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Monday, May 19, 2014


Question Of The Week 5-19-2014

My land line is mostly sales calls, my connection on my cell is often difficult to hold, my grandchildren prefer text, so I am turning toward text over talk these days.  How about you?


  1. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Email for me. Phone calls come at the worst moments so I hate them. I hate texting b/c my cell phone is used for emergencies in the car only.

  2. I can text on my phone but it is an arduous process involving a drop down menu for each letter. I have the opposite of a smart phone. Talk wins for me when I must communicate with the outside world.

  3. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Texting. And I was always a phone girl!
    Texting is perfect now, not intrusive and it's quick.
    I use talk to text all the time, so it's even better!

  4. I do some texting but I still talk to my daughters on the phone most days. I think I will be doing lots more texting as my grandkids get older.

  5. Texting mostly, b/c that's the medium that suits all the grandkids, and family. I have a very soft voice (I know you find that hard to believe, right) so it makes it easier for others...

  6. I prefer face-to-face contact, but that's not always possible so...

    Texting when I need to talk to my girls. Phone when I need to talk to my husband.

  7. Face to face or talk. My recalcitrant hands make texting difficult and frustrating.
    Silence wins out as first preference very often.

  8. No texting here. I got a laugh at my niece recently who spent a good 15 minutes texting back and forth with a friend when a 3 minute conversation would have answered all questions. I'm too old to waste that much time.

  9. I don't own a cell phone of any description and have no intention of getting one. I have no need for one. And, I don't need to be talking to anyone via a phone when I'm out doing my grocery shopping. Nothing is that important; and others do not need to overhear my conversation.

    I have my landline and that's more than enough or me. I hate phones; and only use mine when completely necessary; and I usually cringe and groan when it gighawaii said "phone calls come at the worst moments".

    I do email regularly (most of my good friends live elsewhere) and find that a wonderful way of communicating; and it's not intrusive. And as I enjoy writing it's no's a pleasure.

  10. My sisters like to text - long ones sometimes, so I had to change my cellphone plan to unlimited texting. It's better than not talking at all - their lives are very busy and there doesn't seem to be a good time to call. (One is even in Turkey right now!) I don't know what happened to emailing.

    So I mostly use my cellphone - especially since I use it for all long distance calls. I don't know why I keep that land line. I'm on the Do Not Call list, so don't get sales calls, but have been flooded with election calls during the last several days. Thank goodness that election is today. :)

  11. gigihawaii
    I loved emailing but these days if I emailed my family or friends my messages would go unread or unanswered because I am the only one who wants to email. To me that was the best form of communication.

    lv u 2:)

    Olga Hebert
    Talk wins for me when the almighty powers of static electric magnetic what-cha-ma-call-its are all working right.

    Texting is not intrusive if you have your ringer off.

    Yes, that is what has happened to me. To reach the grandchildren at all, I must text.

    You got me twice. First that you text and second that you have a soft voice. As my dad would say, Who'd a thought it?"

    My daughter does text her children but it is rare that she can pin her husband down to talk to him in any fashion, even at home. He is a hyper dude who is always on the go.

  12. Elephant's Child
    I have carpal tunnel syndrome and trigger finger and that is making it more difficult for me to text. Hopefully when I get a smart phone it will be easier. Right now I am still in the dark ages with my cell phone.

    Arkansas Patti
    My inpatients leads me to the same conclusion. How can they spare that much time to have a full conversation in text form?

    Gigi and I agree with you that email is a great form of communication and it is a sad thing that it is being replaced. Maybe our blogging is a way of keeping our love of emailing.

    Thankfully I do not get sales calls on my cell phone but my land line fills up with them, even though I am on the do-not-call registry. I get those recorded calls that you can't stop. I never answer any unknown number and if there is no message, I don't sweat it. I too had to change to unlimited texts so I could stay in touch with family.

  13. due to my eyes - testing and reading test is impossible, but i have no problem with the "slang" of testing, just the size of the screen and scrolling.
    email me - i can blow-up the font, follow-up when it is convenient for me.... no emergencies though.
    Call me on the land line for a clear discussion.
    Call my cell if you want to just touch base quickly or have an emergency...

  14. I am in the same boat as you:)

  15. I have not had a land-line for almost 7 years. I can't always hear well while on the phone and it makes my hearing aid fall out. I don't mind short texts, but I hate long ones. I really prefer email, but my kids want texts - so I text.

  16. P.S. Thanks for the nice thoughts. You know how much it pleases me to be in their company!

  17. My husband wears one of those things on his ear (that makes him look like Uhura from Star Trek, but he will never admit it), so I can always reach him. He does have a hard time reaching me when he NEEDS me :-)

  18. I've never texted in my life. :D

  19. I prefer email since I am hearing impaired and hearing on a phone or cell phone is stressful for me. My kids and grandkids text, which drives me crazy... I often say just call instead of sending umpteen texts back and forth... but since they prefer texting I fairly often text them. Actually, I like face to face chats and miss them.

  20. You know what? Texting is the QUICKEST way to get a hold of anyone under 30 years old these days. It's the only way I get a hold of my nephew.

  21. I don't text, but I can sound incredibly coherent writing e-mails, letters, blogging, FB, etc.

    Talking, I sound a lot like Moe Howard.

    Or Norm Crosby.

    Father Nature's Corner

  22. I prefer the phone. I'm a sucker for voices, accents, animated conversation...but that's probably just me. I drive a lot so it's easier to gab while on the highway than trying to text.

  23. Text. I'm just not much of a phone person. Speaking of which, text me ;)

  24. I prefer the phone always. the sound of the voice on the other end can never be replaced. I do text for short messages (Rob)

  25. Text is good if you have no time- but when I do I call after texting!
    Land-line is for dial-up now, or I'd just do cell. Most remember my house number tho. House line takes messages I can pick up on if I want.
    Different reasons for different methods for me.

    Tonight I forgot my cell to BBsit! Yikes, another Dark Moment...

  26. I really don't enjoy texting. Today I had phone calls from one son, two step-sons (France
    and Australia) and one step-daughter. I would really miss my phone calls but emails are a great standby.