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Monday, May 26, 2014


Question/s Of The Week 5-26-14


About MEMORIAL DAY today in the US:

On May 5, 1868, Army General John Logan was credited for starting this national holiday shortly after the American Civil War Between the States. He set it to be observed on May 30 of each year. It was not until 1971 that we began recognizing Memorial Day on the last Monday in May.

Here are a couple of trivia questions for those readers from the US today on our Memorial Day.

Which southern state first celebrated the federal holiday of Memorial Day?*

What northern state was the first to observe Memorial Day?* 

*Answers to above trivia questions.

Oops, do you want those answers right side up?


  1. To be honest, I have no idea. We do have Remembrance day each year.

  2. Not that it is unusual for me to cry, I do that all the time. But I'm from a military family. My aunts will go to the cemetery to place flowers and flags on my brothers and my father's graves. My father served 22 years. One of my brothers only served 3 before he lost his life in Vietnam. In 2010 after going to Arlington Cemetery with my son, I wrote this: To us, this isn't a day about the official start of summer. We do have a picnic and enjoy the people we do have around us. But today this is a day about those sacrifices.

  3. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Interesting facts about the holiday.

  4. We have Remembrance Day, and Anzac Day. And I would really, really like to see the time (but won't) when they have only historical significance.

  5. Boy am I glad you didn't make me stand on my head to read that. Interesting facts I did not know.
    This is one of those days when more than once, a tear will fall.

  6. Here in Australia we have Anzac Day...25th April...and we take it very is a very important, revered day on our calendar.

    And then there is Remembrance/Armistice Day...11th November (my birthday) well. But in between those dates, I think we are learning to remember our men and women who have and are all times.

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  8. When I was a young girl we called this holiday Decoration Day because we went to all the little cemeteries and put flowers and flags on the graves of the veterans.Then we marched in the parade,and,believe it or not,in 1935 we had two Civil War veterans marching. They had been bugle boys in the Union Army at age 14, so in 1935 they were about 84 years old. Now get this..That is one year younger than I am now!

  9. Okay today I did not do much - but I always appreciate their service to our country!

  10. There was a huge Memorial Day celebration in the little town of Hayesville, North Carolina, but they had it on Saturday. They had a special table set up in the town square for the veterans to have lunch and watch the parade. So nice.

  11. Since I live close to DC and close to military bases we get lots of support and recognition of this holiday. But as a kid I really didn't fully understand its significance.

  12. LL Cool Joe
    And why is that?

    Such a difference in your strong comment and Joe's unconcern in the comment above. It is so different when you love someone who served and understand the depth of their commitment.

    Glad you found the facts interesting. Hawaii certainly has played a vital part in the suffering brought on by war and the loss of those who served.

    Elephant's Child
    You are so right that we will always have differences world wide. And the very worst part is that so many of these differences start under the guise of religious differences but actually are matters of greed.

    Arkansas Patti
    So many tears fell for me this weekend, you would think I would be dehydrated but still more will fall at the thought of those lost.

    I have learned that Anzac Day is one of Australia’s most important national commemorative occasions. It marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War. I can see why it is so well commemorated by you. November 11th is our Veteran's Day and is highly celebrated in the US but not as much as it once was.

    I am in shock. I thought you were 40:) No parades around here but they used to be everywhere and many reverent services.

    Chatty Crone
    You have too much on your mind right now.

    Now that is what should have been happening everywhere.

    I knew the significance as a child. Our entire family had morning devotionals and then went outside to raise the American Flag each day. My father never served in the military, though he always saved his rejection letter from the Navy for medical reasons. (He had been crippled by polio as a child) Still he had been broken hearted not to have been able to enlist.


  13. Annie,

    Is that dog years? Does that work in reverse?

  14. While to remember those who have died in service is important, i prefer veterans day as it acknowledges all - my own for memorial day is to pray for peace, so that no more may die.

  15. Thank you for this information. I thought it was President Lincoln, but it's good now to get the facts.

  16. My answer would be, not enough.

    Thank you for the trivia :)

  17. Yes, Hawaii is the 50th state, but we do have another tradition on Memorial Day. Leis are hung on all the graves of soldiers who served our country in Punchbowl Cemetery.