Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
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Friday, September 30, 2011


Quick update for Rooster Jack Bauer fans.  We paid him a visit in his new digs and found one very happy fellow.  His new caregivers said it took him about five minutes to take over from Rusty, the resident rooster.  Obviously this was a huge boost to Jack's self esteem. 

.I must add that I have a whole new respect for our remaining rooster, Chicklet.  He's not as big as Jack Bauer but if you could have seen the size of Rusty and know how easily Jack whipped him, you have to wonder what secret powers Chicklet must have to have toppled the reign of both Daryl and Jack. 

Rooster Jack Bauer is living in the lap of luxury, surrounded by beautiful show girls in a pen separate from the working class.  He is feasting on watermelon and other treats.  Jack did not even give us a second glance.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

Couldn't that same question be relevant to politics, the stock market, daily crime reports, etc?  If we do not hear the horror tales exhibited  on TV and radio or see it in print,  then does our worry and concern even exist?  

We know the the stock market responds to gossip and rumor.  We know officials are elected by who spins the most convincing tale.   We have learned that criminals love the limelight. So if we hear, see or speak no evil, could we possibly keep bad things from happening?

(And, if you prefer to think of something on a lighter note, how long could you function in this world without paper towels?  They are almost as important to me as toilet paper and gasoline.

Monday, September 26, 2011


What or who influences your fashion choices? Who do you dress to please: yourself; your same sex peers; the opposite sex; your bosses; your mother?

(Other women seem to influence me the most. My sister and my daughter have a big impact on my clothing selection.   My mother is gone but her voice can always be heard saying, "You're not going out in that are you?"  When I worked outside the home, a compliment from another woman meant more to me than a compliment from a male coworker. Clothes selections for my spouse are mine to make. Left to make his own fashion choices, he would simply go naked.)

Thanks Elenore for suggesting this question of the week..

Friday, September 23, 2011


More Breaking News:  Jack Bauer the Rooster has moved across the road after all.  It seems the neighbor's new rooster is a mean fellow.  Their rooster does not fight other roosters, he fights the people.  Jack Bauer has never attacked any humans so he gets his new harem at last.  Yes, I'm okay with it and have bartered for a few fertilized Aracauna eggs to put in a cache of eggs under my next broody hen.  NOL-NOC Estates has not heard the last of the legend of Rooster Jack Bauer.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Out for a drive around the lake.  This is our neighbor's dock where we can launch our boat.

Granddaughter Hope, age 9, has always loved to play in boxes.  Here she is in her recent one-room box house.  Too bad her feet had to stick out the end.

Here she is at age three in a basket.  Isn't it great to have a box full of Hope and a basket full of Hope:)

Best photo of son-in-law and daughter. It is almost the "only" picture of them together because getting SnIL to hold still for a picture is a difficult task. 

Grandson Ryan visits from college and I tell him he's old enough now to make his bed before he leaves.  And so he does...I don't think I'm eager to see his dorm room.

Ryan also brings me a gift.  The bear's name is Chompers.  Slim is hoping Chompers will be left unattended long enough for her to chomp him up. Be sure to enlarge picture to view bear's teeth.

It just seemed like there needed to be picture time from Granny Annie:)

Monday, September 19, 2011


Does gender play a role in your selection of medical professionals?

First of all, is this a politically correct question? 

Our primary care physician is a woman.  Our dermatologist also is a female.  Our other specialists such as cardiologist, cancer doctors, radiologists, pulmonary physician, dentist are all male. We really did not select any of them except for our dentist and our primary care doctor.  Ron picked our PCP because her name is Lisa.  He had a previous doctor he trusted named Lisa so I'm guessing it could have been a guy named Lisa as far as he was concerned. Our dentist was an easy choice.  Our bil:) We were referred to the rest.
Thanks to Chelle for suggesting this Question Of The Week.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Breaking News:  Have you heard the expression "you snooze you lose"?  Well I snoozed and Jack Bauer lost.  Our neighbors bought an Aracauna rooster this morning.  I will never tell Jack how close he came to the life of a sheik.

You know about my rooster Jack Bauer He came home with us and conquered the hen house in a bloody battle with the ruling rooster, Daryl. His rule was a fairly long one until Daryl and his son Chicklet teamed up to run Jack Bauer off the roost. Then Chicklet killed Daryl and took over the reign of the hen house. Little by little Jack Bauer has gained some space for himself, but he still does not rule the roost. (You can also see Jack on my sidebar in his counter terrorist outfit.)

Friends of ours now have chickens and a large portion of their flock contains Araucauna hens. These across the road neighbors have spied our beautiful rooster Jack and would like to have him. Their granddaughter has entered 4-H and wants to raise some competition show chickens.

You all know the adventures of Rooster Jack Bauer and how very attached I am to him. However, this would be an opportunity for him to have his own flock of girls with no competition. We could still see him anytime since he would be so close.

What to do? What to do?

