Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
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Saturday, May 31, 2014


What could these two pictures possibly have in common?

My new living room furniture.
Slim listens to Luke Skywalker telling a tale of adventure.

Tuesday morning my friend B called and wanted to know if I would like go furniture shopping.  Her town was having some great sales and she knew I wanted some new living room furniture.  You can tell from the first picture that our trip was successful.  

I had done several other things that morning and was very tired.  B has a lot more energy and was able to keep going, so she decided to follow me home (30 miles) and help me get ready for the movers to deliver the new furniture.  Her help was indeed a God-send. 

They moved the den furniture out to be given to the needy.  They moved the living room furniture to the den and then moved the new furniture in the house.  While I was directing, B was vacuuming under each abandoned space in preparation for the placement of the next furniture.  No, that has nothing to do with the adventure, it is just to inform you what a kind soul B is.

The movers left.  B left.  Slim and I went around and tried out the new furniture like Goldilocks trying to find the spot that was just right.

Early the next morning B calls.  Very unusual because she is not an early riser like I am.  "Are you missing a kitten?"

Calling roll at the cat's breakfast table I realized Luke Skywalker was indeed absent. It seems he was stuck in the engine of B's car and crying his lungs out.  B and her husband were planning to drive to their car dealership to have Luke extricated from the engine. It was amazing enough that he had already survived the 30 mile trip to their home from mine, now how would he survive another long drive? Then if they got him out, what would happen to him.

 I told them to wait and I would come right over.  Mama David was not catch-able but I managed to catch one of Luke's siblings Han Solo and then for some reason Olive, the mother cat who abandoned her own litter, jumped into the cage as if she knew we were on a rescue mission.

By the time we arrived at B's, Luke had managed to escape the engine and had run into their garage.  They quickly closed the garage door and awaited my arrival.  I got the cage out that held the other two cats in  hopes they would begin calling to Luke.  My mission was to go inside the garage sit down and try to entice Luke with some food.  He had to be hungry.  

The kitten seemed to know my voice as I called, "Luke, Luke, Lukie sweetie", and dropped a trail of cat food.  He followed the trail. Once captured, he was place with his family and immediately began to nurse on Olive even though he was already weaned.  Comfort food.  Han Solo began to lick him.  They are all home again and I have a new best friend named Luke.  You would think that I had pulled a thorn from his paw. 

Wish I could translate the adventure version Luke is spinning for Slim.


  1. Glad he is safe and back home:)

  2. I bet Luke will be telling that story for many more cat lives.

  3. Wow. What an amazing adventure. I am so glad that the force was with him - and love your new living room display. Nearly as much as I love your friend.

  4. Nice living room, looking very friendly and cozy!
    Ah Luke ever the adventurer. Now if we can just get Slim to tell the tale...

  5. Your new furniture looks so cozy--like you could curl up and sink in. Luke is a lucky little kitty! I am glad he was okay. I can't imagine what must have been going through his head on that car ride in the engine. Yikes!

  6. What a terrific animal story. I was afraid it was going to be a tale of furniture destruction!! You have a lovely new room!

  7. OMG that could have been awful. Many a cat has used up all 9 lives in a car engine. The fan belt does them in.
    Find your sweet spot in your lovely new furniture and just relax. That was a scary, busy day.


  8. It wouldn't take me long to find my "Spot" as Sheldon would call it. I see it already on the sofa next to the table.That's my spot..

    It was good of Han to leave his spaceship to come and help Luke. A true Astronaut and a gentleman.

    And I knew Olive had a good heart even though it took this emergency for her true colors to come through.

    I hope Slim is writing this all down for his memoirs.

  9. Love your new furniture. And glad you have all your Star Wars fellows home.

  10. Oh...the poor, dear little thing. Give Luke a cuddle for me. I'm glad everything turned out fine. :)

  11. Changes in the wind
    Me too:)

    Bonnie (BIZ)
    That nine lives business just could be true. How is your doggy Suzi doing? I'll be checking Facebook soon for an update.

    Elephant's Child
    I still cannot believe Luke is alive and well. Thanks for the compliment on the living room. It is such a nice change.

    It is so cozy in my new living room. Yes, if only Slim could tell me what Luke has told her.

    Olga Hebert
    Luke must have been holding very, very still on the ride over. They did not even know he was in their engine until the next morning. He was scared and tired and hungry and thirsty and sooooo glad to hear my voice.

    I am enjoying the living room a lot. It is a very good thing that Luke got in the engine of my friend's car and not in the engine of the furniture truck. Yikes!

    Arkansas Patti
    If the dealership had removed Luke, they would have simple grabbed him out and he would have run off, with no idea of where to go. That makes me so sad to think what might have happened.

    You and I both thought about Sheldon trying to find just the right place to sit. I think I have found mine but Slim is still looking for hers. Yes Olive has come through in a pinch. I still cannot believe how she jumped in the cage before I could close it.

    Chatty Crone
    Thank you Sandie. Glad you like the furniture. It does appear that I have done well naming the new kittens after Star Wars characters. They seem to fit the parts.

    Luke is getting lots of cuddles these days. I so hope he will be around here a very long time.

  12. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Great blog post! Friends like that are truly one of life's greatest treasures. And Luke? So aptly named! Glad he's safe and sound.

  13. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Your furniture is really beautiful. I love the way that room is set up. Congrats!
    As for your cat, my goodness!

  14. Holy moly! Well, good thing he has nine lives. (Maybe down to eight now, but that's still quite a lot.)

  15. Whoa! That is an incredible story - so glad he is OK.

    Congrats on the new furniture and good on you for donating the old.

  16. As I'm fond of saying, adventures in fun. :D

    Father Nature's Corner

  17. Oh - what a wonderful, happy ending, story! You have Luke's eternal gratitude and loyalty now, I think.

  18. LOL. I'm glad it worked out for everyone involved. B sounds like a good friend... we can all use one of her.

  19. heartinhand
    All these kittens have been aptly named thank you. They are indeed the Star Wars crew.

    I am enjoying the new furniture very much. Also enjoying the alive kitten.

    Sparkling Red
    It is my hope that Luke will savor the remaining eight lives and not fritter them away.

    Riot Kitty
    I gave myself the new furniture as a birthday present from Ron. I know he would have gotten it for me.

    G.B. Miller
    It was not as fun as it was exhausting.

    The way he greets me each time I walk out the door assures me that he knows I did him a great favor bringing him back home.

    B is an amazing friend.

  20. It seems the Force was with you n the Jedi Kitten!

    Great story, n Nice couch!

  21. A lovely story and a lovely sitting room. What fun:)

  22. Good gracious! What a story! However, I'm glad it had a happy ending. Phew!