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Slim and Franke
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Monday, June 28, 2010


This past week was a scorcher. Our air conditioning has not been working at capacity and it was Saturday before a repairman could get out here. Other than a nice luncheon out with friends, one baby shower and dinners out with Ron plus rides in our air conditioned van, I spent the rest of my time holding still. I did not ride my exercise bike or have my daily meditation. I did not write in my paper journal because those are early morning activities and I had to use that time for cats, chickens, guinea fowl and goats. My son was here this weekend to help Ron with outside work and he was a real trooper when it came to facing the heat. The fellows too were up and out at 5;30 AM to get their work going.

Now to mention the exciting highlight of the week. One of my friends runs the local Natural Health Clinic and I went there for my first Ionic Detoxing Foot Bath. It was such a thrill that I made an appointment for my sister to join me today and try one out. If you have never had one of these foot baths, you must. While they are not touted to have healing powers or cures for illness, they do leave you feeling cleansed and restored and I have confidence that when I finish my eight treatments, I will be a new woman. Besides it was a great enticement to get my sister over here.

I am sharing one picture of the foot bath event. It is near the beginning when the water is still clear. There is no way I can show you the final water that is filled with all the toxins drained from my body through my feet. There is a lot of controversy involved with this type of treatment and while some call it a scam, they cannot actually say why it is supposedly a scam. I only know that it left me with some very murky water and very happy feet.

Have any of you ever done this and what did you think or experience in the process? If you haven't, would you do this if given the opportunity?


  1. I hadn't heard of these types of foot baths. Anything to do with soaking feet always makes me feel good so I'd definitely do one and I'd be curious to see what the water would like after!

    Glad you got the air conditioning fixed, Annie. It's really hard on a body when the temps soar like that. It makes everything exhausting!

  2. Talon -- There are websites that show before and after pictures. The water ends up with sloughed off skin in it and the colors that blend are supposed to indicate the problem areas of your body. Right now I have too much iron and the water diagnosed that plus it diagnosed joint problems which of course I have as most old people do. I guarantee it is a hoot. My sister is such a perfect person I am betting her water will start clear and end clear.

  3. Interesting. I have heard of this...maybe would like to try it sometime.

  4. Dear Granny,
    I did it several years ago because it sounded like a wonderful thing to be able to de-toxify your system and identify areas of health problems, for example.

    I got very suspicious though because there were 4 of us in the doctor's office - and all of our water looked pretty similar (and icky) at the end.

    I wanted to see how the water would react if a 2 year old's feet sat in it for the full length of time.

    I wanted to pour my own bottled water in before we started and see what would happen compared to the water they used.

    I just had questions that they were not able or willing to answer, and so I stopped doing it.

    Let me know how it goes with your 8 treatments, will you?
    I'd be curious to see what your experiences with it were.
    Thanks :)

  5. I haven't tried it, but would love too!

  6. That sounds wonderful. I have had reflexology though, which worked well, but hurt! They kept telling me it wasn't supposed to hurt, but it did. I took that as a sign that I needed it.

  7. Where do I sign up? I would totally try it, although I have not ever heard of such a thing. It couldn't hurt, could it?

  8. Haven't heard of this but I love soaking my feet in water. So even if it didn't do any good otherwise my feet would feel good. Let us know what you think after you are done.

  9. Tabor -- It seem a lot of people have heard of this and half would try if they had the opportunity and others wouldn't try it for anything.

    Loving Annie -- You ask some interesting questions. I can see why they wouldn't want to try this on a 2 year old child, but I don't see why you couldn't use your own water.

    Dani -- Once again it was very relaxing. That is the best part regardless of the detox part.

    Lynn -- Hum, what is reflexology? I don't want anything that hurt. However my sister found this foot bath procedure painful. I was surprised.

    Ily -- I certainly think it is harmless and relaxing.

    Stella -- I will do a full report after my next six treatments. Our little clinic also serves fresh cookies the doctor makes and homemade pickles as well as fresh coffee.

    So far I enjoyed another great treatment today but my sister did not do as well. She said it hurt her and she could barely make it 20 minutes in the water. The doc wasn't surprised and said that sometimes happens if the patient is dehydrated. My sister is going to try again later. Meanwhile I go again on Thursday for my third treatment.

  10. I guess I've never heard of it. I'm pretty touchy about my feet so I probably will have to pass.
    I was reading on down and have a question. Aren't you afraid someone will get your goat?

  11. Haven't heard of it but it sounds wonderful! It looks like a small version of a salon pedicure...

  12. Anonymous4:38 PM

    A friend of mine kept declaring that she felt so much better after her treatments, until her doctor asked: "have you ever put baking soda and water on aluminum foil to clean your silverware? It works, but the process is relatively the same." Once my friend felt silly about it, she started noticing that she wasn't really feeling all that much better after all. Mind over matter? If you don't mind, it doesn't matter!! Go for it. At least your feet are clean!

  13. I just read a book about all the toxic things accumulating in our bodies. It's very interesting. Don't know anything about your foot bath thing but at the very least it's relaxing and that has to count for something!

  14. Riot Kitty -- I've never had a salon pedicure but I have to imagine this is equally relaxing. The fun thing about this is sitting around in a circle with other patients having different treatments and everyone visiting like they were at the corner drug store. (See how far back that dates me!)

    Dana -- I don't guess that I know about baking soda, water and foil. Will that detox a person?

    OGO -- I have often heard of the toxins we store up but this is my first attempt to rid my body of them. It shall be most interesting to see what I feel like at the end.

  15. My friend Mona does this. She has been after me for a long time to try it. After reading your blog I may have to give it a go.

  16. Anonymous7:16 AM

    I think the heat and humidity here in the past few weeks has caused me to sweat out all my toxins. I pressure washed my patio the other day with sweat running off my nose and wet hair and it was not from the pressure washer! I would definitely try it. Like someone else said, anything to do with my feet and rubbing them or soaking them, I like. Keep us informed on your process.

  17. Hope your AC gets fixed ASAP! Here of course, I don't have any, only fans.
    Well at least your tootsies are getting cooled off- Sounds interesting! Heard about cleansing foot pads to wear ti bed- will have to look this method up.

    Apparenyly, cleasning is the answer to most of our ills, we put too many poisons in our bodies.

  18. I love reflexology.
    I've seen the foot baths - it looks interesting. I can't wait to hear what you sister's result is. I'm guessing that anyone who is that sweet all of the time must have a lot of crud in her system that she's holding in!