Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


We have been talking about this ice storm as compared to the ice storm last year. Well, I just checked and the other ice storm was this year as well. We opened 2007 with ice from January 13th to January 22. The trees were crashing to the ground sounding like bombs. Here we go again to close out 2007

Ron and I got out to the store today and were totally shocked at all the destruction by falling trees. I took pictures but none of them did justice to the images we witnessed first hand.

We almost witnessed a riot too. Wal-Mart was expecting a load of generators and about 150 people were waiting. The problem? Wal-Mart was only expecting 40 generators so people were already arguing about who was first in line. We got out of there quickly.

Did we buy gasoline before we came home? No way. We finally found a station with a decent waiting line and as we moved to the next up, the manager came out and put bags on all the pumps. The had run out of gasoline!

We are better off than most people because we can drag our fallen limbs into a pile and burn them. My poor son lives in the city and is going to have to reduce the size of his limbs for the city to pick them up. He is also still without power and has been told it may be a week to ten days before he gets power back.

And now hear this......they are saying we have more to come tonight.


  1. stay warm! and away from wal mart!

  2. Drive safe on those roads! They would have to pay me to shop at wal mart!

  3. I wish I could bring you here, where our temp was 74* today. I remember our last ice storm, and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Stay warm!

  4. Hope that prediction of more to come is wrong. Nothing worse than an ice my opinion. Hope your son gets power back soon. Hate that too. It's a long way til April.

  5. I live just outside of Montreal, I was here about 10 yrs ago when we had the ice storm of the century...was caught in it the first night actually...on a drive that normally takes 20 mins, It took us 2 hrs! Will never forget it!
    Be safe!!

  6. Living in the south we don't get much snow, but last year we did have a horrific ice storm . . . a definite first for me! It felt like a show from Little House on the Prairie because my husband was out of town AND I was pregnant. We lost power for three days(thank goodness for our fireplace), phone lines were down (hurray for cell phones), and there was no school (my boys were thrilled). I hope the weekend prediction for your area is wrong. Stay warm and God bless.

  7. Lucky Jessi in LA. You only have to worry about fire and mudslides.

    Mary Lou, we think we'll just stay home until this settles down. We're still surprised we haven't heard about a riot in Wal-Mart.

    Judy that 74 temp sounds pretty inviting right now.

    gemma, you wish just might come true. So far our temperature is just above freezing.

    moon, I know you had white knuckles on that trip.

    bia, I would take snow over ice any time. If you weren't used to much snow and you got ice instead, that had to be terrible.

    Thanks for all you well wishes. We are more fortunate than many so we're counting our blessings and holding our breath.

  8. I'm glad you're doing okay - both physically and emotionally. I think I'd be a little stir crazy.
    How are the animals doing?

  9. Nora, the chickens are okay, the cats are just fine, but our dog Slim must have been hit by some crashing ice or tree limbs. She barely made it in the house and spent that first day on the couch. We know she was sore but think she was mostly frightened. Now she is her normal self. Thanks for asking:-)

  10. Oooooh, a Walmart riot!!


    Stay safe during all this hitonious ice!!

    I love the poem you wrote over at my place!!!