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Frankie and Slim
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Thursday, December 05, 2013


You might remember this post. Well, matters have only gotten worse.  This week I received a letter stating another account number has been established for me. I now have THREE accounts with US Cellular.  Today I went ahead and filed an informal complaint with the FCC and will follow up with a formal complaint after submitting copies of all the correspondence, etc.  Here is the summary of the complaint.

8-9-13 I changed to single account due to death of my spouse on 7-1-13. Multiple attempts to handle a simple issue have led to creation of three accounts at US Cellular dealing in-person with 8 reps, on phone with different rep each time (at least 8) and through email with various reps only to resolve one issue while then creating a new issue. Each representative seems eager and friendly and wanting to help but after assuring me they have the matters resolved, it turns out they do not and I can never reach that same person again. I would call it a comedy of errors but it has become too painful. I now have three different account numbers with US Cellular and only one phone. The three accounts have two with credit balances and one with a balance due.  

I am closing this to comments because everyone saw this before.  It is primarily to make US Cellular even more aware of my anger and anxiety in case they see it. The original post is still open to comments.

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