Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Friday, June 18, 2010


We decided on pygmy goats. Look closely to see four goats in this picture. With all the growth in their new pen you might say they are in "goat" heaven.

The older goats, the ones that stay well hidden in the tall weeds, are Paulie and Elizabeth. It is pretty certain that Elizabeth is pregnant.

Hope selected this goat as her own. The little goat is named Dixie. Dixie is part Pygmy and part Spanish goat.

Hope also shows off my favorite, Tina. She is definitely a cuddly goat.

We are glad that we found this batch of goats near my sister in Kansas. We got all four for $80 as opposed to the other two goats which were $250 for the pair.

We had almost decided not to get any goats at all because a neighbor's dog came up and killed five chickens before we could say boo. We thought the dog was a friendly pup. Needless to say I was ready to get out of the business of keeping any livestock. Glad Ron happened to see these little goats advertised in the Big Nickel on the morning we were going to my sister's.


  1. So sweet and it is wonderful they allow themselves to be picked up and cuddled.

  2. Congrats on you goats...cute little things.

  3. Annie, I'm so sorry about the loss of the chickens. That's awful.

    The goats are adorable! You can tell Dixie is a cuddler in that photo with Hope by her body language. The goats will love their new home.

  4. AWWWWW!!! Granny they are cute!!!!

    Love that name Elizabeth. ;)

  5. They are so cute!! (Both Hope and the goats), and I'm hoping you don't lose any more chickens!

  6. Cuter than cute. How cool. :)

  7. Lynn – It was a surprise to me that these goats were so sweet and make good pets.

    Changes – Thanks. We’ve been planning them so long and finally took the plunge.

    Talon – Losing the chickens was very difficult for me. If I told the names of the five that are now gone, many of my blog friends would know their significance. The neighbors were very sorry and have the dog chained up and are seeking a new home for the dog, but it just doesn’t seem to make it any better. Plus Slim knew it was happening and was about to tear down the house to get out but Ron and I kept getting on her because we didn't want her to hurt the neighbor's pup. We had no idea it was out there killing chickens. Basically it was our own fault. No one understands my attachment to my chickens. Meanwhile, yes the goats are adorable and hopefully we can keep them safe.

    Dani -- My mom was Elizabeth and my first name is Elizabeth so your Elizabeth is among good company with my goat Elizabeth. Don’t tell Ollie that we didn’t name a goat Ollie. LOL

    Kenju – Can’t you just see how happy Hope is! Gosh she loves these four goats and they are very attached to her already so what we’ll all do when she goes home is beyond me.

    LL Cool Joe – Just what your girls need – a few “cuter than cute. Cool” goats for pets!

  8. I've always wanted a goat. Unfortunately I married someone very anti farm animal in the backyard.

  9. NO WAY!!! That is too cool!

  10. So is there a plan for goat cheese in the future?

  11. So cute! I did not know they were so tame. I am sorry about your chickens though :(

  12. How adorable! Tina would be my favorite as well. I can't imagine what it's like to cuddle like that with a goat, but Hope makes me want to! She's also adorable, btw.

  13. They are cute!

    Did you say anything to the dogs owner? They should buy you new chickens!

  14. Your new goats are so cute and so is Hope. I love the look on her face especially in the second picture. How sweet!

  15. Congrats on the new additions! They are adorable! Bet they'll clear the pen of brush in no time...

    I understand your Chickens were dear to you- n I'm sorry such a domesticated predator fate befell your pretty little friends.

    May your new friends bring you new joy! (wow- they were cheap!)

  16. Oh- Thanks for adding ESR to your Roller Blogs! Cool thing showing the post pics on it- Nifty!

  17. What a dreadful dog. I hope the owners take some responsibility.
    I think goats are fun.

  18. This is what I love about your blog. A city-raised woman like me can live a country life vicariously through you.

    I love animals, even have a biology degree, but I don't have the room to keep them like you... *sigh*... maybe one day. I can dream, can't I?

  19. Speaking of goats, we have a Doberman puppy who we could almost swear is part goat. I know dogs like to eat stuff, but this dog's appetite is unbelievable. I am constantly pulling stuff out of her mouth!

