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Frankie and Slim
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Monday, June 10, 2013


Question Of The Week 6-10-13

What facts do you find most interesting about the human body?

Did you know the acid in your stomach is strong enough to dissolve razorblades?

And human hair is practically indestructible unless you burn it? (I've set my hair on fire twice...yikes!) No wonder it clogs our pipes.

By the way it is ok to tickle someone as long as their mouth isn't duct taped shut:) In other words as long as you don't tickle them until they stop breathing it is ok.


  1. Cool pic you found! Hope I never need the full-body x-ray.... or airport scan!

    The body can go 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, but can't go 3 days without sleep.
    At some point you'll fall asleep involuntarily. I try to limit my sleep skipping to 2 days max... always takes at least a week to recover n feel normal again-

    Coka-cola we drink removes hard, black, carbon deposits from motor parts in 2 days. Yet our bodies survive it!

    Darn, now I'm tired n thirsty!

  2. I read this just in time. I had the duct tape right by the bed and everything.
    What about ankles and wrists taped together?

  3. I had a body scan last December as we came through LA and did wonder what I looked like under the skin - The operator didn't seem to be the joking sort so I never asked!
    I did give up drinking cola of any sort many years ago when I saw what it did to metal.

  4. I think I tested the tickle theory on my youngest sister once! :)

    I find it fascinating that our hands have 27 bones. An odd number.

  5. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Wonderful news that you have lost 7 lbs so far. And I think it is cruel to tickle anyone who does not want to be tickled.

  6. Snaggle Tooth -- I don't remember you ever being my first to comment. Hope you weren't reaching a limit of going without sleep.

    Cliff -- Were you planning to be the tickler or the ticklee?

    Cathy -- I have never been a soda pop drinker and now I'm glad. My poor grandkids drink way too much Dr. Pepper.

    Talon -- Maybe our hands have all those bones to torture little sisters by tickling them. I too am a little sister tickled by an older sister...and an older brother. Oh woe is me. Yep, I got my revenge on my poor children.

  7. gigihawaii -- Thanks for the praise on my losing 7 pounds. It is great but such a small drop in the pool.

  8. I cannot get over your comment on duct tape and tickling. Somehow I never saw you as that type of person...! The brain with all it electrical impulses that translate into language and ideas and feelings is what keeps me in awe.

  9. I knew about the stomach acid, but not the other stuff.

    BTW I hate getting tickled... duct tape or not ;-)

  10. I have to be honest and say that nothing about the human body interests me, in fact it freaks me out. As long as mine keeps on working for a few more years I'll be happy. How it works, I'd rather not know. But I have a doctor phobia.

  11. I think it's fascinating how the brain sends information to the rest of our body and all our parts obey, usually!

  12. My question is - How in the world when knowing all this and seeing all this and thinking about all of this - how can people not believe in GOD? sandie

  13. If I didn't know better, I could have SWORN Mr. RK wrote that last paragraph! Interesting...I love trivia. I find it fascinating that the body can repair itself in some instances. And not others. Like, why can starfish regenerate limbs and we can't?

  14. Razor blades? Hair is indestructible? I thought I read some place that it had nitrogen and was good to put in your garden. I wonder if that was a myth.

  15. Tabor -- First of all, it would frighten you to REALLY know me hehehehehehehehehe (evil laughter). Second, our brain is definitely a computer that will never be equaled. Sad that few of us only use a small portion of it.

    cube -- What else do you know about the human body? Please share a tidbit. That is the question. I am tickled by funny stories but have not been physically tickled since my own children used to hold me down and tickle me until I sang "Animal Crackers In My Soup" with feeling.

    LL Cool Joe -- Bummer!

    Mountain Mama -- My brain was interrupted for several years by a couple of tumors in my ovaries. Yikes! Wish my brain could have told me that was what was going on.

    Chatty Crone -- I'm the one asking questions today! lol

    Riot Kitty -- Mr. R.K. sounds like my kind of guy. Now about generating our own limbs...we're getting there. Now where is your astounding human fact?

    Kay --Good thought. Why not research it and add it here as an answer to my question of the week:)


  16. One tidbit I know about the body is
    that you get a new stomach lining every three to four days. If you didn't, the strong acids your stomach uses to digest food would also digest your stomach.


  17. cube -- Very interesting. Do you shed your stomach lining like a snake sheds it's skin? Guess that will be a good one to research. Thanks!

  18. I hate to find out HOW they discovered that stomach acid would do that to a razor blade!!!

    And that makes total sense about hair clogging drains I never knew that...and now it makes sense why my mother always collects the hair that comes out when she brushes and burns it...I don't have time for all that but hey at least I know now!!

    The most fascinating thing I find about the human body is the fact that god created it!! And the fact that it's self healing....AWESOME!!

  19. I find it fascinating the way the body heals itself - under normal circumstances.