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Slim and Franke
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Saturday, May 31, 2008


The topic on MSNBC Homepage has been about those of us who are multiracial. A better question might be, who is NOT?


  1. So true! I bet is everyone was able to go way into their background, they'd find all sorts of ethnic groups and races they didn't know about before - and good for that!!

  2. My daughter is dating a young man who is totally Irish from an Irish family. It is funny how his grandmother who doesn't care much about him at all has forbidden him to ever marry any woman who is not Irish.

    As for most people... they are of mixed races.
    I have a lot of Anglo-Saxon blood in me as well as quite a but of Cherokee. My great grandmother on my mother's dad's side was actually a squaw. The photo we have of her is amazing! I didn't inherit the Indian dark skin as did some of my cousins, but I did inherit strong cheekbones. I wouldn't have minded having darker skin because my legs are so white they could blind you.


  3. Being that I'm 7/8 Native American (Ojibwe) doesn't leave much for the German (where my maiden name came from) and Irish (where my mother got the red hair she passed on to me).

    But ... then there's those ethnicities that I gained along the way but aren't part of my blood, but part of my heart. My step-grandfather that lived with us for the final years of his live was pure Finnish. My step-father's family was Croation.

    And as a side note to jamie dawn: calling someone a sq**w around here is equivalent to calling someone a c*nt. Be careful where you use that word.

  4. Thanks for stopping at my place, Granny. My husband and I are both mongrel American with ancestors from so many ethnicities we can't count them. We each have a dash of Native American. My brothers had kinky curly hair and their boys have Afro hair.... looks like their must have been some mixing back in my Dad's Arkansas heritage. Someday the world will be one color and we can stop all the racial silliness. I like your blog...I'll be back.