Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Saturday, April 19, 2014


     We all know that David had four kittens.  These kittens were born in a nest box in the hen house.  This was David's custom to give birth in the place where she had been born.  David's boyfriend had been seen sneaking in and out of the barn and the huge black cat was named Darth Vader. Therefore the darkest kitten was named Luke, and the other three were named Leia, Han and Chewy.  

     We also know that after several days Mama David moved her four kittens and there was a bit of concern until the babies were located under the Toro mower that was in need of repair and had not budged for a couple of years.  It would have been a good location for the kittens if Slim, the dog and ruler of the barnyard, did not love kittens so much.

     Nightly securing of NOL-NOC Estates found the four young kittens scattered on the lawn and Granny Annie would take a flashlight, gather them up and place them back  under the Toro for David.  G.A.would visit with Slim in a sharp tone, warning her loyal pet not to be disturbing the kittens and taking them away from their mother.

     One evening while gathering kittens, Granny came across a brand new kitten still with eyes closed. What!!!  This kitten had a much louder voice than the older kittens and Slim was very reluctant for it to be removed from her sight.   When this kitten was placed under the Toro there were several other newborns waiting for this sibling.

     Olive, another of the grown cats, seemed to have been having an affair with Darth Vader as well.  This was her first litter of kittens and since she had not a clue what to do, she deposited them with David.  Mama David was caring for all the kittens while Olive peeked in occasionally before she went back to cleaning herself and primping.

     This one small newborn kitten became a total obsession with Slim.  The dog and adoptive mama cat were in a constant tug of war trying to retain custody of the small infant.  Granny Annie would intervene at every opportunity but often Slim would grab her new buddy and get away.  Finally David did a very smart thing.  Knowing Slim was not allowed in the chicken house, she moved all the kittens back there.  They no longer fit in the nest boxes but she found a safe corner and G.A. carried in a cardboard box for creature comfort. It seems to be working very well.

     Today Granny Annie finally was able to get a count of the kittens.  Four for Mama David and six for Olive.  Ten new kittens total and only four have names.  Everyone better put their thinking caps on.

Slim says, "David, I don't think this is your kitten.  I am not going to let you take it yet." This was their first encounter.

Slim says, "You just rest here little kitten and I will go get Granny Annie.  She will figure this out."

Granny Annie discovers the tiny kitten on the grass and takes it to David where she discovers several more.  Slim is given every assurance that it is okay for Mama David to care for Olive's kittens too.


  1. Cody, Dooku, Jabba, Obi, Satine,Anakin

    I have a Star Wars loving family.

  2. You have triggered some memories here. Our German Shepherd LOVED kittens. She would pick one up and carry it round the garden on her patrols. It depended how she picked it up whether a head or a leg or two were sticking out of her mouth. When she finished her walk she gave the kittens back - soggy but unharmed.
    And my cat as a child really didn't like being a mother. She gave birth walking down the hall (shrieking) and gave the whole lot to her mother to look after - and never went back.
    Both of them were desexed after that, and one of them was grateful.

  3. That Slim is quite a dog! And David is a good momma to take on a new load! What's a few more mouths to feed, right?

  4. It is interesting when we take the time to watch animal behavior. We learn more than we thought we knew about them and their attention to each other. At least you won't have lots of mice and rats this year...and maybe no moles and voles like the dozens that have invaded my yard.

  5. I think that is adorable--Slim wanting his own kitten. Ten new kittens though, wow.


  6. Annie, I really do envy the way you live...You have the most interesting life I can imagine.

    My days around here are so dull compared to your situation.

    The only chickens I ever see once belonged to Frank Perdue or the Colonel. I don't have any place outside to keeps cats and their kittens, as much as I enjoy playing with them, and watching them play.

    You know how much I love Slim and if I lived near you I would come and visit her. I might even speak to you once I was there.

    I hope you have a nice Easter with your wonderful family.
    That's one thing I do have the same as you. A WONDERFUL family...

  7. I am no good at cat names, but I sure do envy you that batch of kittens. I would sit under them at all times.

  8. We had a cat that lived in our barn loft and was antisocial, so we named it "Spook". Apparently, she came down once, because several weeks later, she deposited several new kittens under a bush outside the barn....then washed her paws of the whole thing! Fortunately, her mother had been nursing kittens and they were ready to be given away, so she willingly adopted the new batch. After all, they were her grandkittens! It was harder to get a mare to accept a motherless colt---we had to rub Vicks up her nose and run the colt into her stall several times during the night. By morning, she accepted the foal as her own and things were fine. But, it was funny to see a big Belgium nursing a little QuarterHorse.

  9. Anonymous12:48 AM

    My goodness, what drama! Lol.

  10. For a new mother to arrange a wet nurse is genius...or she may be guilty of felineious child abuse.
    okay, I'm leaving.

  11. This post jogged a memory. I had two similar cats. One was mother of the year and the other only enjoyed the getting pregnant part of motherhood. Cat #1 did all the raising till I got them both fixed.
    Impressed that Slim doesn't hurt the babies.

  12. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Jar jar.
    OMG the Star Wars list is endless!
    You have ten kittens but what are you going to do with ten plus CATS?!

