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Frankie and Slim
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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Breaking News:  Have you heard the expression "you snooze you lose"?  Well I snoozed and Jack Bauer lost.  Our neighbors bought an Aracauna rooster this morning.  I will never tell Jack how close he came to the life of a sheik.

You know about my rooster Jack Bauer He came home with us and conquered the hen house in a bloody battle with the ruling rooster, Daryl. His rule was a fairly long one until Daryl and his son Chicklet teamed up to run Jack Bauer off the roost. Then Chicklet killed Daryl and took over the reign of the hen house. Little by little Jack Bauer has gained some space for himself, but he still does not rule the roost. (You can also see Jack on my sidebar in his counter terrorist outfit.)

Friends of ours now have chickens and a large portion of their flock contains Araucauna hens. These across the road neighbors have spied our beautiful rooster Jack and would like to have him. Their granddaughter has entered 4-H and wants to raise some competition show chickens.

You all know the adventures of Rooster Jack Bauer and how very attached I am to him. However, this would be an opportunity for him to have his own flock of girls with no competition. We could still see him anytime since he would be so close.

What to do? What to do?

By the way the picture is of Mr Gibson and her five newly hatched little chicks. They arrived as scheduled on September 10, 11, and 12. One blonde and four brunettes.


  1. Could you just send Jack Bauer over to visit, so he could give some good lovin'?

    I find it alarming that Chicklet killed his own father!!!!

    And Daryl was a great name for a chicken. :)

  2. Lynn -- Originally we had two Daryls. We had Daryl and his "other brother Daryl". You had to watch Bob Newhart show to know what that's about. I wish I could just send Jack to visit but he would attach himself to the flock. That's the way it goes.

  3. I just love your title! :D I have no idea what to suggest but it does sound like a golden opportunity!

  4. I remember Larry, Daryl and Daryl! I met the guy who played Larry in a club one night in Atlanta, back when I went to clubs. :)

    I understand the conflict about Jack Bauer a little better now.

  5. Oh Granny have a heart....let him have his harem and listen for him to crow about it.

  6. Well, here's the question; Would Chiclet know that Jack was over there ruling the roost at the new place?

    If he would know, then I say send Jack on that mighty mission and when he starts to crow, Chiclet will hear him and wish he had been chosen to "service" the new ladies but,here he is, stuck with the old hens.

    Also, we all know how good Jack looks in uniform,with his green bag and all. Those "girls" will go wild when they see him strut in...

    Does he have any sunglasses he could wear?

  7. I had no idea they fought like that! Whew. sandie

  8. He's not my pet so I'm just thinking about the situation without emotion, I think he'd like being the king of the hill again after losing his place. OK, I'm speaking as a city girl who doesn't know much about animals except what she learned in college.

  9. Oh, I think you should let him have his own harem, for a change, especially since you can visit anytime.

  10. This is so cool and so cute :)

    Thanks for popping by dear pal, there was a certain point in time I thought I will just stay away from the computer for a while. I need some to re-charge my mental strength hahah and need to connect with my blog buddies again :D

  11. I don't know a thing about roosters, but I know a little bit about men, and I think Jack needs to be master of his own domain!

  12. I love the names of your animals!

  13. Thanks for visiting my blog. It introduced me to yours and... my goodness you've been blogging a long time!
    I've enjoyed reading your take on things and your wonderful sense of humor : )Especially when it comes to names for your chickens.

  14. You will have to start a fan club for your bird-naming abilities! I haven't thought of those guys from Newhart for ages, but you brought it all right back. "Hah, Ah'm Larry, and this's mah brother Daryl, and this's mah other brother Daryl." LOL

    It might be hard to let Jack Bauer go, but I'm guessing he'd be happier if he had his own flock of devoted hens.

  15. I think Jack should have his own harem. Could you arrange to be given a couple of his 'wives' fertilized eggs and raise up Jack Junior to rule your roost again? Maybe I'm just a city girl showing my barnyard ignorance here, but it makes sense to me.

