Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Sunday, October 12, 2008


My orthopedist looks like Doogie Howser from India. He smiled as he explained to me "at your age you need to be careful".

"At MY age? I'm only 62!"

"Yes, that's what I mean." he said, still smiling.

I sure showed him by returning home and running into my vacuum cleaner, breaking my toe.

My husband tells me that I need to watch where I'm going. I think that is the big problem. I watch WHERE instead of watching HOW I'm getting there. Are there obstacles in my way? I don't know because my eye is on the prize. This time I was going after a cup of coffee.

It has been 90 days since my shoulder injury. The doctors, the doctor's referrals, the insurance approvals leave me in pain. I do not want anymore injuries. Between the pain pills that leave me groggy and simply suffering the pain that leaves me nauseous, there are no alternatives at this time. It is hard to blame me for that one because it occurred when I passed out and hit the floor. (Remember the Red Lobster incident?)

Regardless I have always rushed headlong into projects and don't know how to change my mode of operation. Walking through a wide door and talking to someone, I can manage to hit the door frame. Please tell me I'm not alone.


  1. Slow down! We aren't teenagers anymore. And add calcium to your vitamin regimen -- our bones are getting brittle.

    I'm the poster child for osteoporosis and I have learned that moving at the speed of light doesn't work anymore. Nobody takes care of me but me so breaking something is a disaster on many levels.

    Take care! The CPO needs you!

  2. maybe its simply that your body is telling ya its time to go see the eye doctor for glasses? (lol)

  3. You are NOT ALONE!! I do it all the time (hit the door frame). Mr. kenju says I can't walk beside him without bumping into him - and it's true. I am always in too big a hurry for my own good!

    Sorry about the toe. OUCH!

    You won't believe my word verification: ZICTOE

  4. You are not alone and that's all I'll add on that subject!!

    I must admit I'm a tad younger than you are, but I'm already to the point that when Mr. Z walks into the kitchen behind me while I'm cooking, I jump SKY HIGH!!
    That never used to happen...or more rarely!!

    Good luck with the toe..THAT HURTS!!! My favorite spot to cripple my toe is on the corner of the bed frame...OWWWIIEEE!!

  5. Of course you're not alone. I find bruises on my body sometimes and not know where they came from. I go for coffee and spill the milk. I can totally relate to this post.

    Btw, someone needs to straighten the Indian Doogie Howser out...62 is NOT old!

  6. Annie, take some fish oil capsules and take care of that toe. My daughter is like you, she broke her little toe three times before she was a teenager....She is still

    Glad you like the corn chowder. I'm cooking a chicken tomorrow and will probably make the chowder the next day.

    PS: My bad dreams are not about Palin but Obama....God help us if he gets elected.

  7. Klutz.
    I am now going to watch the video in the post above this one.
    My advice - use a walker and wear plenty of body pads and a helmet.


  8. I was in the ER last Friday to get stitches on my face after a tree limb fell on me and gashed my lip and chin. Later that same night, I accidently dropped a 50 pound weight on my bare foot-- it hurt like hell and I would've gone to the ER if I hadn't been there a few hours earlier. I'm sure I have a few broken toes, but I'm hoping that they will heal on their own. BTW~~ I'm 42!

  9. Thank you Kay for the reminder to slow down. Also, I do take 1200 mg calcium daily and so far I do not test positive for osteoporosis. Yea!

    Okay Gary, good idea except I have the best glasses I've had in my entire life otherwise I'd be the first to blame my vision. Who wants to label themselves as a clutz?

    Judy, ZICTOE to you too! How funny. Glad to know I'm not alone in the door frame crashing.

    Thanks Z for your comment and also for assuring me I'm not alone. Yes, I can hit a bed frame with the best of them.

    Scarlet, if I give you Doogie Howser from India's address will you go punch him out for me?

    Lucy, I didn't know fish oil could help me. Are they to help me heal or to turn me into a less clumsy individual? LOL

    Good recommendations JD. I have my mother's walker and I also have her power chair. I'm ready.

    God Bless you Brian for assuring me even a 42 year old can be accident prone!

  10. I think my dentist looks like Doogie!!! You just have to be careful at such and OLD(NOT) age

  11. Gee Annie, you're not clumsy....just rushed. The whole world is rushed! We hurried ourselves out of northern Ohio last Saturday and drove to southern Florida in nineteen hours. What was the hurry? Who knows? We are retired and plan to be here until May, but hurry we did! Your doctor told you to be careful because you are 62? I am 72 and the husband just bought bikes for us to exercise. I'm not really certain how much energy I have for biking, but I think my rollerblades will not get much use this year.
    As to Sarah Palin dropping out...I hope not! We already voted last week in the dreaded state of Ohio.