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Monday, December 17, 2012


Question Of The Week 12-17-12

Did you meet a fork in the road?

What’s a quick decision you once made that changed your life?

It was my primary goal to work for Merrill-Lynch-Pierce-Fenner and Smith when I graduated.  I put in my application, interviewed and tested for a position and was awaiting their call.  Instead a local bank called me, interviewed me, offered me a job and I took it.  Two weeks after starting with the bank, Merrill-Lynch called and made an offer.  The salary and benefits were almost identical.  I did not feel right about leaving the current position after only two weeks and stayed in banking...for 32 years.

I just made a quick decision to post this link to ALWAYS NESTING for some amazing gift wrapping ideas. Don't think it will change my life but it sure will help me out.


  1. When they were offering financial packages to managers to leave our corporation. I can't say it was a quick decision, but everyone I know tried to stop me. I stood over the fax machine and realized I was making a life changing move and then just sent the fax in. The next two years just going to school were the happiest two years of my life, but I sure have suffered financially from that decision.

  2. Wow, when I was young I made so many quick decisions as I pushed into adulthood, mostly not so good where my heart was concerned. Then came Steve. We met, dated, and married all within 6 months. Here we are, 27 years together and still laughing and loving our way thru life.

  3. Lynn -- It has often seemed to me that the best decisions with greater happiness are not always the best financial decisions.

    Marla and Steve -- Ron and I were the same. We knew in less than a month that we were perfect for each other but we waited year to seal the deal:) That was fourteen years ago and next Sunday we celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary.


  4. When I was 17 years old I went to a High School dance and met two boys. One was very serious and the other made me laugh.

    I chose to accept a walk home from the boy who was funny and we have been together now for 66 years.

    We went together for 4 years and got married in 1950,and he has mostly made me smile now for those 62 years.

    It was a very good decision that I made.

  5. You are just too sweet! And, you always make me laugh. Wow, could we have a good time if you put the two of us together!

  6. Giving up my graphic design business with all it's deadlines and pressure, and becoming a dj. Nope it wasn't the best decision from a financial point of view, but from a personal choice it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

  7. I tend to make quick decisions, but have not had to regret many of them. I am married to a man who looks at all the angles.

  8. Was it quick? I just know that when I knew that the man I had loved thirty years before - and hadn't seen since - was bereft, I had to break the silence and reach out to him.
    It's an old story but I left my family, my home and my business and we have just had our 33rd wedding anniversary. Never for a moment have I regretted it.
    Normally making decisions drives me nuts.

  9. Nancy -- And of course a good decision that Roy made. Or did he have any say in the matter?

    Marla and Steve -- No then two of us would have been running amok. We needed Ron and Steve to keep us in line. Hope others will enjoy your gift wrapping hints.

    LL Cool Joe -- I'm not worrying about your financial stability from the looks of your two homes:) Glad you could DJ.

    Tabor -- Those angles can trip a girl up so it's good to have a fellow who can see one step ahead of us:)

    Pat -- You say that story will be published someday? It's gotta be a good one.

  10. My dad and I didn't talk the entire time I was in college, long story. I got back in touch with him and in our first phone call, he offered to move me back to California to start over. I thought about it for three hours and said yes. And I'm very glad I did.

  11. my fork was 33 years ago when i had 3 offers and i took the one which i thought might mean the most, instead of what might pay the best. I think i was correct

  12. I think my quick decision was to say, "yes" to my husband's marriage proposal. It was a surprise, but we've been married quite happily for nearly 40 years now.

    Love your wrapping link! Such fun!

  13. To move away from the Boston Suburb when I was 18 n get married. Decision made in 1 day. That's how I ended up living here, even of the marriage didn't last after all- Having the children was the best part!

  14. For me it might have been my marriage proposal on a first date. As outrageous as that might sound, she accepted. That was 41 years and two years ago.
    I should admit that we'd double dated many time before that, just with different partners.
    When I heard she'd dumped him, I met up with her at a college dance and that's how it began.
    We did wait 2 years to get married and she joined me here on the farm from her home in Denver.

  15. Riot Kitty -- That sounds like it was a very brave thing to do. If my children's father had made such a proposal to either of them, they would NOT have taken it and that would have been a right decision.

    Whitemist -- For some reason when we were poorest, we were happiest.

    Kay -- From your blog posts, you definitely made the right decision. Who else would walk down a mountain while you rode a mule? LOL

    Snaggle Tooth -- I was nineteen. Also made decision in one day. Also marriage didn't last, but no regrets because I got a couple of wonderful kids in the bargain. Made me available for this wonderful marriage when I was 52 and he was 59.

    Cliff -- That's one of those tales where you want to hear "the rest of the story".

  16. No surprise that many of these comments are about marriage. Nothing has such a huge impact on one's life as that decision. When you've been together for many years, as my husband and I have, it's easy to lose the reasons you loved each other in the first place. It's important to try to rediscover those reasons and find new reasons, too. That's my mission lately.

  17. Most of our decisions were made by our elders in India. The only decision I made was to self publish a book when I saw four hundred of my coworkers getting fired and loosing their health insurance.

  18. Retirement - I had been thinking about it for awhile but one morning while checking my e-mail I decided it was time. Half an hour later I was in the benefits office figuring out the details. Regrets? Ha Ha Ha - not a one!

  19. When I took the courage to walk in front of the podium to request for an autograph from the President of Singapore :) In an auditorium :D

  20. I have made a couple expensive purchases and man I wish I hadn't.

  21. I would have to say taking a job at the Dept of Corrections back in 2004.

    I had just returned to the agency that I was laid off from back in January 2003. I was waffling when I had gotten the original offer, but my supervisor at the time told me to go for it.

    So I did.

    That one decision put on a road that 11 years later finds me commenting on your blog answering the question about changing one's life with a snap decision.

    With no regrets, btw. :D

  22. Susan Adcox -- Complacency is a disease. We all have to work to restore the magic occasionally. Sharing stories and pleasant memories are great for lighting fires:)

    Munir -- So what about this book? Where can we find it and what is it about.

    Ralph -- I remember that your retirement seemed quite sudden. One day you were singing the praises of you job and the next you were out of there. Glad you made the right decision.

    Shionge -- Wow, that had to be a frightening thing to do especially in front of an audience. Good for you. Now you don't have to regret not having done it.

    Chatty Crone -- Oh brother, haven't we all.

    G.B. Miller -- It is never good to regret because we cannot change our decisions. It is always wonderful when they work out and most of us have had no regrets.