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Frankie and Slim
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Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Photo above Twin Bridges where Neosho River from Kansas and Spring River from Missouri  flows into Grand Lake.

It is quite obvious we haven't had much time lately to celebrate the fact that we live on Grand Lake O' The Cherokees in Oklahoma.  After commenting on Lynn's GOOD THINGS HAPPENED blog about "our lake" she announced she did not realize that we lived on the lake.  It's all my fault because we've been so busy with our health concerns we haven't been able to enjoy it much.  Here is some evidence for Lynn and anyone else who might be interested.

Our front road.  The lake is just over the hill.

Aerial view of our property.  The top of the photo is lake not sky:)
We bought this boat on eBay and drove to St. Louis to get it.  It proved too difficult to get on and off of, so we gave it to brother-in-law. We still own two boats.

Joey does flip off Pontoon Boat.
California grandkids are lake posers.
Tulsa grandkids are lake posers.

One of our boat launching locations.
Same boat launching location in winter. 
May 22, 2011 Tornado that hit Joplin, MO did a little warm up on our lake before heading to Joplin. Meanwhile  Ron and I napped until family started calling to see if we were okay.
View out my kitchen window.
Pensacola Dam of Grand Lake, the World's Largest Multiple Arch Dam.

Spot Ron has been clearing for our lake lookout.  Thought we might put a little house there someday.
Slim heads to the back of property to see how the clearing is progressing.


  1. Evidence - I like that! And I am so pleased to have my own shout out on a blog title. :)

    Beautiful lake, it is!

  2. You live on a lake and have two boats...exactly what I was writing about. REally great photos!

  3. loved seeing all the beauty that surrounds you. looks like a mighty peaceful place.

  4. Very nice. It's something really special to be able to call such a close piece of mother nature "home" these days.

  5. Okay Annie - I love it!!! It is Heavenly - I bet you enjoy the beauty there are the time!!! sandie

  6. What a beautiful setting!! I love being near water, although I prefer rivers and the ocean.

  7. Lynn -- I'm glad you like the shout out:) Recently Awaiting Buddha did the same for me. It is a shame that we do not spend more time on the lake. We don't even fish much anymore.

    Tabor -- Most of these pictures were taken a long while ago. Here we live right on the lake with a large pontoon boat and a nice bass boat and yet if we fish at all we fish from the bank or off a bridge. Just what you were saying.

    Sonny -- I need to take better pictures. Most of mine have to do with functions of living on the lake and not the beauty of it.

    G.B. Miller -- We definitely call mother nature "home".

    Chatty Crone -- We can even enjoy it when it snows because we are retired and don't have to worry about trying to get out of here in bad weather. It is heavenly.

    Judy -- I spent my childhood on this lake and my grandparents had a cabin here so it is like home to me. I was thrilled when we found this place to live. Ron just cannot be a city boy and I have also learned to be a country mouse:)

  8. That is really lovely! You mentioned health concerns...hope you are both doing OK.

  9. Great pics! Your barn is so big!
    Think the winter lake shot is super! Can't believe you haven't posted more of the lake earlier! Sorry the tornado story made me laugh... terrible really- just funny how presented!
    You have boats unused?
    I sure hope you n Ron make more good health, feeling better excuses to get out there n enjoy that beautiful place more!

  10. A lake and a boat? You are so fortunate butI know it is easy to take special things like that for granted.
    Imagine living in a city.
    That has to be a healing place.

  11. Hello Annie
    You kept that quiet didn't you - so glad you showed us as now we can picture you in your surroundings (which are beautiful by the way)
    Take care

    Cathy @ Still Waters

  12. I thought I was the only one who unwillingly owned two boats. I gave our runabout to one son, he gave it to our daughter and it's back in one of our buildings. The very reason I wanted to get rid of it was to get it out of the way.
    Y'all have a lovely location. I hope you get more time to enjoy it.

  13. So beautiful! There are not many places like that around anymore, so unspoiled by progress. Great photos. How I would love to visit one day and play around with my camera.

  14. I too didn't realize you lived on a lake...thanks for pictures and I LOVE that view from your window!!!

  15. You are so blessed to be living on the lake.. I just happened to get the shot of the goat eating alone.. another one had just walked off.. My husband has pans scattered everywhere out there.. they fight over them, but there are enough for everyone..

  16. Hi Annie,

    I am so happy you posted all those beautiful pictures today. You are so lucky! Lucky in love and lucky in living....

