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Slim and Franke
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Friday, March 13, 2009


Heidi was my daughter's 13 year old Schnauzer. They had to have Heidi put to sleep last week. Their beloved pet was having repeated strokes and there was nothing they could do but watch her become more and more incapacitated.

In the midst of the family sorrow, their six-year-old daughter shined a little light. They told her Heidi was dead and why they had her put to sleep. Hope's one question was:

"Where is Heidi?"

"We left her at the Vet's. He will take care of burying her."

"You should have brought her home." Hope pouted.

"Why?" Her astonished mother inquired

"So we could make her into a coat." Hope declared.

I believe my son-in-law has been taking Hope to various sporting goods stores way too often!


  1. Aah, the beauty of the innocent. When we had to put my dog, Rosie, to sleep in 2006, the kids wanted me to take her to the taxidermist so we could have her posed in her usual "bowing" position and use her as a doorstop. They just didn't want her to be gone, but I could see myself being startled every time I'd round the corner and there she'd be. But a coat - now there's an idea...

  2. Who says todays kids aren't practical! God love 'em:)

    The knife is beautiful....guess it takes a guy to spot something like that! We proably don't have the right genes..

  3. I had a Miniature Schnauzer named Heidi and she got Leukemia at the age of six. She only yelped once with pain so I kept her at home until she finally died peacefully.

    It is great that your granddaughter can take Heidi's death with such a practical attitude. Maybe she will grow up to be a doctor.

  4. That's a good attitude for her. I wonder if it is possible to have the skin of a pet animal cured and made into a pillow.

  5. Kids never cease to amaze me. I know how hard it is to put a loved pet to sleep or just to lose one. I lost 2 in a 6 month period. Glad your granddaughter handled it as well as she did.

  6. EEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW. Wow. Too many sporting goods stores is right!

  7. well, a little callous, but... maybe she didn't really understand about the concept of loss and death yet !

  8. Thank you PG for recognizing my granddaugher's "innocence" in her comment.

    Linda, you are so right about her being practical. I had to think of my mother, who rarely wasted anything, and would have been proud of this great-granddaughter.

    Darlene, you probably hit the nail on the head predicting a future doctor.

    Judy, I'm not surprised you suggested a pillow. LOL

    Bonnie, thanks for recognizing this was a difficult situation for Hope. She loved her Heidi and was handling it as best she could.

    Yes, RK, she sees many taxidermy animals in her travels with her dad. Ewwwwwwww is right.

    Loving Annie, I don't think callous would be a word for a first grader. Her logic just isn't as developed as ours.

    It seems children handle tragedy in a way we should probably copy.

  9. I think you are quite right, children do handle tragedy differently than we do. Which is a good thing.

    I wanted to ask you about your post on Numerology. I saw it in my updates, but when I clicked on it to read it, blogger said the post doesn't exist. Did you remove the post? I was really looking forward to reading it.

    Have a good weekend.


  10. Children can add a wonderful toch that lightens your heart.

    Glad they didn't want to get it stuffed like Alan Alda's dad did with his dog! It made a wonderful title for his book "Never Get Your Dog Stuffed" though.

  11. Oh my! I wasn't expecting that! lol

  12. Yes Renie, I removed the post. It was dealing with headlines and as soon as I posted my entry, the headlines changed. The number in question was "11" by the way.

    Winifred, did you know that Roy Rogers horse Trigger is stuffed and on display? Now, that's a lot of taxidermy.

    Yes Scarlet, most of our Hope stories have surprise endings! LOL

  13. This is funny and so innocent. I bet the animal activists would not like a coat made of dog fun!

  14. Ahhhhhh the innocence of youth!

  15. First of all, I am so sorry to hear about your daughter's dog's having to be put to sleep. That is always such a difficult thing to do.

    Secondly, what a smile her daughter must have put on everyone's faces with her innocent question.

    Out of the mouth of babes...!

  16. We love our pets and hate to see them die, they are just like children to many people....So Sorry.

    TF is always teasing our cat by telling her that she had better be good or we will make a pair of slippers out of I can only guess where she got that idea from... Chilren and old people say the darnedest things.

  17. It's a good attitude for her. Keep it up.......

  18. Gee Whiz! We havea new "Bass Pro" shop about a mile away from us in Ohio and even in these tough financial times..... they are busy. (Well, it is almost the time of year when the Walleye run in the Maumee River.) I love it that your s-i-l takes Hope to the sports stores....we have a whole new breed of families now.
    Also, congrats on getting the high speed computer ware. I just spent a bit of time catching up on your blog, because I have been lazy and the sun is shining in Florida. You've had some fun posts!

  19. Oh Marla, I would hate to think what the animal activists would do to my granddaughter for her comment!

    Yes Kay, remember the days when we were innocent youth and did not have to be PC about everything?

    "Out of the mouths of babes" is right Grammie. Wouldn't Art Linkletter have loved that comment?

    Jean and Susan, it is probably an attitude she will keep somewhat forever.

    Kacey, glad to hear from you! Glad you are feeling better. Yes, the Brass Pro Shop is one of her hangouts with her dad.

    Venus66, as always you are short but sweet.

    Thanks all!