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Slim and Franke
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Monday, May 18, 2009


We had the best weekend. It was busy and productive and full of laughter. My son and his children were here. On top of a multitude o projects, Sunday morning was designated as the time to clip the wings of our spring chicks.

To make a long story short we ended up with Ryan and me catching the chicks, holding each one for Ron to clip the wings (we call it a manicure because it's like cutting fingernails), Ron handing each chick out the window to Tandy and Dillon. (Where was Beth? Still asleep recovering from her surprise 13th birthday party).

Ryan is 16, he over 6' tall, very skinny and still a bit awkward adjusting to his height after each growth surge. I will never forget the sight of his serious and successful efforts to catch each chick. I wished for a camera until I realized standing there filming would have kept me from recording the memory in my mind forever. Sometimes when we take the pictures to share with others, we lose the moment for ourselves.

Speaking of pictures, the above photos are the last ones of David and Goliath before they moved out of the hen house.

And, speaking of pictures again, be sure and go to Sliding Through Life and looking at Rachel's latest cake. Talk about a "fish story"!


  1. A good write, I must say I have never thought of taking a photo from that way of thinking before.
    It is certainly food for thought.


  2. I do agree that keeping the camera at hand can capture some precious momemts forever, but also the photographer is on the outside and not in the moment. I do love taking pictures so much that I am willing to stand outside much of the time. Oh well...

  3. What you said about losing the moment taking pictures is true...that's why I recommend a hot and sexy Latino photographer to tag along with you everywhere. ;)

  4. Yvonne, I usually try to get the grandchildren to take the pictures so I can interact a little more.

    Tabor, I love having the pictures and if I get started looking at old photos, there is no stopping me.

    Of course Scarlet, I forgot about your special photographer! LOL

  5. Speaking of pictures, I probably am most dissapointed that, as the usual photographer, I'm rarely in the shots. Everyone else seems to be having so much fun when I look through my photo albums - but where was I?

    Wonderful post - thank you for sharing such a nice thought!

  6. PG, that's the same for me. I guess that is why Scarlet can't get verification of your red hair?? Our new truck is named PG. In that case it stand for Pacific Green which is the color:)

  7. So glad you had a good weekend with family. :)

  8. Yes, Annie, I can only wish I had known you earlier in my life. You have hit the nail on the head about the photographer rarely being in the moment or,as Pheromone Girl said,rarely being in the picture.

    I would have taken fewer pictures and had more fun in the moment. I feel now that while I am known as our family's historian I probably don't remember the "Moment" as well as those who said cheese then went back to watching the parade or the wedding with their own eyes.

  9. I am the family photographer so I can imagine my great-great grandchildren asking "What did Grandma Darlene look like?".

    David and Goliath are growing so fast. They are such cute kittens.

  10. Cute pictures! Sounds like a lovely weekend.

  11. Annie,

    I meant to ask you: Does Elenore still love David and Goliath now that they are walking around? Does she try to get close to them?

  12. Hi Dani. Thanks for stopping by again. Hope you had a good weekend too.

    Nancy, my son will tell the kids, be sure and get Granny's picture so she'll know she was here.

    Darlene, now that David and Goliath have left the hen house I won't see them for quite a while.

    Yes, RK, it was a great weekend. I think I'm finally getting some routine into my meal planning.

    Nancy, Elenore is busy sitting on her eggs now as their hatching time is at hand. But for quite a while she continued to leave her eggs to be with the kittens. I'm afraid she may have jeapordized her chicks. If they don't begin hatching in the next day or two we may just have to empty her nest.

  13. What sweet kitties!

  14. The kittens are adorable! I want one! No I don't. I do I DO want one..No I don't. :)

    I find that sometimes like at my childrens programs I get caught up in the filming or picture taking and I can't fully enjoy the program. SIGH.

  15. Memories get beter with age, like good wine----a camera on the other hand gives it to ya like it really was----and I for one would rather have that warm aged memory (lol)

  16. Ryan is like my Taylor. Tay is very tall and skinny. He is now 19 and 6'5". Ryan probably has some more growing to do. Tall, skinny guys look terrific in clothes. They can wear skinny jeans and not look like a sausage.


    Those fluffy kitties are the cutest!!

    You are correct about how taking a photo or video of something can lessen our own experience of the event. I've noticed that before and abandoned my camera at times.

    I saw Rachel's amazing fish cake the other day.
    I am SO impressed!!!!