  17. Beautiful, Annie! I had no idea you lived on a lake...and you have so much land. I can see why you'd never want to leave.

  18. Gorgeous lake you have near your house! That is heaven on earth..

    I chanced upon your blog on Lynn's site and will be visiting you frequent for your interesting reads.

    Take care, Farida :)

  19. Fine pictures, that sunset... wow. There's such an advantage to living in a place where you can be outdoors easily and roam about. Something that English people don't get much (we are a very indoor society, I think) and in London impossible to get.
    Bet your grandkids love visiting and having the chance to take your boats on the lake!

  20. JeanMac -- It is isn't it? I'll try to do better with pictures in the future.

    Riot Kitty -- Oh you know, we always have health concerns. We're getting old and that comes with the honor of aging. Now your health problems are another thing. You are too young to be dealing with your health problems. I hope YOU are doing okay now. xoxo

    Snaggle Tooth -- Yep it is a whopper of a barn isn't it. There are twenty stalls and Ron's workshop and my commodity storage in it. Part of the stalls are for goats and there is a hen house in the middle. Originally it was a boat storage facility and the original owners rented spaces out to weekend lakers. Before we filled it up with our stuff we considered doing the same until we started thinking about risk and liability and insurance, etc.

    Pat -- It is a "healing" place. Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home. We love to get away once in a while, but oh how we love to return.

    Cathy -- Well I really didn't mean to keep it quiet. All those photos are off of some of my previous posts but I haven't posted any in a long time. Now I'm going to try and do a better job of keeping up with our lake living. I get so occupied with the chickens and goats that I forget about the natural beauty that surrounds us and how blessed we are.

    Cliff -- Thanks Cliff. We do have a great location. We need a lot of help to keep things mowed and cleared and equipment repaired these days but hopefully that will all change soon. Meanwhile my son and his three are willing to come most weekends and help. Also Ron has found a young high school kid who works a few days a week. It's really hard to hire workers these days. Guess that is because employment is so high....??? Oops, that's supposed to be "unemployment" so now I'm confused.

    Bonnie -- I am amazed by the response to this post and vow to do a better job of taking pictures in the future. It's funny how we take for granted those things that are just everyday stuff to us.

    Changes in the wind -- One thing on our list of what we wanted when searching for this home was a kitchen window above the sink. I never dreamed I would not only get the nice window but also such a lovely view. When will you guys return from Italy?

    ancient one -- I was relieved to learn that your goats also challenge each other for the food. It is crazy. They roam all day eating constantly and then fight over a little goat feed in the evening. Thanks for enjoying the lake pictures.

    Nancy -- It is wonderful living here and I dread the day if we ever have to return to the city to live. I loved your "Hold The Mayo" story June 4th on the Elder Storytelling Place. It certainly has me rethinking any lust I might have for an RV.

    Scarlet -- I don't expect my newer readers to know that I live on the lake but I can't believe you did not know. I really have been remiss in sharing this information. All of these photos came off previous blog posts but I may have failed to mention that it was "our lake". The grandkid's all call it Granny and Grandpa's lake. Of course the State of Oklahoma might disagree. LOL

    Farida -- It is great to meet you. Glad to know that we have "Lynn" in common. She is a good blog friend. I enjoyed seeing you blog and will be back to become more acquainted with you. We have a close bond with Filipinos and my husband spent lots of time in the Philippines during his military service.

    Jenny Woolf -- Most grandchildren say they are going on a visit to Grandma's house. My grandchildren say they are going to Grandma's Lake:) This post of mine has made me realize how much a neglect talking about the beauty that surrounds us. Thank you for stopping by and for allowing me to find your blog. I shall go there often to be fascinated by "An English Travel Writer".

  21. lol - you napped while a twister was dancing on your lake??? Okay, maybe it's just me, but I'd have been running for the hills! :)

    I hope you have time now to completely enjoy such a gorgeous place as where you live, Annie!

  22. Talon -- Yes, while we slumbered in our Oklahoma home, the city of Joplin, MO (45 minutes away) was almost completely flattened. If we had a tornado siren sound when that tornado was prancing around the lake, we sure didn't hear it. One of our neighbors took that picture. Our daughter in San Diego was the first to call and wake us up. "Are you guys okay?" She couldn't believe we were sleeping through all the excitement. Did I mention that we are getting an estimate for a "safe room" to be built here? Of course if we get the shelter we probably won't wake up to know to go get in it.