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Frankie and Slim
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Wednesday, July 21, 2021



This month, the prompts are being provided by lissa at The Memory Tourist

This week's prompts are:

1. epistle

2. welfare

3. children

4. spirit

5. companions

6. primroses

7. sea

8. walk

9. faithful

10. happiness


THE STORY ENDS by Granny Annie


It was an interesting epistle.  Liz had found the document while walking along the shore.  Somehow the sea had managed to avoid splashing up and soaking away the words.  "This is for the welfare of the children" the story began.  


The author went on.  "My spirit wanes as I count my companions on this long walk.  Their happiness is all that I care about.  Hopefully the primroses they dropped and footprints in the sand will lead me to them.  They have remained ever faithful in their alliance moving foward."

Liz began to pick up her pace as she followed the small footprints and flower petals moving her toward the inviting water.


  1. That's quite the little story, bravo!

  2. Well done - though the fact that the footprints lead her into rather than away from the water is sad...

  3. You have a great imagination!

  4. What an interesting take on those words. The sea was kind to leave the epistle untouched for Liz.

  5. Interesting use of the words. All I've got so far is several screwed up balls of paper.

  6. Oh dear! Liz might be headed for trouble.

  7. My hope is that this ends well somehow.