  13. That is so sweet. I love how animals will help each other out with no care for the breed. Slim is a good dog with a wonderful heart.

  14. What an amazing story Annie.

    Fabulous having all those kittens. Maybe a Lord of the Rings family if there are lots of boys.

    Merry, Pippin, Frodo, Bilbo, Gimli
    Sam, Gollum & lots more. Not many girls names that trip off the tongue apart from Rosie & Arwen!

  15. Your family is growing at a rapid rate, Annie. I'll let everyone else do the christening.

    You don't need any Easter bunnies...when you've got all those Easter Kitties! :)

    I hope you've had a happy've obviously had a busy one!

  16. How nice that Slim loves the kitties so much!

  17. i have no names for you, but do understands a dogs love for a cat (and kittens) and vica versa!

  18. Bonnie (BIZ)
    I am only familiar with Jabba, Obi and Anakin. You can tell I am not that big of a fan but my kids and grandkids definitely are.

    Elephant's Child
    Yes Slim does put them down a bit soggy. My daughter's very large golden retriever liked to carry around their hamster. They didn't learn of this until one day the hamster was missing and their dog Anna appeared to have a very guilty look on her face. Finally she spit out the soggy critter, unharmed but unrecognizable onto the living room rug. They got Anna a toy hedgehog that she now carries with her everywhere and the hamster is safe. Your comment made me realize that Olive is David's daughter and that must be why she just turned the kids over to grandma. So many kids are doing that these days.

    I believe I will name this little newborn of Olive's that Slim keeps dragging out Yoda. It seems to fit nicely. He or she is already a bit of a curmudgeon.

    Aunt Betsy
    Slim loves cats. She has been trained to run dogs off the property so cats are her only friends and she has played with them since day one. As the kittens get bigger they seem to enjoy playing with Slim.

    If Slim spots a mole she will practically follow it to the center of the earth. It is amazing how fast she can dig and she will emerge victorious with the mole in her mouth. Not for a playmate I must say. The cats earn their keep working on the mice. The chickens also do a pretty good job on mice and small frogs. It is a sight to behold when one chicken has a mouse and the others want their share. The race is on.

    Slim will select a favorite out of the batch and they will become fast friends until the day of doom. Slim's first and best long time cat friend was hit by a car:(

    It is a lively place and most enjoyable anytime you take a minute to sit and watch. I don't think I have mentioned that I am allergic to cats. lol Come see me any time and we can sit on my unfinished front porch and watch all the activity.

  19. kenju
    If we ever have a white one I will name it Sammy and if there is another black on out of this batch, I will have to name it Storm:)

    What a nice Easter surprise to see a comment from you:) Hope you are well. Yes, it does appear that we have new mother cat's giving their kittens to the grandmother cats. That is interesting. I am glad you got the Belgium to nurse the colt. We did not have such luck with our goats. We could not get another nanny to take an abandoned kid and try as we did, we could not keep it alive with supplement. It was so sad. Hope you will post again soon on your blog.

    You can say that again:)

    She didn't give much choice. She just crammed the infants under that Toro lawnmower and left the Mama David no choice when the new kittens latched on.

    Arkansas Patti
    As the kittens get bigger and come in and out of the barn on their own, they will seek Slim out. Crazy huh?

    The boys will leave as soon as they are grown unless I can manage to catch one and have it neutered. Some of the girls will abandon me for the neighbors who have a young granddaughter who dotes on the cats and spoils them. One of my cats that was born here comes for breakfast then goes back to the neighbors for breakfast there too.

    Slim is a good dog and she does have a giant heart and takes care of me very well.

    If you know me, you know gender has never played a role in naming critters around here. After all the big mama cat around here now is David. lol

    My family would have grown even large if I had given in to buying chicks at the feed store the other day. It was all I could do to pry myself out of there without a dozen or so. I love new chicks but they are very difficult to care for and require a lot of time and energy if you don't have a mama hen. I am hoping for a broody hen soon that I can put a clutch of eggs under and then I can have chicks on the place. Slim does not carry new chicks around because she knows that mama hen would poke her eyes out. She will help round them up if they stray or pull them out of a hole if they get stuck.

    Yes, Slim is love:)

  20. Brite Mist
    I almost missed your comment. Do you have pets? I am embarrassed that I don't remember.

  21. Got to love Slim. I too had a dog named Slim.(Border colliexMcNabb) He loved kittens, and would go around to all the neighboring barns and pickup kittens and bring them home, where upon Sally the Broder Collie would come into her milk. So Slim & Sally raised a motley crew of barn cats each year...

  22. Wow! Congrats! That is a lot of kittens.

  23. David is one smart cookie and a good mom.

  24. That'as alot of kitties! Slim must have strong maternal instincts.

    Anakin, Padme, Obiwan, Quigon Gin, Count Sidious, Darth Mol, Jar Jar Binks, so many more from Episode 1... Count Dooku, General Grievous, Yoda, Mace Windu, That's 11

  25. Alas all I get is blank squares. Did someone tell them I am not a cat lover? I do like to watch them.

  26. I enjoyed watching this drama play out, and hearing your voice over a background music of clucking.