By the way the picture is of Mr Gibson and her five newly hatched little chicks. They arrived as scheduled on September 10, 11, and 12. One blonde and four brunettes.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


We went out for lunch and rushing around caused me to fail to put on my earrings. Looking in the car mirror to check my makeup the naked ears were glaringly obvious. I might as well have been completely naked.

Watch? -- check. Necklace? -- check. Rings? -- check. Earrings? -- OMG!

Our first stop was the drug store to pick up a prescription and right next to the checkout was the jewelry display. Silver earrings on sale. "Do you need a sack for these?" the clerk asked. But when she looked up she could see them already in my ears.

Does a forgetful lack of accessories ever make you feel incomplete?

Monday, September 12, 2011


Who am I to judge?

Our world runs rampant with judging. We judge politicians, religion, family, friends, etc. We are told to judge not lest we be judged, but aren't there times when it is necessary and even courageous to make a judgement? Think of the last time you thought your judgement call was necessary and unavoidable.

(Example: My children would often bring home new friends and it was my job to pass judgement based on available research about whether my children could associate with them or not. It wasn't a pretty job but someone had to do it.)

Thursday, September 08, 2011


Our sleepy (?) little town with a state highway running through it sits off a major interstate. We have a lot of truck traffic as semi's exit the interstate to avoid weigh stations ahead or other inconveniences that might delay their travel. Automobile traffic also exits the interstate in exchange for our highway so they too may avoid obstacles in their paths like the Highway Patrol.

Monday evening we were enjoying our meal at the local restaurant (yes we only have one) and a local police car with lights flashing came barreling down the highway, made a quick U-turn and pulled over a car. Our police officer hopped out of his car, stood behind his open car door with his weapon pointed and began issuing commands. As the man in the suspect vehicle held is hands out the car window, he slowly reached his left hand down to open the car door. By then our officer was joined by another local policeman and a third, unmarked police vehicle. As the suspect exited his vehicle the police rushed him and threw him to the ground to cuff him. Meanwhile the real entertainment was taking place in the restaurant.

Our waitress was heating up like a cheerleader at a ballgame. "Look at those dumb cops! Look what they are doing to that old man!" (This 'old man' was at least ten years younger than Ron or I). Other locals began to join her outcry. "What do they think this is, an episode of COPS?" "What are those idiots doing?"

I was interjecting "Old men can shoot guns just like young men." "They might be protecting and serving our community." "Who knows, this guy might have been on his way to our restaurant to rob and kill us all and the police stopped him."

A couple who arrived late and were passing through from Texas joined me in my defense of the police. It was an amazing exchange. I got the attention of the waitress and asked, "Why do you dislike our local police officers?" and her reply was "Oh it's not just our police I don't like, it's all police."

Meanwhile Ron was sitting quietly, probably wishing his wife would shut up, and finally he made the one statement that settled this crazy waitress down. He said "I only know that I wouldn't want to have to do their job."

Which team in the restaurant would you have been cheering with...the COPS or the Bad Boys?

Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Why this obsession about food? Why the QUESTION OF THE WEEK about food? Well I did a very bad thing this Labor Day weekend. I took a break from my Alli fitness program and after 36 weeks on the three-a-day tablets and daily journal entries of calories and fat grams, I gave myself a break. (Not from the exercise though.)

Four glorious days of indulging in any food I craved. Last night was the last supper, so to speak. We went out for dinner and my indulgence was an 8 oz. cheeseburger and a side of onion rings. There was not a take-out box for left-overs in sight. (Poor Slim)
"I can't believe I ate the whole thing!"

It took 36 weeks to lose 39 pounds and in one long weekend it was a very simple matter to gain back four. Was it worth it? Oh yea! Today it's back with the program.

P.S. We had some very interesting entertainment while dining last night and tomorrow you'll need to check back to hear the exciting details. Bet you will have an opinion on the events that unfolded.

Added Bonus: Blast from the past. Brought to mind when my sister mentioned a porch swing she wanted to give me. We had to break into song. Remember Swingin'

Monday, September 05, 2011


What is your favorite "comfort food" and why?

My Grandma Myrtle used to put out a spread of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, green beans, fluffy rolls and chocolate cake with seven minute frosting for dessert -- all made from scratch. Was it the food that was so great or the joy of watching her in the kitchen as she sang gospel songs and prepared these meals? Or was it the family fellowship around her table? Are we so fitness conscious and/or addicted to "fast foods" these days that we fail to indulge in those delicious memories occasionally and guilt free? Of course I cannot even come close to preparing a meal like my grandma did.

(Are you enjoying comfort food this labor day weekend?)

Thursday, September 01, 2011


I am always doodling out some cartoon or other. Rarely does anyone think they are funny but I crack myself up.

Ron and I were leaving one of his treatment appointments. Outside at the valet parking one of our friends in a power chair was awaiting his community senior citizen bus. It seems that it had broken down and he was stranded until they could send a replacement.

Here is an idea for a cartoon I scribbled out about a solution for that.