides with the whiskey drinking bad boy. LOL

    Lucy Stern – Owen and Olive are the best of friends as well as cousins and Owen will be moving soon. Those two kiddos will be sad to be separated.

    Shionge – Isn’t the hug picture comforting. Glad you won’t forget me.

    Kenju – Now I must know how things are with you. You don’t leave blogland for anything. Hope all is well.

    Scarlet Ily – I will be researching those makers. All of the art supplies are a bit pricey and I try to do my art projects as frugally as I can.

  16. Wow, nice to take on a creative project- we won't forget you!

  17. Can't wait to see the art work. Beware of the marker fumes, though ;-)

    Love to hear about the chicken wars. I guess the only one who can take out Chicklet will be Chuck Norris.

  18. Oh my goodness could those little ones be any cuter??? That hug is adorable!

  19. I love LOVE that last picture! Looks like a greeting card!