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Frankie and Slim
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Monday, December 05, 2011


Question Of The Week 12-05-11

"Who will die if I don't do this today?" 

Sometimes we get so caught up in our holiday chores or work assignments that we act as if it they are matters of life or death. Is it going to kill us if we don't complete our task?  What is the worse that can happen if we mess something up.  (Okay I'm not talking about demolition experts here.) How seriously do you  take your "to do" lists?


  1. I don't get caught up in any to do lists at all and let it go to the next day (or the next) if necessary. I always liked that quote "don't sweat the small stuff - it's all small stuff."

  2. I dont take anything as seriously as I used to. I do what I can and if the rest happens, it happens and if not, oh well..
    I admit I had to get to middle age before this revelation finally sunk in lol..
    I too have a favorite phrase~~

    " I've learned a lot,since I thought I knew it all"

    Merry Christ mas

  3. Must do I will do...everyday mundane to do things I will do but if not...can do it tomorrow.

    Don't do won't do, do also will die so take it easy and just do it ....until we die LOL

  4. Earlier during school I used break my neck in holiday chores with my brother. Those days, i would say, it would be me who would die if I din't do it.

    These days, do I have chores at all?? hmmm.. thinking..

  5. I never actually write a "to do" list, but I have my mental one and since my memory is bad, it gets wiped out all the time :)

    Seriously, though, life is too short too stress over inconsequential things.

  6. Lynn – There was a time I was frantic about all the things on my list but a good friend would say to me, “Can it kill you if yo don’t get it done?” Finally I was able to stop sweating the small stuff.

    Sonny – Your list might not worry you but it sure worries me. How in the world do you get all the décor created that you show on your blog? It is amazing.

    Shionge – My mother always told me not to put off for tomorrow what I could do today but I love putting work off until tomorrow:)

    Monalisa – And just why don’t you have any chores? Are you a pampered princess because you are pregnant?

    Talon – Most of my time is spent stressing over the lost lists in my mind. Step one: Think of what I need to do. Step two: Log that task in my memory list. Step three: Walk away. Step four: Forget step one.

  7. I use to obsess over everything on my to do lists. Aging and poor health have taught me that things will wait. I've learned to prioritize.

  8. Too seriously. I'm part Swiss AND Virgo.

  9. It always depends on what is on the list. If it is related to my work, then I take it very seriously. If not, I can let things slide for a long

  10. I don't have lists but I do subscribe to my Dad's old saying, "the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing." Farmers who don't do this don't get planting and harvest done on time and without those two projects being timely, nothing else will make money on the whole farm for the rest of that year.

  11. Grannie Annie isn't the main thing but I do veer of for other important highlights. Alos lots of grandkids ball games and concerts.

  12. I take doing my best at work very seriously because those who don't get more hours cut when sales fall. My rent money currently depends on it.
    Also I find I feel better about myself when I get more done instead of procrastinating.
    Where I come from "LAZY" is a 4-letter word...
    I'm the least lazy person I know- but am exhausted doing it!

  13. When I was in my 20s and 30s I did my to-do lists more seriously. But I think it was because of my self-belief that the kids expected it. Now I take nothing seriously except love. I did post a reply on my blog to your comment about length of life.

  14. I get wound up by all the crap I have to do, that I rarely get any of it done. I rarely write any lists. I'm just pleased if i remember to pick up the kids from school.

  15. I take my to-do lists a lot less seriously since the events of this summer. My priorities have been rearranged very effectively.
    # 1: Love, friends, family, sharing, hospitality.
    # 2: Everything else.

  16. As I've gotten older, I'm more relaxed about lists and things that MUST be done. My family doesn't really care if the carpets are shampooed or not. They care more about the food and rightly so.

  17. It's funny that if I don't make a list, I'll just forget to do things. If I create a list, I'll go crazy trying to get it done. I need to find a nice median level. Your post is a great reminder that some things can wait.

  18. We are singing from the same hymn sheet - just as I am trying to catch up with visiting my blog friends.
    If I don't make it today will they even notice?
    Sometimes one's actual life intrudes.

  19. Rae – Same lessons learned here:)

    Riot Kitty – It is easy to believe that you are obsessed.

    Judy (kenju) – Yes when I worked I felt like things were more life and death when actually they weren’t at all.

    Cliff – Love your dad’s old saying. Is it original to him? I would have to admit that a farmer’s job can be pretty much life or death for all of us. But grandkids really teach a lesson in don’t sweat the small stuff.

    Snaggle Tooth – It is easy to believe that you need to relax but I know that fear of being the only person I could count on…myself.

    Tabor – You are so right Love is a serious matter.

    LL Cool Joe – Oh yes please don’t forget the kids!

    Sparkling Red – Love your list! You’ve definitely got it right.

    Cube – Ah the two “f” words…family and food.

    Kay – I was hoping it would serve as that kind of reminder that “some things can wait” but I believe a lot of the comments convinced me otherwise. LOL

    Pat – You sure hit one nail on the head. It is easy to add keeping up with blogs on our stress list and that should not be the case. I am so afraid if I don’t read every day that I will miss something funny or serious or informing. Curiosity killed the cat and that will be the story of my life.