  16. LL Cool Joe – Sure it would sound like a golden opportunity to a guy!

    Lynn – I forgot to mention that I also had a rooster named Larry. He got to go with two other roosters to a bird sanctuary in Kansas so he escaped before all the battles and murder took place around here.

    Changes in the wind – It would be the kind-hearted thing for me to do wouldn’t it?

    Nancy – Good question about whether Chicklet would know Jack was close by. Now that you have talked about Jack’s rugged good looks, how can I let him miss the golden opportunity to strut his stuff? I’ll try to find him some sunglasses before he makes the move

    Chatty Crone – Yes they fight but usually only until one says “uncle”. The battle between Daryl and Chicklet must have been a royal one and it’s a wonder we weren’t arrested for cock fighting. It is against the law in Oklahoma. However I think that only applies when you take bets and put extra spurs on the roosters.

    Cube – Yes he has seemed a little embarrassed after losing his throne so I guess it would be a real boost to his ego to let him go.

    Kenju – Yes I will be able to visit and it will be especially exciting if the granddaughter wins some 4-H competitions with his offspring.

    Shionge – Eager to hear about all you have been up to in your absence. Welcome back.

    Susan Adcox – I believe you hit the nail on the head with this comparison to all men. LOL

    Riot Kitty – Thanks! It’s a real storybook village of animal names around here. I could say it’s for the grandchildren but they are all too big now to enjoy the clever names so the truth is out – it’s all for me:)

    Leonora – Thanks for the return visit. Glad you enjoyed reading my blog and that you like my chicken names. Wait til you hear the goats names and the cat names and the guinea fowl names. LOL

    Sparkling Red – As I mentioned to Lynn earlier, we also had a Larry rooster. Love your repeat of the actual Newhart conversation with the three. It still makes me laugh to think about it. Yes, I guess it is Jack Bauer’s time for his own devoted flock.

    Pat MacKenzie – What an absolute genius you are. Of course I shall barter for a small clutch of eggs and either incubate them in our machine or put them under a broody hen (Probably Mr. Gibson because she is always ready to sit on a nest). No ignorance in your comment, just a perfect suggestion!

    To everyone – Jack is going to thank all of you for your support of his move and his life in the fast lane once again.

  17. Jack - happy again. :)

    I thought about you just now as I was reading "Folly Beach" by Dorothea Benton Frank on the back porch. Page 138 made me laugh out loud. :) I hope you read that and let me know if you laughed out loud when you got to that page, too.

  18. Lynn -- I shall report when I read the book.

    BREAKING NEWS: Have you heard the expression "you snooze you lose"? Well I snoozed and Jack Bauer lost. Our neighbors bought an Aracauna rooster this morning. I will never tell Jack how close he came to the life of a sheik.

  19. Laughing like crazy here. Hilarious, but the poor rooster still won't have his harem :)

  20. Marla and Steve @ Always Nesting -- I am going to go to the Poultry Swap Meet in three weeks and buy some hens just for Jack Bauer. Everyone has opened my eyes to the fact that he is sorely neglected.

  21. That sounds like a mean chicken. Are sure you are into chicken fights? I wouldn't want to be a hen(chick)for Jack Bauer, he's to abusive!

  22. Is the grass greener on the other side of the road? Glad they got another one, cause I'd miss hearing about Jack n his ability to flock with goats n fight off predators.
    I also wish the new five chickies the best of luck in the pecking order.

    I often have the "All of My Chickens" amusing title run thru my head, n think of you.

  23. I'm not usually the selfish type but I don't want you to let Jack go! :(

  24. Brown English Muffin -- I felt just like you do, but my new post today tells another story.

    More Breaking News: Jack Bauer the Rooster has moved across the road after all. It seems the neighbor's new rooster is a mean fellow. Their rooster does not fight other roosters, he fights the people. Jack Bauer has never attacked any humans so he gets his new harem at last. Yes, I'm okay with it and have bartered for a few fertilized Aracauna eggs to put in a cache of eggs under my next broody hen. NOL-NOC Estates has not heard the last of the legend of Rooster Jack Bauer.