Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Hopefully one week from today the Presidential election for 2008 will be over. However I got out my 2000 journal to recall these excerpts from my regular entries:

11-8-2000 Yesterday was election day but we still await totals due to recount in Florida. Don't know if Bush or Gore won.

11-9-2000 Still no President

11-12-2000 Hope will will know who new President is by the time we return.

11-24-2000 We still do not have a President-elect of the United States. Unbelievable! Chads, dimples and pregnant ballots will become buzz words of the 21st Century.

11-27-2000 George Bush and Dick Cheney have accepted Pres-elect and VP-elect and we would like to think this is the end but Gore and Lieberman still plan to contest the vote count in Florida.

12-9-2000 Presidential upheaval is still happening.

01-03-2001 Here we are again (back in our Kansas cottage) thru ice and snow. We had planned to come back before Christmas but we were stranded in Tulsa. During this time we officially got a President and Vice President, Bush and Cheney and........................

The rest is history. Surely this time we can avoid all those pitfalls and recounts and know the results one week from today.


By the way, Legs is no longer. He disappeared two days ago. We would like to think he was battling for the flock. Instead of Elvis taking Legs' place, Caesar (pictured above) has taken charge. Somehow I knew he would be great someday. He is our youngest rooster. Hannah is the big cat pictured and the kitten you see should be named Serendipity because I didn't know it existed.
P.S. Every parent and grandparent MUST read Karensugarpants I Am A Rich Woman today.


  1. From your mouth to God's ear, Annie. I couldn't stand it if it dragged out like that again, no matter what the end result.

  2. Fascinating that you kept the journal entry. After this lengthy journey, lets hope that the election day leaves us with clean finality! I was listening to NPR and they were talking about all of the various reasons there might be problems on Nov. 4th, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

  3. What Kenju said. However, I think no matter the outcome, someone will raise some you-know-what. There are already some votes (600,000) in dispute in Ohio (courtesy of King George) and a petition is circulating.

  4. with the hundreds of thousands "funny" applications to vote submitted by ACORN , coupled with the legions of lawyers to contest anything and everything, I am faily certain the next president will take office with a cloud over his head---but then its the congress that has all the power, and if its in the hands of the liberal leftist's----watch how creative the welfare programs get in handing out taxpayer money.

  5. That's really neat that you kept a journal of that!

  6. Acorn did not submit funny registrations. That's been proven patently false. Why don't you check some legitimate news sources instead of the comedy division of network news: Fox

  7. I do. I DO envy you! It looks like an autumn wonderland!

  8. We will just have to wait and see and hope for the best!!

    I loved the tour!! Sorry about Legs though.

  9. I'm afraid I have to agree with Gary. Acorn has just had their hands in too many questionable pies. See why I'm so eager for all this to be over?

    Rachel, I'm glad you enjoyed the tour. You know as well as I how relaxing the great outdoors can be.

    OGO, did you see my previous post TAKING THE CHALLENGE? I was just sure you would do something like that.

    Marla, I'm happy you dropped by.

    Judy and Tabor, we all have our fingers crossed for this to be over don't we.

  10. Maybe if the election results had been different last time, we would not be in the mess we are way to know for sure!!

  11. beautiful. I just want to pick up that kitty cat and mmuuaaahhh! Beautiful pictures.

  12. It's not nice to be envious, so I will just admire your yard and all the loveliness in those photos.
    You are blessed.

    Nov. 4th is nearly here.
    Taylor and I voted yesterday, and we are both McCain supporters.