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Monday, June 04, 2012


Question Of  The Week

What was the last item you purchased that caused  you buyer's remorse?

 Ours was a mattress from an area discount store.  The rock bottom price was so good we just had to go for it. After about six weeks of struggling with the new "bargain" mattress (that felt like it had rocks in the bottom), we were forced to buy another that was a well known and trusted brand that has given us much better nights of sleep.


  1. My last buyers remorse was a too small fridge. I knew I needed the huge one but didnt want to remove the cabinet above it.

    I had to live with the snall one 2 years, save my money, take out the upper cabinet and redo the crown molding and buy the Huge fridge.

    I hope I've learned my lesson about doing it right the first time as that was a rather expensive error for me.

    Glad you're resting well on your newest mattress.

  2. I think there are certain things that one can can get away with buying cheap as they are often as good as the more expensive alternatives, but I don't think a mattress is one of them.

    We bought an expensive kettle recently, and it died 6 months after buying it, and yet I've bought much cheaper kettles before that have lasted for years.

  3. I'd have to say my car (but not too loudly, since I don't want to hurt its feelings and have it turn on me.)

    It was a good deal from a used car lot that my mechanic always buys his cars from. And it's been a sweet ride - no question. But I always wondered why the dealership she traded it at didn't put it on their own lot. It must have something to do with the faint smell of cigarette smoke and of all things, urine. When it's hot out - which is usually here - I get a blast of it when I get in the car. It slowly fades as the AC kicks in. But I always have to explain it to people getting in my car. I bought it smelling all perfumy. :)

    It's all good - and it's been a great car otherwise.

  4. Like you Annie - it was a mattress - only this one was a great deal dearer than the S Post that we have had in the past.
    It came with all the bells and whistles (if a mattress can have them) - a his and her side supposedly tailored to our height and weight - it was way up in the air due to the pillowtop which meant I had to buy new sheet sets and I also worried about falling out when I turned over lol
    The middle of the rotten thing caved in within a few months and we felt like we were sleeping in a ditch.
    New had to wait a while for a new one but we certainly got one.
    Take care

    Cathy @ Still Waters

    commenting via blogger - link above to new wordpress blog

  5. Strangely enough, the buyer's remorse came with self-publishing my chapbook.

    If I knew then, what I know now, I wouldn't have dropped 5 C notes in order to get it done.

    But, lesson was learned, even though it was expensive.

  6. It is mostly clothes these days that seem to fit in the dressing room and then shrink by the time I get home. I sometimes am too lazy to return them and donate them to charity. I do think the bigger the item the more you should be wary of sales and by from the more reliable dealer.

  7. Sonny -- OMG! I have the exact same problem in my kitchen. Only we will have to remodel the entire room in order to fit in a nice large refrigerator. Six years ago we found a Samsung that just squeezed in the space and had a very large bottom freezer but it was a lemon and finally this year for my birthday I got a large Frigidaire with no bells and whistles that will go out every time it rains. Thankfully we have a freezer and a second porch refrigerator.

    LL Cool Joe -- You are so right. A mattress is NOT one of them and we certainly learned the hard way. (no pun intended). Glad you went back to less expensive kettle. We are finding things with fewer bells and whistles last longer.

    Lynn -- Urine! Yikes! There has got to be some way to get rid of that lingering odor. Did you ever seer the Seinfeld episode when Jerry's car got body order from the restaurant valet parker? He couldn't even get anyone to steal the car.

    Cathy -- Oh thank you for not letting me be the only one with a lemon mattress. It helps me to know that even the best can turn out to be the worst.

    G.B. Miller -- How much is 5 C notes? Is that $500 or $5,000? How many copies did you get for the price? Most of life's lessons are expensive aren't they?

    Tabor -- You are so right about the bigger the item the better to go with reputable dealer. By the way, any idea how to get rid of a barely used, like new Queen size mattress. I wouldn't want to buy or even receive free a used mattress. Guess it will go on the burn pile.

  8. This reminded me of the Princess and the Pea storybook.

  9. Glad you're resting easier these days. A lousy mattress makes sleep time horrible.

    Last buyer's remorse was a kettle. I loved the design and the first one leaked...they replaced it and it leaked...and once more. Finally, I realized style over form doesn't work and bought an entirely different one from a totally different company and so far (fingers crossed) it's been a year and no leaks. :)

  10. Like Tabor...I buy some clothing item and then get it home and think "Why did I buy this". There must be magic dust in those dressing rooms to trick you into thinking "that looks good":)

  11. Hmmmm...buyer's remorse? I think it is the shoes I purchased a month ago, in anticipation of the reunion parties. Their sling heel felt good in the store, but when I put them on Friday night with my fancy black dress, they wouldn't stay on my feet, so I was forced to wear another pair.
    Today I returned them for credit and found another size that seems to work - so my remorse didn't last long.

