Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Friday, September 10, 2010


Ron took me fishing to get me away from the marker fumes for a while. It was a beautiful evening and he had been on the internet to determine exactly where we should lower our lines to get some catfish.

I was comfortable and enjoyed the sturdy new bridge. It is much more secure that the old metal bridge, though not as pretty. We fed a lot of fish our liver bait but didn't manage to reel in a single one. Thankfully we still have catfish in the freezer and will still have fish tonight.

The goats pen is completed now with their own fenced 220 ft. long pasture in back of the barn and an opening into the barn where they will remain dry and warm. That space behind the barn was our main reason for acquiring goats because it is difficult to get back there and mow.
Needless to say Tandy Kid has not been neutered yet. He cannot "connect" but that does not keep him from trying. Here is a less than tasteful photograph of poor Tina with her head stuck in the fence and TK taking full advantage of her predicament. Since I was there taking photographs, I was able to get Tina free immediately.


  1. Poor randy Tandy!!

    I like your marker portraits very much; especially the guy with a guitar!!

  2. Glad you got out for some fresh air, Annie! I'll check out your art this afternoon - can't wait to see what you've been up to!

    You can't blame a kid for trying - lol!

  3. I have never been on a fishing trip so seems like you had a great time:D

  4. I used to like to fish - just for the staring into space time. I'm glad you are not too bummed about not catching any fish.

    Poor Tina - glad you were there!

  5. I love to fish believe it or not. How often do you go?

    Glad to see you back. I know you are having fun with your art project.


  6. Going to head on over and check out your art! This has been a fun project for you, I know.

  7. Poor Tina!

    I'm going to check out your work too..

  8. kenju – Poor “randy” Tandy is right. If I want any pictures of him at all, that is what he is doing, even with the dog! Thank you for the compliment on my work. The picture you liked has received a lot of nice comments from the other participants.

    Talon – Yes, we’re trying to cut the “kid” some slack but I never saw such a one track mind.

    Shionge -- You must go fishing. It is a most calming and peaceful experience.

    Lynn -- In the four years we have lived here on the lake we have only caught a very few fish but our neighbors who do lots better are generous to share with us in exchange for eggs.

    Chatty Crone – I believe it that you love to fish. We used to go at least once a week but with all of Ron’s recent illness and that car wreck almost two years ago, we have barely visited the lake much less gone fishing. Yes, I’m loving this art project because I am meeting so many portrait artists who do similar work to mine – not the norm.

    Tabor – Glad for you to take a look at the art project. Hope you enjoy what I do. It is a bit unusual.

    LL Cool Joe – “Poor Tina” is right. She is the youngest goat besides TK and so she is truly the favorite target of the kid. Hope you checked out my work and liked it. I’m having so much fun with other artist I have much in common with. Of course Ily found this and told me about it and I was thrilled to be accepted.

  9. Apparently, Tandy needs a little snippin'!

    Great photo, Annie!

    PS - I think you can create an interesting book from all your drawings. They're wonderful!

  10. Scarlet Ily -- What would I do without your encouragement! Since I am a Senior Citizen I can testify about how well you will do in the elder care industry:) Yikes, did I say that?

  11. Marker fumes! LOL!

    I love that phrase - "he cannot connect but that doesn't keep him from trying." Sounds like most of my exes...

  12. I used to like fishing, when I was young. But lately have quit killing fish- so now when I go in the water they all come right up n follow me around! That figures.

    Yep, the kid seems to have an incurable itch. Hopefully you don't end up with 100 goats!

  13. There are few things in life as peaceful as fishing. It's nice to catch something, but even if you don't, you still have all that soul sustaining peace that can't be taken away.

    BTW smack that Tandy kid while you're at it ;-)