Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


If you want to know what I’m doing you will have to go here and here to figure it out. I think you’ll want to tell a story too.


Two old gals were sitting in rocking chairs on the porch engaged in gossip about their crazy friend Jamie Dawn’s mindless blather. They swore to each other that Jamie Dawn could go on and on about anything.

the world's greatest procrastinator, asked Bonnie , "Do you believe life is good?" Bonnie replied with enthusiasm, "You bet, I believe life is as good as it gets."

Winifred continued, “I know an
old dude who is three score plus ten and he probably thinks life is good if you’ve got enough booze, broads and blackoil to keep it interesting. Sounds just like a man, Bonnie replied. And, speaking of black oil, what’s that on your fingers? Winifred laughter, “Oh that’s just black olives on my fingertips.” Are you crazy? Bonnie continued, "sometimes you act like you were born in a zoo. Maybe if you took a peek under Kay’s thinking cap you could learn how to act."

Thing got quiet a moment on the porch as these women felt the
changes in the wind. On the new breeze they could smell heaven. "I’m pretty sure it’s coming from Cookie’s Oven Bonnie said, "She must be baking again".

Winifred started to rise from her rocking chair and Bonnie said "Where are you going?" "I’m hightailing it over to Cookies and I’m gonna beat you there." "No you aren’t" Bonnie exclaimed and the two gals began racing toward Cookie’s. Both were struggling to win and both were chanting,
“I think I can, I think I can”.

They arrived at the same time and Cookie generously shared her baking cuisine. I’m giving you girls a test today and you have to try to
Imagine what I’m leaving out. "This tastes mighty good," Bonnie said, "so if you’re leaving something out, who cares? It can’t be more than a sprinkle . Besides it is good to conserve and you learn that from the example of Lucy's frugal living."

This tastes good no matter what is left out. Meanwhile we’re going back to the porch to continue
sliding through life and remembering “Life is Good”.

(Okay Dana, I started and ended with a plug for Life IS Good. How's that?)


  1. Oh Lucy, I've got you added. Go back and read again.

    Monica, does that mean you think I should take a cleaver to it and chop it up or were you just being clever? I thought you were a gun gal?

  2. This is really funny and I'm starring in a Blog! How good is that?

    You've started something now I bet.

    Thanks for the links I must check them out.

  3. Thanks for all of the links to some new blogs for me to read!

    Clever way to "spread the news"...

    Grammie : )

  4. In a word----PHEEnomenal!!"

  5. That is pretty clever.

  6. Beautifully done, Annie. Wow!

    You know I want to do this, too, don't ya?

  7. Hey, that's really good! I've only seen that done with music titles. Thanks for the link!!

  8. How creative! Great job.

  9. Too much time on your hands...but very clever.

  10. Thanks for participating in my caption contest - I appreciate it!!

  11. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Granny, that was FABULOUS!! As you can imagine....grrrrr.....I was going to do the same thing and let the cat out of the bag on my blog, but now I REFUSE to do it because it would pale in comparison to yours. That was GREAT!!!

  12. Yes, I DO go on and on and on about ANYthing and EVERYthing.


    Your granddaughter is so pretty.
    Love those photos in the post below.

  13. Well I finally read it and it was fantastic! You have a wonderful imagination and I couldn't imagine doing even 1/2 as great a job as you did. I'm not even going to try. And thanks for using me, I feel so special, lol.