Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Yes, my very own, precious, darling, wonderful sister called me a "party pooper". Are you wondering why?

Like many of you, I receive lots and lot of email containing horrible statements of hitonious events that occur in the world on a daily basis. Before I gasp, I rush to Snopes site and any other website that will clear up the nature of the impending exclamation.

The majority of these statements are FALSE, INCORRECT, or INCOMPLETE. It is my duty to forward the factual information back to the sender of the email. My card says Paladin, "Have (gun) truth, will travel". (Anyone old enough to remember that?)

icanseeclearlynow is also a blogger who researches before she speaks.

With all the hype coming toward us in the upcoming Presidential election, we should all be on our toes to separate fact from fiction.

Of course Jamie Dawn is the exception to the rules in all cases. We thrive on her fiction. Wait, or was that truth?

Admittedly I returned one to my sister that could have been left alone. It contained two darling photos of an albino deer. The fawn was curled up on a blanket in some body's home. The pictures were real -- the story with the pictures was UNDETERMINED. Thus, my sissy called me a "party pooper". Did I indeed go to far with my push to pursue truth and justice? I'm sorry for overstepping my boundaries.


  1. I alone can say a thousan words!

  2. hey granny annie! thanks for the honorable mention! honest people are not very popular. but we are what we are, aren't we? and it can NOT be helped.

    but i too, enjoy a little fiction, a little faction (hope that's not considered hitonious), and the whole ugly TRUTH!

    i'll be perusing sis' blog if she doesn't mind.

    awww! those deers are sooo adorable!



  3. Facts, facts... I post nothing but cold, hard facts!!