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Frankie and Slim
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Friday, December 14, 2012


Seeing this made me realize I needed to re-run this post from 2007


The fold of the cookie faces the person it is meant for – not the crimped ends. (Make sure you pick the correct cookie.)

Do not touch the other fortune cookies – only yours. (It negates a fortune if you touch it and it is not yours.)

If the fortune cookie tastes good, the fortune will be bad. If the fortune cookie tastes bad, the fortune will be good.

NEVER open your fortune cookie until you are completely through with your meal.

Always add the words, “in bed” at the end of reading your fortune aloud. Example: You are ready to take on the world…….in bed. Do the right thing, regardless of what others think… bed. You have a friendly heart and are well admired……in bed.


I always collect the discarded fortunes of our group in restaurants. I fold them and keep the fortunes in a jar by the front door. When someone leaves, they can read their fortune on the way out. .

Always go to Chinese Restaurant after Thanksgiving

Re-run from November 23, 2007 post.


  1. brilliant idea as always..

    open carefully or your future will be- cookie crumbs- IN BED...


  2. No, never knew there were fortune cookie rules but then I rarely eat chinese food.

  3. We often go to a Chinese restaurant on Christmas night....I will have to remember these rules, especially since this is the first I knew that there were rules. :)

  4. I got one recently that said I was a good person, but flawed. :) How about that???

  5. I always go to PF Changs and they give out fortune cookies. My fortunes are always so generic. I want specific. You know, like, YOU WILL HAVE A WILD EVENING OF LOVE WITH TOM HANKS.


  6. Sonny -- Of course, one rule should be never to open fortune cookies in bed. LOL

    Changes in the wind -- Didn't know there were rules?? Of course there are rules for everything.

    Jeanie -- Better print off this list and take with you the next time you eat Chinese.

    Lynn -- Okay spill it...what are your flaws?

    Marla and Steve -- First let me say I hope this post is from Marla:) Second, if it is, I hope Steve doesn't read it. Tom Hanks...really?

  7. i missed that earlier post - i love this!

  8. I've only once had a fortune cookie and that was in the States where the waitress couldn't understand me when I asked for a glass of water, so I asked again with an American accent and she got me one right away. :D

    Btw Thank you for that fantastic quote on my last post on my blog. It was really great and I'd never heard it before.

  9. Whitemist -- I am glad you liked it:)

    LL Cool Joe -- How difficult is it to impersonate an American? That has to be a hoot. Glad you liked the quote from THE PROPHET by Khalil Gibran.

  10. I love that fortune!

    I have to say, the best one I ever got was a few years ago after I wrote a "fuck off and die!" e-mail to someone who really deserved it (trust me on this one.) A couple of days letter, my fortune said, "You have a way with words. Write a letter this week."

  11. I had no idea that there were rules on fortune cookies - who knew? sandie

  12. I did not know that there were rules about fortune cookies. I sometimes save mine too in an empty pill bottle.

  13. I've been at a conference since Wed and just got home. This post made me just stare at the computer. And I now realize I know even less about life than I thought.

  14. My friend always does the "in bed." I thought it was something she thought of. I didn't know it was part of the fortune cookie rules. What fun! I didn't know the other rules either. Thank you for educating me. :-)

  15. I can not help you, for I am just a cookie - in bed???

    I never heard of "the Rules" before either!

    I also loved your "Prophet" quote, n saved it in a text file the other day from Joeys...

  16. Riot Kitty -- Sometimes even a limited vocabulary can say a whole lot.

    Chatty Crone --With all the information you find and share I'm surprised you did not know this.

    Munir -- Good idea about the pill bottles. I would have lots of extra storage with those.

    Cliff -- Wow, I'm betting that was pretty hard for you to admit:)

    Kay -- I am happy to educate with my very limited knowledge.

    Snaggle Tooth -- Thanks for correcting the picture fortune! I thought everyone knew fortune cookie rules. Glad you enjoyed the quote. You would enjoy the book THE PROPHET.

    Anyone remember when Jamie Dawn used to comment on our blogs? Well here is what that witty gal had to save in '07 about my fortune cookie rules post: "Secondhand fortunes are of the Devil. Burn those immediately, or you will be haunted by Confucious... in bed."

  17. Encouraging fortune. LOL

    I didn't know about the folds facing the person the fortune cookie is meant for. Interesting rules.

    I've had some funny fortunes and "in bed" always helps at the end of any sentence! ;)

  18. I love your idea about keeping the fortunes in a jar by the door. I'm going to start doing something like that too. I hadn't heard of a lot of those rules. Guess I've been doing it wrong all this time.

  19. Ileana -- Your fortune cookie say "You will have a happy birthday bed." Hope it will be a wonderful love-filled day.

    Pat MacKenzie -- If you google fortune cookie rules you will find a whole bunch of different procedures for properly opening the cookies. Keeping a bunch by the door is our own ritual I'm sure. It is fun for all.

  20. very amusing post!

  21. Hmmm...maybe I should've stayed in bed then. lol Too late. :)

  22. ashok -- Thanks. Do you know any fortune cookie rules?

    Ileana -- Birthday girls can go back to bed whenever they want on their birthday. That's a birthday rule.

  23. Love the in bed addition.

  24. I love your header.
    Fortune cookies: I never cared for them, but have a recipe to make them. I used to put bible verses in them. I never heard there were any rules about them.

  25. Hey do you know I only get/eat fortune cookies when I was in America? True ;) It is not a usual practise to get a fortune cookies here in a Chinese Restaurant so I find it very intriguing and interesting.

    So, now I know how to 'handle' one fortune cookies if I travel to USA again...Thank you :D

  26. Ralph -- If you are going to add the "in bed" always read the fortune quietly before blurting it out to the crowd.

    Mountain Mama -- A recipe for fortune cookies? Never heard of such a thing. I thought they grew on trees with the fortunes in them:)

    Shionge -- I have often heard that Americans invented fortune cookies. Think you comment might have confirmed this.

    I just emptied an old purse and in the bottom was an old fortune that read: "You will have many friends when you need them" bed:) Think that just has to mean that I'll read my blog friends on my laptop while in bed. I am thankful for you my friends.