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Monday, April 21, 2014


Question Of The Week 4-21-14

What do you think 

is the biggest downside 

of the 21st century?

Technology or ethics and morality or too many Baby Boomers or....?


  1. I'd say technology (and its effects on the environment), but I have embraced it as much as anyone. :)

  2. A combination. Probably an attitudinal shift that says 'I want it NOW' where now is often the latest technology, shortly to be superceded - and replaced.
    And a refusal to accept responbility - either for where we are, or where we are going.


  3. I also think its a combination of techy effects and what I call- Brattism:)
    Its like what Moses said to Ramses,

    "you have called this plague upon You"

    and so we have and much now live with it or take major steps to change it.

  4. Lynn
    We have to embrace it because it is our future. I do remember when my parents gave up on it though and wonder what age I will be when I say, "That's it for me!"

    Elephant's Child
    Oh that's a biggie. Not taking responsibility is truly a problem and it cannot be leading us to any place good.

    But, we've gotta have it, don't we?

  5. Morality...The Bible has been removed everywhere and not found in many hearts as well.

  6. I think the lack of ethics and morality are the worst thing about it. Too many children are not being taught the Golden Rule. It seems what they are taught is "Do unto others before they can do unto you." That spells disaster for our future.

  7. Technology. It's isolated people while giving them illusion they are actually closer together. It's made us feel incapable of concentrating on just one task at a time. It makes it virtually impossible to "unplug"...and the fact that unplug can now be used to describe people sums it all up, I think. :)

  8. the skewed distribution of wealth and all that it implies--inequality of food distribution, access the healthcare, education, etc.

  9. I do not think it is lack of morality or ethics...because those are just words that change as the times and peoples attitudes change. I think the worst is that we have lost the perspective of time and how we fit in the grand scheme of things. We do not care what we leave behind or what we destroy in the process of moving forward and many, not all, young people are too busy doing what they think they must and failing to understand it all.

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  11. Talon said what I was thinking. We have become so dependent on technology and the illusion of communication.

  12. Arrogance, disrespect,lack of good manners...and as EC says...not taking responsibility for one's actions...just to name a few....

  13. I think technology for two reasons. The first because it separates people as much as it unites them. But at the same time it takes away the area of anonymity and mercy. In the past people could walk away from bad spells and bad decisions. Now we really can't. It causes a culture that doesn't accept that people can change and learn from past mistakes. It doesn't make allowancese for good people in bad circumstances.I had a friend, a missionary in the Philippines tell me that they weren't bad people. They were desperate people who were trying to survive. He was right. People don't loot for food and water without being desperate. They aren't being phiras. They are being survivalist. But an arrest for looting marks them for life as being a theif. Someone who lost their job and then their house isn't a deadbeat. They are a person who made a decision to pay their mortgage or buy food. It causes justice without mercy.

  14. On a large scale, global warming? Maybe that is not taking responsibility for our actions in a big way.
    I happen to like technology & don't regret that we have it, so I wouldn't put it at the top of my "baddie" list. Too much of anything is a bad idea though, and of course we overdo our trust in technology.

  15. The biggest downside is us, we have become so comfortable in the little worlds we build around us that we will do anything not to risk it. There are few that would/will stand up and truly try to find reasonable solutions to our problems.

  16. The fact that we have so little privacy, and so many people don't seem to care.

  17. Changes in the wind
    We have become too dependent on The Bible being our main source of morality and until we realize that all people are not going to teach from that one source, we must adopt all teaching of good ethics and morality in order to get our children on the right path. Because that is where we learned we think that is the only way and that is going to be the ruin.

    I wonder if a young person today could even tell you what the Golden Rule is.

    And when we come across a person who has never plugged in, we stare at them in amazement.

    Olga Hebert
    Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing?
    Where have all the flowers gone, long time ago?
    Where have all the flowers gone?
    Young girls have picked them everyone
    Oh, when will they ever learn?
    Oh , when will they ever learn?

    I am truly hoping that young people have a better understanding than we give them credit for. My grandchildren certainly seem to be on much more solid footing than I was at their age.

    Arkansas Patti
    Is our communication ability an illusion? I can sit on my rural farm and reach out to my entire family at once or to my church group or senior group with a single key stroke.

    Will good manners eventually just fade away?

    That is true of some but not all. We tend to lump everyone in the same category when all don't fit. There definitely are some bad apples.

    We always take everything to extremes and then have to slowly move backward until we reach a happy medium.

    Oh so true. Keep me comfy in my cocoon.

    Riot Kitty
    I seem to have too much privacy. I don't think people are respecting it, I think they just don't care.

  18. Too many people whining about what's wrong instead of reveling in what's right.

  19. Annie, I forgot to add that I don't own a cell phone. Never have. The computers are bad enough for me! :)

  20. In the United States, it is the way we have allowed our political processes to be hijacked by the highest bidder. Politics has become a circus sideshow. We need campaign reform now.

  21. The biggest downside is the loss of family cohesion that is becoming more and more prevalent. Children are having children and there isn't a parent to be seen.

  22. Getting the grandkids to look up from their online life n give you real-life interaction, plus they no longer want to go out for walks- n would rather stay in with video games.
    Real life takes a back-burner!

  23. I'm not complacent about ethics and morality but one of my sons told me a sad tale of an older woman who killed herself because she no longer wanted to live in a world of emails and I understand where she is coming from.

  24. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Artificial sweetener. Seriously.

  25. I think all of the factors are fine in their own rights. It is the misuse of technology and neglect of ethics that bring the down side.
    Hey, I am a baby boomer and I am not about to kick myself LOL

  26. Good question. : )
    My editor just requested a column 'soon' and although I'd like to write one here I'm out of time.

  27. Axiesdad
    Amen, amen, again I say amen!! Glad to see you visit here Axiesdad. That was a great comment.

    How do you survive in this 21st century without a cell phone???

    Susan Adcox
    You lead the parade and I will march.

    And adults are mistreating children and help is no where to be seen.

    Snaggle Tooth
    Oh give me a computer over a walk any day. I am terrible!

    That was a sad excuse for committing suicide.

    Well you could have something there.

    Yes let's not kick ourselves my friend.

    Not too good a question if that's all you can say in a few seconds:)