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Frankie and Slim
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Friday, May 16, 2014


The father of all these new kittens was called Darth Vader, thus once the first kitten was named Luke, it took off from there (at the suggestion of Heart In Hand).  So far I have seen all of the first four show up at the breakfast table so I know that Luke, Leia, Han and Chewy are alive and well.  Undoubtedly Han Solo is in search of his space ship, The Millennium Falcon.  Glad I noticed Han peeking out the back of my lawn mower before starting my work yesterday and before he loaded the rest of his crew. 

Han Solo prepares for blast off:)


  1. Oh, dear, that could have been bad. So many cats!

  2. Are these all names from Star Wars? I've never seen the film!

    Cute photo!

  3. I did not remember that kittens could be such accidents waiting to happen. I guess I was a blithely ignorant child growing up on our small farm with all the cats.

  4. Olga Hebert
    There is never any knowing what really happens to all the cats around here.

    LL Cool Joe
    Yes, all Star Wars names except for the mother cat who, as you know, is David.

    Often it is my own ignorance that kills them. I moved one little struggling kitty to a cage on it's own and attempted to feed it milk from a dropper but at the same time I put a bowl of water in the cage and the kitten crawled in the bowl and drowned. My grandchildren have never forgiven me for that one. But at the same time, I did manage once to save a baby rabbit that the internet said could not be done. It grew nicely and we returned it to the wild.

  5. I wonder how many of his nine lives Han Solo has already used. He looks like a very adventurous little guy.

  6. very cute and necessary on a farm - the more the better!

  7. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Cute names for cute kitties. I miss my two cats, now dead, but don't want more.

  8. Kittens galore! Nothing more fun than a bunch of little ones skittering around. Good to have a supply of mousers, but on the other hand they reproduce like crazy.

    I like the choice of names. @Cool Joe: MUST see the movies!!

  9. The next batch you will have to name Yoda and Obe-Wan-Kenobe.

  10. You captured a great pic. Happy to know you spotted him before things got ugly.


  11. Han looks for all the World like John Glenn waiting in his nosecone for the countdown to proceed and for final BLAST OFF!!!

    You can't see her but David is in the background saying the Rosary for Han's safety.....

  12. Thank goodness you saw him!

  13. I am very, very glad that you saw him. And captured his cuteness.

  14. Wow, that could have been ugly. So glad you spotted him in time. It is brutal when we accidentally hurt little ones in our care but sadly it can happen.

  15. Lol! Cute picture. I wonder if the kitten said something about this bucket of bolts never going to get us past that blockade?

  16. Whoa! Glad you saw him. Great photo though.


  17. @ Cube:

    I think Han was thinking the same thing his hero thought when he sat on top of that rocket waiting to blast off.

    "What makes me most nervous about this whole experience is that this thing was built by the lowest bidder." John Glenn

  18. Sure good you saw Han! He would have definitely experienced a blast-off!

  19. Geez, that could have ended badly, glad it didn't.

  20. Nice work saving that bunny! I am impressed.

  21. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Glad I could inspire! :)
    I'm waiting for Bobo Fett. Lol!

  22. Jeanie
    Han is not only adventurous, he is the most handsome of the litter.

    Brite Mist
    Yes I hope a few of these will grow and thrive so that we can rebuild the number of mousers we need.

    I had two house cats at one time that I loved but I would not have housecats again.

    I agree that Cool Joey needs to see the Star Wars movies. What has he been thinking all these years?

    There is already a Yoda and Obe-Wan named from Olives batch and I believe they have survived.

    I don't like to think about how ugly it could have gotten. Yikes!

    I do not doubt that David is saying her Rosary for all the kittens. She has got quite a challenge trying to save hers and Olive's. I think maybe two of Olive's remain.

    Isn't that the truth!

    Elephant's Child
    I was glad that I just happened to have my cell phone in my pocket and caught a quick photo.

    Arkansas Patti
    It does happen too often and I really regret it. My kids pulled up for a visit this week and hit one of my chickens in the drive way. It managed to survive but what a close call.

    Oh cube, that is soooooooooooo funny! Perfect.

    Riot Kitty
    Isn't that a cute picture?

    Cube's “bucket of bolts” quote from the movie and your John Glenn quote, are so perfect for this photo. Love it!

    A blast off that would not have been what we usually call a blast when talking about a good time.

    Sparkling Red
    Are you yanking my chain? A “bunny” really? It's a KITTEN!

    Bobo Fett will most likely be the next Tom Cat than comes creeping around in the dead of night like Darth Vader did.

  23. I guess you won't have any mice problems in the future.

  24. This is so adorable!
    Joe never saw any Star Wars??? wow-