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Slim and Franke
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Saturday, April 09, 2011


Daryl is gone. It appears that he was murdered by his son, Chicklet. Now Chicklet is spending every minute squaring off with Jack Bauer and it is only a matter of time. It broke my heart to pick up the lifeless body of Daryl yesterday and carry him to the burn pile. He arrived here several years ago with his Other Brother Daryl. OB Daryl died early of the disease known as "stray-dog-itis". This left Daryl in charge and he ruled until Jack Bauer arrived a little over a year ago.

You may remember that Jack Bauer challenged Daryl in a bloody but non-lethal fight and won. (That is actually how he got his name.) He became the leader of the pack at that time.

However a short while back Daryl and his son Chicklet (also son of Elenore Hen and brother to Mr. Gibson who is also a hen) planned a secret coo and toppled Jack Bauer's reign. Jack Bauer was banned from the chicken house and has been living with the goats since that time.

I had been watching Daryl and his son Chicklet battling around the yard for several days but I never dreamed their sport would end in Daryl's demise. Now the final challenge is soon to be underway. I fear that Jack Bauer might meet his end because Chicklet appears to fight dirty and Chicklet also appears to be the stronger of the two. However Jack Bauer comes to the fight better equipped as you can see from the posted picture. (Adam of Jack Sack designed this costume for our rooster Jack Bauer.)

There are some things in nature we can control and others we cannot. Survival of the fittest continues to be the rule. I am truly hoping for a mutual understanding to come out in a win-win situation because I do not want to carry another rooster to the burn pile.

Step up and place your bets folks...



  1. Awww! I'm sorry for Daryl's demise, Annie. I am also cracking up over Jack Bauer's costume! He looks ready to battle, but I hope he doesn't have to. You're so right - nature has its own ways and they often are so cruel.

  2. The drama of wildlife and the drama of domestic life in the exciting and so heartbreaking.

  3. I am glad I'm not a you even need to watch TV for such entertainment? Maybe you could start a reality show, "Rooster Wars!"

  4. Organ music up! Soap commercial primed and ready to go...It's


    The story that has everything. Intrigue...Mystery...Murder...

    Tune in to see if Chicklet can topple the empire of the newly revived Jack Bauer who recently returned from oblivion.

    Actually, Jack just stepped out of the shower like a newly reborn Bobby Ewing to challenge the dirty fighting and always triumphant

    The sub plot starring Elenor Hen and the gay, cross dressing Mr. Gibson will be intertwined with the rest of the cast and they prepare the dreaded burn pile for the LOSER!

    Tune in....Organ music up and out!

  5. Lynn -- I am indeed worried about Jack since he has been dodging Chicklet all day. But tonight he went back in the hen house and Chicklet chased him all around the rafters but he managed to stay and bed down for the night.

    Tabor -- I is drama for sure.

    Riot Kitty -- There you very own reality show featuring the fowl of NOL-NOC Estates:)

    Nancy -- Excellent! Is that a screenplay or a new TV series? You truly won my interest and attention with you spin on the tale of two roosters:)

  6. Talon -- OOps that first response was for you and not Lynn. Forgive me.

  7. I'm sorry to hear about Daryl,a nd I loke the "cock-a-dammit-doo" pic of Jack Bauer with the "24" in the background. Genius! Who can NOT cheer for JB after seeing something like that??

    PS - I'd definitely tune in for your reality show! Rooster Wars and Portraits with Annie...LIVE on FOX! Bring it on!! :)

  8. PS - Sorry about the typos...I had a late night at the festival! :/

  9. If I was a betting man and I'm not... I would put my money on Jack Bauer :-)

  10. I too hope they can reach a compromise... nature is beautiful- dramatic and often horrific..


  11. Such drama and violence - not unlike living in a Mafia compound;)

  12. Sorry to hear about How Daryl met his end- also hope Jack makes it (I always liked him-)

    This story is as good as any soap opera I've watched- a great read after hearing some of your past chicken adventures!

    I'd read the old Jack stories n saw the costume pick in your sidebar way back- Thanks for the costume maker link.

  13. Ileana – Love the show idea! Wouldn’t I know that you would get all creative on me? LOL Oh yes, that must have been some festival!

    Ron – You may be right. It seems Jack Bauer has moved back in the chicken house already. He is not in charge yet, but he’s hanging out with the chickens instead of the goats.

    Sonny – They are working on something and I sure hope it will be a compromise. I have enough hens for both of these boys. As the other things in nature, it all boils down to “greed”.

    Pat – “Mafia compound”! You are too funny!!!

    Snaggle Tooth -- Jack Bauer is a clever rooster because he had sense to move out when the numbers were against him. Now that he is dealing with only one adversary, he has moved back into the hen house. We will have to wait and see what will happen. Yes, I’m glad you remember Adam at The Jack Sack making this Jack Bauer rooster picture for me. That Adam is a most clever fellow.

  14. I had no idea they could be that aggressive to one another, especially a father and son.

    Do they actually know sibling relationships??