  12. Darla -- Thanks for dropping by. Your blog is neat and so is your daughters new one. The Princess and the Pea story...of course!

    Talon -- What's with the kettles? Did you see LL Cool Joe's comment about his buyer's remorse over a kettle too?

    Changes in the Wind -- Yes Tabor spoke to a lot of us about the clothes thing. I believe the mirrors in the store are built especially to fool us.

    Judy -- I never dreamed something could be returned after a month. Sound like it all worked out for you. You looked great for the party and we could not even see your shoes in the photo.

  13. Okay - my husband and I went to a sales pitch to get a free cruise. And we are cheap and never buy things like this. We bought a vacation package for a lot of $$$ and have never used it - makes me sick to think about it now. sandie

  14. Maybe your last post and this one have something in common. You know, 'cause and effect.'

  15. It might also account for the smile.
    Okay, I'm goin home.

  16. Chatty Crone -- Oh Sandie I have heard about those type purchases and they all seem to have the same outcome...non-use. I would never go to one but it sure is tempting to attend just to see what they say to convince so many people to buy.

    Cliff -- Nice mattress...good rest...all smiles. Sure I see what you're saying:)

  17. Annie, I don't recall that post of Joey's, but I sure understand. I swear they make things so flimsy now knowing you'll have to replace it within the year. I remember my Mom having the same kettle when I was growing up for like 15 years - lol!

  18. Oh I can imagine......Mine is Simmons:D

  19. Believe it or not, it was a dog. We have NEVER paid for a dog, but decided to adopt one from the pound. They were running a special, so it only cost us $25. Well for the dog. Her name was Tinkerbell and she was a mess. She was so full of energy. She kept escaping from the house and yard. We kept her for about a month. She destroyed everything! She knocked down our Christmas tree twice and the last straw was when we came home from work and she had eated hubby's chair in the living room. We had (and still have) other dogs that I thought would calm her down. We just couldn't afford for her to destroy anything else. So we had to take her back. She was a beautiful dog, but she just needed someone who could take time with her and give her a BIG place to run.

  20. i know i have bought lemons, but there is one thing about a "holey" memory - i can not remember a thing!

  21. Sorry about the mattress! I'm hoping I'll get to meet mine soon, I'm due a few days of rest...Good to visit with you a minute. Thanks for the comment, it's nice to be missed!

  22. Ive had teakettle issues myself- I drink alot of tea. Always get stainless steel now, n empty out the water before leaving for work because they do rust.

    I need a new mattress too- non-allergenic n no Latex foam (allergic) costs a fotune! (it has to wait)

    I bought some tight shoes that weren't worth the foot injury a few years back- n also a pair of moccasins while in FL wish I could get that stretch kit thing for, but they are so buried now- need the backroom sorted out again.

  23. Talon -- I was referring to Joey's comment on this post. He too listed buyer's remorse over a kettle.

    Shionge -- Our new one is Simmons also. A Simmons Beauty Rest...Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Bonnie -- I remember Tinkerbell and how torn you were about having to take the dog back. This was the first time to hear of all the damage done. Yikes!

    Whitemist -- If it were not for my "holey" memory too I could list a lot more things.

    Debbie -- There you are:)

    Snaggle Tooth -- Tea kettles, tea kettles! I thought you just put water in a cup in the microwave with a Lipton's tea bag. Guess there are some serious tea drinkers out there. I managed to find a set of shoe stretchers at yardsale. They appeared to be unused and they have saved many a new pair of shoes for me.

  24. Two trolleys I bought - cheaper that way but not as sturdy as I expected and surplus to requirements.
    Shh! Not a word to MTL!

  25. I don't buy much, seem to spend my time trying to get rid of stuff. But I have mixed feelings about a chair bed we bought and keep in our library.

    It's useful to accommodate guests in our London apt. but when closed in a chair it's so large and ugly and seems to fill up half the library. I hate it every time I look at it. OTOH if I tossed it, I wouldn't have the space to put up the guests and they'd have to sleep on the sofa bed in the living room, which is much more inconvenient.

  26. Pat -- I won't tell MTL but first tell me what a trolley is?

    Jenny Woolf -- That chair bed sounds very interesting. I have never heard of such a thing. We have two fold out sofa beds.