Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


It is a surprising and happy day. One of the dozen eggs Elenore Hen is sitting on has hatched. We were about to give up and empty her nest. Now we will leave the other eggs to see what transpires and to see if we miscalculated her hatching dates.

Elenore is three years old. We bought her as an adult Silky-mix hen at the Poultry Swap Meet. We bought her because she was supposed to be a loving, nurturing hen and we named here Elenore, after my sister, because my sister is loving and nurturing.

Elenore the hen has seated herself on every nest with a broody hen and everyone knows the story of Elenore the hen sitting on the nest of kittens. She never had her own nest. We know she would bounce back and forth between the kittens and her own clutch of eggs and we feared she would fail to hatch her own chicks. But, now it has happened. Oh I hope we have more in the morning to add to Elenore's brood. She will be the happiest of mothers if she can hatch a few more of her own.

BREAKING NEWS: We have one more chick and another one hatching. Looks like Elenore Hen will at least have triplets. Whoohoo!


  1. Congratulations, Elenore - we should throw her a chick shower :)

  2. No kidding! As hard as she has tried to have a family, she deserves a shower. LOL

  3. All we need now is for Miss Hissy to take a liking to Elenore's chicks.


    Tune in tomorrow as we follow the adventures of "All My Children" be they feline or fowl.....

  4. What a lovely story - or sequence!

  5. Here's hoping Elenore hatches some siblings for her 1st chicklet. I sure hope you have some success with that. I will stay tuned for "As The Hen House Turns"

  6. Nice going, Elenore!

    Count me in on the chick shower. I'll bring the egg salad!!

  7. What lovely news in this world of so much doom and gloom. Congratulation to Elenor.


  8. I'm going to ask for an Elenor for my birthday. She's so cool!

  9. There is such a thing as a poultry swap meet?! To my suburban ears this is just delightful...

  10. oh good lord. i came here thinking elenore was a woman.

    oh alright, way to go elenore!


  11. I'll furnish the cake for Elenore's shower if someone will furnish the ice cream. This is an event worth celebrating. Cake is for the human mom's, but for the fowl moms I think chicken feed might be more appropriate. Cluck, cluck!

  12. what can I say----"Moms are like that---yeah they are.!!"

  13. I like the setting you portrayed Nancy, but I’m afraid Miss Hissy has her kittens and has flown the coop. I do love the “All My Children” theme.

    Olive, it is a sequence in a continuing saga.

    Bonnie, I’m still hoping for chick siblings but so far we still just have one.

    Scarlet you are bad! Bringing the egg salad. OMG

    Yvonne, Elenore is happily accepting all congrats. Thanks.

    I’m telling you PG, urban chickens are the thing these days. Everyone should have and Elenore Hen or two.

    RK, the poultry swap meet is wild. They don’t just have chickens but they have ducks, goats, flea market stuff, popcorn and cotton candy. It’s a mini fair.

    Well Namaste, Elenore is a woman – my sister is Elenore and Elenore Hen is also a woman – a fowl woman.

    Darlene, a chick feed shower cake would be delightful for the birds. Charming idea. Did you see where Scarlet is bring egg salad? Isn’t she bad?

    Gary, moms are just cool and that’s about it

    Thanks for stopping by. We were in Tulsa today and when we got home I checked to find the one chick is all Elenore has. We're still hoping for more.

  14. UPDATE: We have one more chick and looks like another one hatching. Elenore Hen is looking at triplets right now.

  15. Congradulations to Elenore and her triplets....

  16. Triplets... Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!
    Maybe your blog buddies can help name those chicks.
    Elenore will be a very happy momma hen.
    I'm so glad you didn't toss her eggs away! They were just late hatchers.