Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Welcome to my blog. I speak and read one language. The language I know is English. Please be courteous and write in English only. Thank you.

(Using igoogle translator here is what I said above in Japanese)


(here is Chinese simplified)



  1. Have you been getting those funny (strange language) comments as well??

  2. I get those, too. I haven't been clicking the link for fear of a virus, but one of my readers emailed me and said it was porn site! Deleted. :)

  3. Cathy -- I see lots of our blog friends get the Asian comments too. I can delete them but I'm thinking about adding to my word verification the enable comments to keep them from posting in the first place.

    Lynn -- I never click on their sites. Sometimes the message is nice but the intent must be to get us to their sites and then have some porn or something. I usually delete them but just wish they would be kind and stop the activity.

  4. I delete those comments before they ever get to the blog, and since I started using comment moderation again, I never get them.

  5. I've had about 2 trolls since I started my blog so I guess I can't complain too much. They are annoying, though. I wonder how much business they generate through this mindless spamming? Probably just enough to keep them doing it :(

  6. Annoying isn't it? Hmmm...I hope you don't mind when I write the word, "Chica," every now and then. At least it's not a symbol. :)

  7. I've had this once and never click on them either, I just delete them as quickly as possible. For some reason my other blog Joe Tube gets loads of unpleasant comments that also get removed as quickly as possible. Fortunately I also get an email every time someone comments so I don't miss any of them

  8. Oui. Je comprendre:)

  9. I have used word verfiction, but I don't think it makes a difference. One comes with a delightful handsome Eurasian photo of a young man. All of mine are deleted automatically, no apologies.

  10. Kenju – I will probably start comment moderation if this gets any worse.

    Talon – Love the term “trolls”. Had not heard that before but it fits since they kind of lurk under the bridge.

    Ily -- Look how “chica” translates in igoogle:
    • 1.girl
    • 2.popcy
    • 3.wench
    • 4.sweetie
    • 5.sweety
    • 6.lassie
    • 7.lass
    • 9.tootsy
    • 10.puss
    • 11.cutie
    Please call me anything you would like. Your comments are always welcome.

    LL Cool Joe – I always sign up to get other comments made on a blog where I have commented so I get their “trolls” too. It seems they are busy all over blog land.

    JeanMac -- N'hésitez pas vous utiliser une autre langue que vous désirez sur votre blog. Vos commentaires vaudrait traduire. (Feel free you use any language you desire on my blog. Your comments would be worth translating.)

    Tabor – I use word verification and it worked for a long time but I guess these spammers are willing to stop and type in the word. Wouldn’t you know I don’t get any photos of handsome men!

  11. English only, Please.....

  12. Mr. RK did some research - it's porn. The .... each has a link to a porn site. I have been deleting them, but they've gone to so much trouble, what with setting up google profiles and what not, I almost want to say, "Well done!"

  13. Lassie, I just love it when you do your research! ;)

    PS - I just realized you weren't on my I added you! Hope that's OK...if not, stop by and yell at me, OK, Popcy?? lol

  14. I've been getting stuff like that too. I delete them as soon as I see them.
    You'd think people would get a clue. Our blogs are in English!

  15. It's all porn or spam. Unfortunately, they seem to get through no matter what we do to stop them.