Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Saturday, April 11, 2009


I'm holding the camera inside the brooder but cannot see what I'm taking a picture of. Nice legs on my girls, huh? LOL
Here is a curious soul peering out through the brooder's tattered skirt. Today it will probably get warm enough for them to take their first adventure walk in the chicken house.

The thirty Golden Comets (aka Golden Girls) are out of the box. They are now on the ground in the chicken house and free to run in and out. This time the cold weather has been a good thing because the little girls are not as eager to run out and are taking a little more time adapting to their surroundings. The big chickens peering in at them. The hen shown is Chicken Little, the last of my Aracauna's.
This brooder is rusted and the skirt is torn but it still serves the purpose with a lot of inventive upgrades by Ron. My chicken house is functional and works well for all our needs but we would not win a spot in Better Homes and Garden magazine.
Ron is doing great and his pain is lessening every day. Our doctor does not believe that he will have any lingering effects from the accident and now we only have to concern ourselves with replacing the vehicle.
Thanks for asking about my phantom post from yesterday morning. I did make and entry and then deleted it. Sometimes I do that. I felt badly because Linda G. made a nice comment just as I was deleting.


  1. Phantom posts are so intriguing - thanks for clarifying.

    Your girls are great! I love to hear about them. After the lovely duck pair left me an egg as a gift and I felt so giddy, I've decided I'm going to raise a few laying hens next year to donate eggs to charity.

    I'm so glad Ron is recovering well!!

  2. Your chicks have grown up so fast. It's probably good that they are no longer the little fuzzy cuties because no one will be tempted to give them away as Easter gifts. (That was a bad custom that is diminshing.)

    Happy Easter, Annie.

  3. PG, we give a lot of our eggs to some less fortunate people in our area and they truly appreciate receiving them. It is amazing how well you can feed people with eggs.

    Darlene, our grain elevator does not sell any kind of chicks or rabbits at Easter time. I believe that is the best way to handle someone buying them for children by not making them available.

  4. Thanks for mentioning about your phantom blog I was a wee bit confused, My those lovely chicks just in time for Easter, They look so cute.
    I wish you a very happy Easter.
    Take care.

  5. thanks for clearing up the issue of the "ghost" post, I thought perhaps my computer was about to die, and almost rushed out to get a replacement----then I thought maybe it was me having some kind of hallucination, but then decided to just eat something, but anyway enjoyed the pics---(lol)

  6. I love that pic of the one peeking out - so cute! Animal behavior fascinates me. Sometimes I wonder if it would just be more honest of humans if we couldn't speak, but just cuddled, or bopped each other, depending on our mood, like my cats do.

  7. Your phantom post was really great and I'm glad I got to read it. I was a bit confused when my comment vaporized, but I'm often confused so it was no problem:)
    Your chicks are growing so fast! Soon they'll be out there snapping up those grasshoppers!


  8. I enjoy learning about your chickens and enjoy watching them grow up....I am glad that Ron is on the mend and doing well...

    Happy Easter to you and your family.

  9. I wondered what had happened to that post! chicks look sooo cute. Are you going to eat any or just get eggs? Have you ever raised Guenea hens?...this ? came from hubby.

  10. I'm so glad Ron is recovering well. Happy Easter!

  11. HAPPY EASTER! I love the peeking one, I have not been a good blogger and making my rounds, you must be zipping everywhere now that dial up is gone!!!!

  12. I've been known for making a phantom post or two. It's all about what you feel comfy with.

    Anyway, these pics are great...and to think you didn't know what you were shooting at in the first one!

    I'm glad Ron's making progress. Happy Easter to both of you AND your whole family!!