Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Monday, April 06, 2009


Happy Monday to you because it certainly is that to us. A quick update to tell you that Ron is doing great. He did not have to stay overnight at the hospital and nothing was broken. They gave him lots of pain medication and we will see our Primary Care Physician on Wednesday. Both vehicles in the accident were total losses. The little 18 year old girl that hit him from behind was uninjured. It was truly a miracle.

Ron did not incur any cuts or lacerations in the accident yet he left the ER covered in blood. They did not wrap the site of the removed IV very well and as we were leaving blood began squirting everywhere. He looked better going in than he did coming out! LOL Thank you all for your kind words and your well wishes.

Now we return to less important things such as my diet. I mentioned body types and will tell you that my type is Adrenal. The four types are Liver Belly, Thyroid, Adrenal, and Ovary. Click here to see what type you might be. My tacks fell out of my head yesterday so I will return to the Acupuncturist and she will replace them today.

Now I have a question for my fellow bloggers that has been bugging me. A new blogger with more than one blog visits you and you want to repay the visit, how do you pick which of theirs to visit?

Next I have a bit of trivia for you. Did you know that an average of 85,000 people are injured every year by their pets? The majority of those injuries come from tripping over the pet. I can be walking in the house or outside with Slim leading the way and suddenly she will stop and if I don't slam on my brakes fast enough, I will trip. Do you think it is a conspiracy among our pets?

My baby chicks are all beginning to look like Big Bird and they are attempting to fly out of the box. Actually one did manage to get out yesterday and when she hit the ground she was so stunned that she just sat there until I picked her up and put her back with her sisters. When the sun comes up and I go out to check on them this morning, I will take my camera and add a recent photo to this blog so if you come here before the picture, be sure and come back later to see my beautiful Golden Girls. We've got another cold snap, but as soon as we're warm again the chicks will go in the brooder and be able to mingle with the crowd at their leisure.

Over at Rachel's blog there is a Sunday sign that says so much: "Each day is a gift to be opened with prayer."

Have a good and careful week dear friends:)


  1. I am so glad Ron was not hurt badly. Thanks, for the update on the "chicks"
    I have tripped over my pets so many times I can't count them. But, I don't have any pets now. My cat went went to Heaven not long ago.
    Have a great week.

  2. Glad to hear about Ron, but the hospital should have been more careful about the IV site!

    When I have that blogger dilemma, I read all of them and choose which one I like best.

    I trip on my cats daily, as does mr. kenju - who complains loudly about it - while I just grin and bear it.

  3. It's so good to hear that everyone survived the accident without too much damage to their persons. Cars can be replaced.

    What beautiful chicks! You must be so proud.

    I have a tendency to look at a bloggers most often updated blog to get a feel for who they are and what they're about.

    Here's to an uneventful week!!

  4. I am so grateful to hear that Ron is okay!

    ...those events in life certainly rearrange our priorities.

    Take care...

  5. Hi I am so pleased that Ron is on the mend.
    I would read all the blogs the reply to which one in your opinion was best.

    Have a lovely week yourself.


  6. If the blogger leaving his initial comment does not list his blog to reply too, it can be a problem. I usually reply to the first blog listed, assuming it was his original blog, and subsequent blogs are peripheal to it.---the comment above about checking out all their blogs and commenting on the one you like is good advice too. (PS:---really glad Ron and others were not seriously injured in the accident---does your insurance cover bad IV handling?)

  7. Praise God that the accident wasn't worse. We have a lot to be thankful for!
    I hope your diet plan works. I'll be checking back to find out. I need a working diet plan too.

  8. Your chicks are so cute! It is amazing that no one was hurt...sorry about the IV spurting!

    I usually can't focus on more than one blog at a time from the same person (sorry peeps!)However, my friends Chella and Sarah have outwitted me, because they have a total of 3 together and I still get on them all. Of course, if they posted daily, I couldn't keep up.

    As for pet injuries...does this include scratches and cuts, or big stuff only?

  9. Oh...I want some chicks! Such alert little faces..are they all hens?

    Now that I have three blogs, I'm just grateful when someone comments on any one of them:)

  10. They say any accident that you can walk away from is a good one. I am so happy that Ron was in that kind of accident.

    Yikes _ I am definitely a liver-belly type.

  11. haha...that is too funny that you thought I was crazy for reading Twilight! hehe

    I LOVE your chicks! I hope they bring you many yummy farm fresh eggs!

  12. I find it really hard when people have more than one blog too. I tend to go to the one with the most up to date posting on it.

