Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Sunday, January 06, 2008


Friday and Saturday we gathered at my sister's home for our Sibling New Year. My precious sister was suffering from a severe ear infection, but she insisted that we all come anyway. She and my Bil were wonderful hosts and she only got dizzy if she leaned forward.

We laughed and laughed. Perhaps we cried a little, but we managed to keep that part under control.

See if you can tell who suffers from acid reflux, who has arthritis, who has heart problems, who suffers from severe headaches, who needs knee replacements and who needs hip replacements?

Do you know if we are dog people or cat people?
One individual in our group insisted on paying for our dinner and then bought the dinner for the people next to us in the restaurant also.
One individual fell asleep during the movie.
Two went to bed at 9:00 p.m. fearing we would start playing board games and make them play.

Who are the avid fisherpersons and who almost poked his eye out with his new porcupine quill bobber?
Who washed the breakfast dishes and who disappeared to the bathroom when the dish washing started?

Regardless of what we have become in our 60's, when we get together we are goofy kids again and it is wonderful!
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  1. Doesn't that confirm the saying "Don't just the book by the cover"?
    I hope you all will have many, many more good times:)

  2. As an only child, I really envy you the good company of siblings!!

    Thanks for the visit, and thanks so much for the nice, nice comments about my post. I only wish I were that!

  3. Sounds like u are all a very fun lot for sure!...I live across the country from my family...I haven't spend a xmas season with them in over 20's something I miss alot. I envy you being able to do that...HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours!!

  4. You weren't the one who almost poked her eye out, were you?

    It looks like you had a blast!

  5. It's sounds like a great time! I loved your list of questions!

  6. What is with ear infections? I've had one and had to do topical steroids. They seem to be going around.

    Acid reflux - drink a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil daily. I've found it does wonders. Also, a dietary change may be in order.

    Headaches - stress less, drink more water, and surprisingly caffeine helps

    for those who need knee and hip replacements, best of luck.

  7. Yes Changes, the book cover does look pretty healthy doesn't it?

    Judy, I used to wish that I was an only child but ultimately I know how blessed I am to have these siblings.

    Moon, I hate it for you to be so far from your family. It is nice to have everyone close.

    Nora, I'm a certified fisherperson. It was my brother who poked himself with the quill. He is not any kind of a great outdoorsman.

    OGO, glad you liked the questions.

    Z. I can't wait to pass on your tips. Thanks! My poor sister was the one with the ear infection and was doing the steroid thing too. They were actually talking about putting tubes in her ear!

  8. Ear infections are no fun at all, so I commend your sister for her willingness to party even though she felt like warmed-over crap.
    I don't know the answers to all those questions, but I DO know that I'd like to go out to dinner with Mr. or Mrs. Generosity, and I promise I will jump at the chance to leave the tip.
    We played games too, much to my brother's chagrin. He is not a willing game player and must be urged or violently pushed into playing. He always seems to have fun once the game gets underway though. He just HAS to cause trouble like he's done ALL his life.
    We were helping Mom "put Christmas away" as she calls it, when I got engrossed in looking at some old photos. I was kind of like that person who ducked into the bathroom once the dishwashing started. I really didn't mean to NOT help put Christmas stuff away; I just got sidetracked. I made up for it by doing the dishes, so my status as a good child remains unaltered.
    You all look very happy, and I cannot tell that either of those ladies was ill with an ear infection.
    She obviously was able to hide her misery well.
    Lastly, as for the acid reflux. Mine was the kind called Silent Reflux which does the damage without the obvious symptoms. Mine was so bad they ended up doing surgery which took care of it once and for all. The surgery was easy, and it's so nice not to have to take so much medicine anymore. I was lucky to not have suffered with the pain and awful symptoms that other acid reflux sufferers have endured.
    Well, I've written quite enough!!
    Happy 2008!! I look forward to reading your blog posts throughout this year.