Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Monday's headlines will read:

Associated Press article by Blog World Time reporter Granny Annie Oct. 13, 2008

Governor Sarah Palin has withdrawn her nomination as Senator John McCain's running mate on the 2008 Presidential ticket. She thanked Senator McCain and the GOP for the opportunity and stated she did not wish the "troopergate" scandal to taint the election.

Palin's withdrawal was accepted with all assurances from the GOP that this would not be allowed to affect her future political career.

John McCain, in an effort to prove his bipartisanship and his ability to reach across the aisle, has selected Senator Hillary Clinton from New York as his Vice Presidential running mate. Clinton has accepted the offer on one condition. She has asked to be allowed to personally prepare and serve McCain's breakfast every day:-)

(Okay that was just for fun, and I hope you found it so. It was actually inspired by a dream I had. On a more serious note, I have to say that troopergate is a mediocre scandal that I'm sure will be blown up big time now, while the very serious Ayers scandal seems to be seeping away through the political cracks of double standards. I shake my head.)


  1. I wonder if she'll serve him a MCmuffin.
    If I worked with Hillary, I'd want a taster at every meal.

    Well, Granny, I certainly do hope you're wrong about Palin resigning. Imagine all the dirt on Obama and NOTHING STICKS? Let one lousy panel member decide she abused her office this one time and there's hell to pay. go figure.

    "FUN" that my stomach's settled down again!!!

  2. You made me check Yahoo real quick when I first started reading this post thinking, what the...?

    LOL - You got me!

    PS - Sweet dreams.

  3. That wasn't a was a nightmare!! Even with breakfast served..........

  4. Yes, the point of the story was that the breakfasts would, most likely, contain poison....

    Sorry to frighten you Scarlet.

    Some say I have a wierd sense of humor:-)

  5. annie - Don't scare me like that!

  6. Annie, my dear, I still believe the McPalin ticket will win this election. Remember when Gore and then Kerry had it in the bag??
    McCain needs to FIGHT for those of us who are carrying his water. He better not play it too safe in this last debate. We are counting on him to throw some of that caution to the wind. Most of the media is against him, so it's up to McCain to see that those things the media keeps in the shadows are brought out into the light.
    Troopergate is fair game, as is Ayers, Rev. Wright, Father Pflager, Rezco, and ACORN.

  7. Some of that dream I wish was true and some of it not, I will not say which part.............

    yippie the next debate is HERE where I live, well close enough, it is on Long Island in NY at Hofstra :)