  20. Grannie ~ Cute cute pictures! And thanks for stopping by with the nice comments. ~ jb///

  21. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Sorry to hear about your chickens. I love the goats! They are just the cutest little things and I bet the kids (I meant to say children, just had goats on the brain I guess)love them and they love the children. Great price, too!

  22. Logical Libby – My neighbor in Tulsa, OK once had a pair of pygmy goats in her backyard. I’m not sure if that was allowed in the city, but the entire neighborhood enjoyed watching the “kids” play. You would be surprised how sweet these girls are.

    Dani – Do I know two Dani’s or did you respond the second time to all the Elizabeths? I forgot to mention two of our granddaughters are also Elizabeth.

    Tabor – As long as I don’t have to remove nursing kids from the mother in order to milk the goats, there will be goat cheese. Some say you have to take away the babies as soon as they are born and never allow them to nurse so you can milk the mama. Ron swears we would not have to do that. He is usually right on matters of our animals.

    Riot Kitty – I never dreamed how tame these goats are and it is so funny when they jump up like a dog would only their little hooves are a lot sharper than a dogs paws. About the chickens, I am trying so hard to accept the disasters that befall all livestock owners. Our losses are minimal compared to others and at least we are not depending on ours as income.

    Ily – Yes, you should get a pygmy goat. You would love it to pieces in a matter of minutes. They are sweeties for sure. Hope is a sweetie too. I’m sure missing her and her brother. They went home on Sunday.

    OGO – The neighbors felt as badly as we did if not worse. They immediately put the dog on a chain and started looking for a new home for the pup. They plan to have chickens too and cannot have a dog around that kills chickens. They did offer to buy us new chickens but how do you replace each distinct personality?

    Mountain Mama – Hope could not bear to leave the goats on Sunday and I can assure you they know she is gone. She would have put down a bedroll and slept in the goat pen if we would let her.

    Snaggle Tooth – Yes I am finding we got a very good deal on our goats. The owners keep goats to maintain their lawns and as pets. When they have too many goats they have to sell them off to thin the herd and not to make money. I am glad you noticed ESR on my blog roll. I too like the way it shows a thumbnail of any that posted a picture that day.

    Pat – Thanks for your concern. Our neighbors were very upset by their dog’s murdering spree and have appropriately responded. They know better than anyone how much my chickens mean to me.

    Cube – As a former city girl I can guarantee it’s easy to acclimate to country life. I know what you mean about your dog seeming part goat. Also our goats seem part dog. LOL

    LZ Blogger – Glad you like my goat pictures. Your posts always have great photographs.

    Thesouthernlady64 – I am very tickled at those of you who know what a good price we paid for our goats. A bargain is always good for several weeks of bragging. It was difficult for our granddaughter to leave her goat friends and they truly seem to miss her also. More grandchildren come this weekend so they will get to meet the girls.

  23. Annie,

    I am still trying to decide who is cuter...Hope or Tina.....Both adorable.

    My friends have three Tennessee Fainting Goats. Do you know about them? I didn't until they got them. If you startle them, they fall over in a dead faint.

  24. Granny : Baaaaa - they are cute!

    When you go to Washington DC, I highly recommend either the Hay-Adams or The Jefferson to stay at.

    Also, Dumbarton Oaks is supposed to be a womderful garden, if you are into that -- or the Merriwether Post Estate is supposed to be worth a whole day's visit.


  25. I am happy that you got the goats after what happened to your chickens. They look great and I am surprised how cheap they are...

  26. Nancy -- I have heard of fainting goats but we did not come across any in our hunt. Yep, Hope and Tina are both pretty cute. Thank you!

    Loving Annie -- I hope we will get to DC. Spouse is really balking on taking this trip. We certainly don't hear pleasant things about traveling there. We will be with one of his shipmate reunions if we do go so there is no telling where we will stay or visit.

    Holland -- We have since found pygmy goats ranging from $50 to $100 so we are very pleased. Especially since ours seem so healthy. I see your next book is done. Is it on the way to me? Can't wait.