Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Friday, June 25, 2010



This past Christmas I mailed all of our family members Strathmore Art Trading Cards. The request that accompanied the cards was for each family member to create a picture with markers, being as colorful as possible and returning them to me as soon as possible. The result of this first attempt is shown above.

This project was not completed without a lot of whining by those who do not believe they have artistic talent but it you could look closely at the mural you would see it all meshes into a masterpiece.

Almost every family member participated from the very youngest (11 months old, bottom right) to the very oldest (98 year old yellow Lab, top left*).

We will try this again for 2010 and truly hope for 100% participation. It will be such fun throughout the years especially to watch the children's progress. I cannot describe the wonderful feeling as each little batch of new cards arrived and this art unfolded.

*My sister's yellow Lab is 14 in human years which makes her 98 in dog years.


  1. I so love that the lab participated, too! What a great idea, Annie - and you are right, it meshes into a masterpiece. Just wonderful.

  2. This was a great idea and I know that when you look at warms your heart.

  3. What a cool idea. I am sure I could not get any or at least, very little, participation from my group.

  4. A great idea! I think some of my grandkids might like that.

  5. That is a lovely idea, Annie! It's full of life and charm and, as you say, the personality of each participant. Beautiful!

  6. What an awesome idea! I know a few people who would do that.

  7. Lynn – The Lab, Tikka, is a matriarch to the entire family. She is my sister and bil’s dog but she is the oldest living family pet and our parents adored her like a grandchild. It was only right that she be represented on the mural. That is her paw print in case you weren’t for sure.

    Changes – I enjoy my grandchildren looking at it. The are all just sure that they can do better next year, thus I’m pretty well committed to continuing. None of the nieces and nephews have seen it up close so I’m not sure how moved they are by the idea to go forward.

    Tabor – I was heartsick that we were missing seven participants but feel sure they will join us this year.

    Kenju – The adults in our family all seemed to enjoy the project. Ron even drew a picture for the group. They need to understand it is for fun and not a competition.

    Talon – I’m thinking we might change it to allowing a short poem on one of the 2 ½ x 3 ½ art cards. Most that did not think they could draw might have liked writing a short poem.

    Riot Kitty – Go for it. You could easily organize a bunch of family.

  8. What an awesone idea!!!!!!!

  9. I LOVE it...and you're right it all comes together for a bright and beautiful masterpiece! This project is right up my alley, my friend! I just love receiving those art books in the mail!!

  10. I love it! A very clever idea!!

    Oh, I love your goats too!! They are so cute!!!

  11. What a fun idea!! I did something like this with quilt pieces several years ago.
    How do you keep your art corner so neat?

  12. what a nice idea... :)
    I have my wall covered with those free colorful postcards in which various people advertise... makes my white walls so colorful.... maybe I will ask my family do something like this too :)


  13. Kay – I wasn’t sure if it would be awesome but it seems that is how it turned out. Thanks.

    OGO – It was fun for the smaller kids and some of the adults.

    Ily – That project is why I wanted to be in on your sketch books. They are awesome to work on and to receive.

    Rachel – You’ll have to come visit us and see our goats in person. Glad you loved my art project too.

    Mountain Mama – Did you have family members make different quilt pieces? Now that would be a cool quilt. No my art corner is never that neat. That is why I grabbed that picture in a moment it was.

    Anusha – Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. I have looked at yours and it is amazing. Love your list of things you enjoy. I’ll be back often.

  14. Lovely idea - I can imagine the whines and the moans and you have presented them perfectly. Wish I'd done that:)

  15. Great project idea! So much diversity of Ideas- A good collection- send every one a color-copy!
    I tend to get drawn to the faces- the clown being the most prominent eye-catcher I think. Including the dog was cool-

    Did you place them in family sub-group order or by age- or just what looked good?

  16. Pat -- Even with the whines and moans I had participation of 42 of 49 family members. If I cannot get 100% response this year I'm going to give up.

    Snaggle Tooth -- The pictures are arranged from top left by age of oldest to bottom right youngest. After the dog comes my oldest brother, my sil, my bil, my older sister, me and my spouse, etc.

  17. What a great idea...I may have to "borrow" it for this year.

  18. I love love love love this project!!!!