Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


We have been looking for goats. Found this pair. The Nanny is 5-6 years old with all her teeth. The wether on her is about 3 months old and there is a chance the Nanny is bred again to a full Boar goat. The Nanny and Wether are both part Nubian and part Boar. They are asking $250 for the pair. Can any goat experts out there tell us their opinion of these goats?

In a few months the goat farmer will have other goats for sale and possibly pygmy goats (Nanny and kids as pictured with my granddaughter). Since we have a small operation here, perhaps the smaller goats would be better. I will so appreciate your help. We want the goats primarily to clear brush and as pets. We like Boar goats best.

Yes, Michael and Hope are here for the week and more fun pictures will follow soon. We are high and dry but you can see from the news that Oklahoma is taking another pounding of rain and flooding.


  1. I'm definitely no goat expert, but I've got two friends who have goats. I confess I have no idea what type they are, but they are so full of character that I find them charming - even when they do naughty things!

  2. Cuuuuuuuuute! I am no expert, but I can tell you they're cute! Hang in there with all of that weather.

  3. Here's something I know nothing about - goats. :) But those sure are cute ones!

  4. Hi Annie,

    What I know about goats could be printed on the head of a pin so I will refrain from commenting about them.

    What I do want to say is I was very worried about you whenever the Weather Channel came on with the story of the torrential rains near Oklahoma City.

    Glad you are high and dry and,most of all, safe and sound....

  5. GREAT photos!! :-) That would be a fun and interesting pet! :-D Stay dry and safe!! :-)

  6. soooo glad to hear that you are all alright...I can't believe the pounding that Oklahoma took.

  7. I do believe that two of my blog friends are in goat heaven today!!! Terri. I checked to see if she could give you any advice on your goat questions.

  8. I'm with the rest of your friends. I have no idea abou goats. My choice would be pygmy just because they are smaller so therefore I think they would be cuter. I don't even know anyone I could ask about goat. Good luck with your search and I'm glad you are all okay.

  9. Sorry but I don't know much about goats except I think the babies are cute.
    My daughter raised pygmy goats for a while and loved them.

  10. I had some Pygmy goats for awhile. Not really having room for them I found out that they needed more room than I had. I started out with Barney, then got Thelma Lou, and ended up with an Opie, Aunt Bea, and an Andy! They are so cute though! Good luck with whatever you decide!

    Glad you are high and dry!

  11. Anonymous8:01 PM

    The little ones are so cute. Years ago, when I lived on the farm and my children were little my husband went to the stockyards and bought a gooseneck trailer full of goats. He thought he would bring them home and they would clean off the farm. He drove in the yard, opened the trailer door and those goats took off over the hill and we never saw them again! We searched high and low and no goats! I still wonder to this day what happened to them and where they ended up. That's about all I know about goats.

  12. Talon – We made our choice and I posted about them today.

    Riot Kitty – They are cute. That is the single fact everyone seems to know:)

    Lynn – We have settled on some younger pygmy goats. I posted about them today.

    Nancy – You seem to know as much about goats as I. However we did select four pygmy goats from another seller and I have blogged about them today. I do hope we have them secure from the weather because the previous owners said they do not like getting wet.

    Art is Life; Life is Art – Thank you for commenting. We bought our goats and have already found them interesting.

    Brown English Muffin – Be sure and look at my post today and show Baby C the goats we picked. Now doesn’t she need a goat too? LOL

    Bonnie – You are so right about the pygmy being cuter. Since we wanted them for pets it was wiser to go with pygmy.

    Mountain Mama – For some reason I thought you would know about goats. Yes, we went with pygmy.

    Rachel – I sure laughed over the names of your goats. You almost had all the citizens of Mayberry USA. LOL

    Thesouthernlady64 – That was the funniest comment ever! Did you see the movie FUNNY FARM with Chevy Chase? They bought a dog and brought it home. As soon as they let it out of the car it ran into the hills and never returned. Sometimes they would hear it barking and running wild. What in the world ever happened to your goats? We did alert the grandchildren not to let ours out of the pen just in case they would try to get back home. Read my post today to see what we got.