Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


This is my son's driveway the first day of the storm. He, thankfully, moved his car to a restaurant parking lot a few blocks away that was not surrounded by trees. It wasn't long before his driveway was full of large tree limbs.
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  1. Whoa I saw this on the news!!!! it looks so scary!!!!

    I send wishes for everyone to stay safe and warm!!!!

  2. I have been watching the news and this is such an awful storm. Hope you and yours stay safe and warm.

  3. I've seen the destruction on the news!!! What a terrible storm !! Glad you guys are alright.

    My daughter passed her roadtest and is officially a driver!!!

  4. That ice is so heavy and so dangerous!!
    My hubby's family lives in the St. Louis area, and they are dealing with the ice too.
    Luckily, we here in middle-Arkansas have not had any ice to deal with. Our temps have remained nice so far, but I'm sure colder temps are on their way before long.
    Ice looks pretty, but it poses such a danger when it comes to driving.

  5. I have been through Minnesota blizzards, but I have never seen an ice-storm of this magnitude.

    It seems like Mother Nature is throwing a temper-tantrum down your way.

    Do your best to stay warm and take care. Hope your electricity stays on.

  6. This brings back Hurricane Andrew memories for me. I hope it gets better soon!