Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Thursday, April 02, 2009


Yesterday I got into a routine taking my herbal appetite suppressants. They seem to help suppress my appetite along with the tacks.

I reviewed the treatment and diagnosis of my Adrenal body type and how I can best change my eating habits to accommodate that type. (Read about the four body types and be amazed at how differently we respond to weight loss.)

A neighbor calls that another neighbor's dog is killing one of my guineas. Ron tracks the dog and the guinea to the other neighbor's home and watches the dog store my lost-forever prize Guinea Fowl under their house. The neighbors are not home.

Ron leaves to go to town and collect our mail and buy deli food for the kids coming this weekend. Leaves me grieving for my guinea.

Friend in town calls to tell me Ron has been in a wreck. In the blink of an eye I arrive at the horrible scene on a major highway with traffic being detoured, city police and highway patrol gathered along with half the town. They are keeping Ron in the van until paramedics arrive. The van is demolished and the other vehicle, a little red car, driven by an equally little girl, is demolished but the girl is out and walking around and presumably okay.

I see Ron safely loaded into ambulance and leave ahead of them to meet at the hospital. I have to wait quite a while and even though they have alerted the emergency room that they are bringing him, I still worry because it is taking so long. My precious sister arrives to hold my hand.

I know Ron is going to be okay when he responds well to his two attractive young nurses and his ER doctor, also an attractive female. He begins the story telling and they begin laughing and I can be at ease

We receive a good report on Ron, although we have been assured his pain has only just begun. He has so many previous injuries that it's difficult to know what is old and what is new but they feel confident that the feeling of a knife being stuck in his back over and over will subside. The girl was traveling at least 45 mph when she struck him from behind. He was stopped preparing to turn left across the highway and she obviously did not even see him before the impact.

And suddenly my priorities are clear in my life. My weight loss program is moved to a back burner (2 lb weight loss by the way) and grieving for a lost fowl does not seem as important (the neighbors came home and found their dog chomping on the guinea and the dog is gone). Everything becomes "I am so very thankful for the safety and another miracle survival of my spouse."


  1. Glad Ron is okay. It's amazing how things like like that help snap us back to what is really important.

  2. Oh! Annie, Thank God Ron is Okay.

    I got that same call two years ago and rushed to the hospital because my husband,Roy, was also involved in an accident. Thank Heavens he was all right,too.

    It sort of puts weight loss and Guinea Fowl trouble out of your mind for awhile,but I would still feel bad about that dog getting the guinea and I hope your neighbors make it up to you for that...What happened to the dog?

  3. I am so glad that Ron is okay. What a scary experience, one I hope I never have. Sorry about your's a natural instict for dogs, but your neighbors should have had better control of their dog. What did happen to the dog, by the way?

  4. Yep, there is a wake up call for each of us right around the corner and we should just count our blessings glad that your hubby is okay and hey.....2 lbs is pretty good:)

  5. I'm glad they both were ok. I'm sorry about your guinea but glad the neighbors took measures about the dog. And good for you about the 2 pounds. That must feel great!

  6. Thank God Ron is doing well. My heart started racing in the 5th paragraph!

    I'm sorry you lost your guinea, Annie. That story broke my heart.

    Btw, I've seen pics of you...the two pounds can wait, Chica! :)

  7. Oh, Annie, I am so glad he wasn't badly hurt!! Get him to soak in a tub of hot water and it will help the aches and pains.

  8. WOW! I'm so glad he's ok. I can't imagine how scared you must have been. I'm thankful he's safe now.

    YAY for you on the weight loss! You can do it!

  9. Wow Annie. I saw that paragraph about Ron and started thinking "OMG!" and luckily I read the rest.

    Sorry about your guinea :(

    Sending prayers your way.

  10. Oh Annie you are so strong and brave. Thank goodness Ron has you! I am so sorry that this week has been the week from hell. If you have to run errands for Ron, you may find the weight just melting away.

  11. Hello Annie
    Not such a good day but I'm sure there are better ones ahead
    Did he (Ron) have to stay overnight and be observed or is he home now and being cared for in his own bed.
    It certainly puts things in perspective after days like that

  12. Goodness me! One thing after another! I'm so glad Ron is O.K. and hope he feels better soon. You don't say - does that mean that your van is a write-off? Isn't it good to have a sister?

  13. So glad he is Ok - too much going on in a day!

  14. Oh, GA! What a terrible day! Thank goodness Ron's alright:)
    Sorry about your guinea hen. They may be little bird brains, but we too, love our fowl!
    Take care of yourself as well as your DH:)

  15. Thank goodness he is OK. As you say at times like this you get your priorities right.

    Best wishes to you both. You've had a shock too. Take care.

  16. Oh my! My jaw dropped when I read about Ron being in a wreck. How scary, and I'm so glad he is okay. I do hope he is still doing okay and feeling better now. Gotta be sore after something like that, if nothing else.

    I'm sorry about your guinea. That is sad.

    Weight..yes put it on the back burner! Priorities come first!!

  17. I read your blog with interest, sorry to hear about the wreck.
    There do come a time in our lives when one has to put our priorities in order, I know I have, will certainly come back and visit.


  18. We never know when we get up what the day will bring. Yours certainly brought a lot of stress and anxiety.

    I am so glad that lingering pains are all that Ron will suffer and hope they disappear quickly.

  19. I'm so glad to hear Ron is okay. Well, he's not totally okay since he was experiencing stabbing back pain, but you know what I mean.
    Yep, some extra pounds you can deal with okay, but the loss of your precious Ron would have been horrible.
    I love hearing good news! Thanks so much for sharing this. I'm also happy your dear sister shared the emotional roller coaster with you.

  20. Funny how things can happen to change our priorties in a flash.....I'm so glad that Ron is OK! Which body type are you?

  21. I'm catching up on blog reading in reverse. I'm so sorry to hear about this and your insurance troubles! I hate it that you even have to think about this!