    I have several blogs, and in fact my main one, Joey's Pad isn't my favourite but it's the most active.

  13. Hi, I came over here from a comment you left at my blog. :)

    I have so much fun meeting new people with chickens. Makes me feel like I'm not such an odd duck for loving my crazy feathered chickies.

  14. Well, if it is mine, of course you visit both! I just check them both out and decide if I like one or both or none. But it does require reading more than one entry to get a true feel of what their interests are.

  15. also, forgot to say how glad I was to hear that Ron was so lucky!!

  16. I'm glad to hear Ron is doing well. I had just started reading "90 Minutes in Heaven" a few min. before reading your last post so I was a little panicked when you mentioned the accident.

    I know a blogger with something like five blogs. I choose the one I can relate to the most, the day to day one.

    Btw, those chicks are adorable!

  17. Hello Annie
    Lovely to hear from you the other day and its good to hear Ron is on the mend.
    When theres more than one blog I tend to do as others have mentioned - glance at them all and make a choice as to which one you prefer. Its hard when you enjoy the all tho'lol
    If its any help to you I sometimes try and keep up with them on different days.
    Take care

  18. Hi I am so pleased that Ron is on the mend.

  19. I'm so glad that Ron wasn't injured. We never know what will happen to us day to day.

    Your chicks are so cute. They will grow fast.

    I usually pick the blog most current when that happens, or the one I like the best.

    So the tacks fell out of your head huh?? Does that mean your screws are loose? Haha!! Couldn't help myself!!

    I'm trying to lose weight but I'm not trying hard enough. That's the problem with me.

  20. I am so glad Ron is doing great. I know that was a scary situation. I love the baby chicks. We have some that run wild around here and they are cute until they grow up. If you lived closer I would give them to you. I know exactly what you mean about the pets. I trip constantly on mine, especially Molly, the new puppy. As far as people with more that one blog.....I think I would just visit the first one on the list. Of course if you have time you could check them all out and visit the one you liked the most. Tonight Hut and I are supposed to go ride on a new bike trail....I'll have to keep you posted. Have a great day!

  21. WOW! Sorry to hear about Ron. Glad he's going to be OK.

    The chicks are fab!!!

    FYI, I'm blogging again. Probably not every day, but if I have something to say.....well....

  22. It's WEDNESDAY how did Ron's doctor appt go? Is he ready to boogie?

  23. Thanks for your visit and your kind comment feel free to visit again.

  24. Well Annie, your baby chicks are so cute.....How many of them do you have?

    I went and read the descriptions of the body types and mine sounds like the Thyroid type... I do wear socks to bed at night, every solitary night, even in the summer. My feet get really cold. My hair is thinning on top and I fit right into that category.... I will have to go read up on what to do.

    I'm glad that Ron is doing well and that there was no major damage to his body. Take care of him and he will mend with ease. Happy Easter!

  25. Thanks for dropping by, much appreciated. Hope you have a wonderful Easter.


  26. Your Golden Girls are SO cute!!! I want to hold one or two or three...

    I'm so glad to hear Ron is doing well. How awful that he started bleeding like that! I'm glad to hear that the young lady was also okay.

    When I repay a visit to someone who has more than one blog, I usually look at all their blogs and see which one most appeals to me and also which one it looks like the person posts in most often.

    Happy Easter Weekend!!!

    I wish you continued success on your diet. I know firsthand the struggle of weight loss.

  27. There was a new blog of your came through to my pc, I clicked onto it only to be told that there was no such page,posted nine hours ago.


  28. Hola! My little blog roll said you posted a new entry today, but then it says "this page does not exist."


  29. Annie, I am so sorry to hear about the accident. And I'm sorry I didn't stop by sooner to find out. But I am incredibly glad to hear Ron is okay. You must have been so scared.

    I'll have to check out what my body type is. But right now I think I still count as postpartum. The last bit of weight is pretty hard to lose though. And I'm impatient!

    The chicks are adorable!

  30. So happy to hear that Ron is ok...Very lucky! As for the question about which blog to visit if they have more then one, I just look at them all, and whatever one seems the most like the kind of content I write about, I pick that one, OR, sometimes I check the date of last post , since some dont always keep up all their blogs, I pick the most recent post.
    The chicks look so cute! And as for accident by pet, omg, with 3 dogs at my ankles alot of the time I can totally relate lol!

  31. Hope things are better now.

  32. Thanks for asking about my phantom post from yesterday morning. I did make and entry and then deleted it. Sometimes I do that. I felt badly because Linda G. made a nice comment just as I was deleting.