Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


We gave ourselves a Kindle Fire HD for a combined Christmas and  anniversary present.  We can read books, listen to audio books, listen to Pandora radio (Ron can hear all the Ernest Tubbs he wants), we can play games etc.  It will especially come in handy in our doctor's waiting room visits.  (Should I admit that it was my idea and my purchase and the only one surprised with the gift was Ron?)

Meanwhile my favorite thing is to listen to audio books. I used to carry around my CD player in my pocket and listen with the headphones.  How was I going to carry my Kindle?

The design was in my head and I shared it with visiting niece and grand-niece.  My quandary was how to put it together without a sewing machine (and especially without any knowledge of sewing)?  They made the wonderful suggestion that I put it together using decorator duct tape.  And sew so I did:)  I used a padded envelope for the base of the project. Now I can carry it around on my Zoll LiveVest monitor belt and later just on a regular belt. Plus it just makes a nice carrying case for the Kindle.

This little padded carrier also fits nicely in the front zipper pocket of my new purse.
The Kindle slides in and out of the carrier nicely and is a perfect fit,

There are loops on the back but your can barely see them.
My  belt for the Life Vest monitor threads easily through the loops.
And here I am wearing my Life Vest monitor and my our new Kindle with ear phones attached.


  1. Necessity is the mother of invention - or so I have heard. I like your choice of duct tape - very nice!!

  2. That looks like something you could market! It's wonderful. I'm glad you had a good Christmas, GA.

  3. You are pretty cleaver...hope you enjoy the kindle.

  4. Judy -- I did not know they sold decorator duct tape in so many styles. It was difficult to select. Is that used in your floral arrangements?

    Lynn -- I can only market it to my chickens and none of them have Kindles...or belts:)

    Changes in the wind -- I am loving OUR Kindle. Ron is not all that excited about it but I'm sure he will be:)

  5. Very creative and it looks like it will work very well for you. I also got a Kindle Fire HD....quite an upgrade from my original Kindle that I am used to. My 10 year old granddaughter has had to show me all that it does. :)

  6. you did great making a designer cover for your kindle. Its gonna be so great to have with you at appointments to keep you occupied and entertained.
    It was my birthday and I got so many wonderful gifts. A new office chair with a lumbar back- it feels soooooooooooooo good to sit in all day.


  7. Jeanie -- I am not experienced with any androids. Don't even have a smart phone so this is totally new to me. Many of our pre-Christmas visitors gave me some tutoring and I found a wonderful site on YouTube for Kindle beginners.

    Sonny -- Happy (belated) Birthday. Are you a Christmas Day baby? Our wedding anniversary is the 23rd so we combine gifts. Glad you got a comfortable office chair.

  8. That's so neat! There are times when I really love technology.

    I will e-mail you a picture of Mr. RK's favorite present, and you will be more convinced than ever of how odd we are.

  9. Happy Christmas!

    How inventive of you. Very clever & very attractive. I thought duct tape came in brown.

    Have to say I'm a Luddite. Still using books. I'm not going to make the transition until our local library offers e-books.

    A few years ago I bought Eric a Nintendo DS with one of those brain training programmes to help keep his brain active. Not sure whether he was insulted but he's never used it!

    We bought a new telly with built in Wi-Fi & it drove me batty. I'l post about it once I've got over the trauma.

  10. Riot Kitty -- I'm happy for Mr. R.K. and his unusual gift. Thanks for the picture.

    Winifred -- I thought there was only one duct tape and was amazed to see the wide variety available in the art section of the store. It was difficult to select just one. do you watch DOWNTON ABBEY? Have you watched Season 3? I got each episode on Simply June's blog before it is released in the US and watched the Christmas finale this morning. Oh me oh my.

  11. Oh you're a genius, Annie! I love the duct tape idea. Can you believe I misplaced my Kindle?? I haven't been able to locate it in weeks and I'm crushed. It's great for traveling and I love how you can listen to audio books on it. I hadn't gotten that far with it but when I find it...

    Merry Christmas to you and Ron! Enjoy your gift! :)

  12. I didn't realize duct tape came in designs!!
    that's the most amazing thing

    how creative your case is
    I love it!!


  13. What a cool case :) Merry Christmas and A BLessed New year :D

  14. Good for you guys.
    Happy Anniversary and Happy Holidays.

  15. Well, now yer happier than an antelope with night vision goggles.
    Looks good.

  16. That's very clever and looks stylish too. Looks like your christmas present will get a great deal of use!

  17. What a great idea, the kindle n the carrier. I didn't know about designer duct tape either!
    One guy neighbor at a Super Hero costume party a few years back covered his clothes, hat n shoes n was "Duct Tape Man" in the original kind. Very durable stuff. N water proof!
    Get Ron some books on it for his appointments too. Sounds like alot of entertainment there to share.
    Glad you got to treat yourselves with something you can really enjoy!

  18. Ileana -- Oh No! I hope you find your Kindle. Don't know what I would do without mine now. Too bad we can't call our Kindle like we do a lost cell phone.

    Dianne -- It seems that teenagers make everything with duct tape from prom dresses to wallets. It's a whole new world: )

    Shionge -- Thanks Betty. Wow, it is almost 2013. Hope your New Year is great.

    Munir -- I'm hoping the number 13 is good for us. It is our 13th Anniversary as we roll into the year 2013. Thanks for the good wishes.

    Cliff -- You're right about that. Hum, should we ask the government for a grant to provide antelope with night vision goggles?

    LL Cool Joe -- I am honored by that comment. High praise coming from you! Thanks.

    Snaggle Tooth -- It may be dangerous that I discovered designer duct tape. Now I see limitless possibilities. I've always used the original kind for repairs that make people laugh. My son-in-law was amazed when he met our family with all my appliances held together with duct tape. I'll have to get newspapers and history articles for Ron to read.

  19. Bonnie (biz) -- Well nothing like remodeling a home!

  20. The things we create when we want something that hasn't been created yet to do what we need to be done, is always the most excellent.

    Hope you and Ron had a Merry Christmas.

    And Ernest Tubbs is pretty cool too.

  21. That's so neat. I went shopping with my daughter a while back when she was looking for a cover for her Kindle. I like yours. It has personality plus. I just learned on Christmas day that there is designer duct tape because my great grand's each got a roll of it for Christmas. I expect the whole house will be taped by now! Lol. I'm glad you are enjoying your present.

  22. G.B.Miller -- I had never heard of Ernest Tubbs until I met Ron. It took a while but the music grew on me and now I love it. I am really not sure that this is the first attached carrying case for a Kindle but it was fun creating it and just what I needed to listen and work at the same time.

    Mountain Mama -- Be sure and share this idea with your daughter. Maybe she can make her own Kindle carrier too:)

  23. You are so clever. I love your cover. I have a tablet, which is a bit bigger than a Kindle, but I had enough bonus points from my credit card, so I ordered a Kindle Fire with them. I'm traveling in Europe this summer, so I'm looking forward to having something smaller to take along.

  24. Beverly -- If you get a Kindle Fire HD I hope you will enjoy it as much as I am enjoying mine. It is a ball.

  25. Oh LUCKY and CREATIVE you! I've been salivating over the new Kindle too. Your Kindle carrier is so wonderful. What a great idea!

  26. Kay -- Why would you want a Kindle. Didn't you recently get an iPad? I think it does as much or more than the Kindle. I do like the size of my Kindle more than the iPad.